As One Of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich Maintains a Very Busy Schedule

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Physicians around the world regularly increase their knowledge and learn new techniques when they attend medical conferences. In a recent Medical Daily Times article, the author details the busy schedule of medical conferences that Dr. Rod Rohrich from Dallas, Texas is accommodating in 2018.

Known around the world for his expert knowledge and skill in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is not only one of America’s leading plastic surgeons, but he is also a generous philanthropist.

From February 8-10, 2018, Dr. Rohrich will be attending the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami, Florida. As a member of the faculty at this prominent symposium, Dr. Rohrich will be moderating two panels and lecturing at another. During the special live surgery part of the symposium, Dr. Rohrich will be performing a primary open rhinoplasty procedure.

In late February, Dr. Rod Rohrich will be chairing and participating in both the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting.

At the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, some of the world’s leading experts in rhinoplasty gather to discuss and review new techniques in rhinoplasty surgery. Nasal-related lectures will be held throughout the event and a fresh cadaver lab for rhinoplasty procedures will be featured.

Dr. Rod Rohrich graduated from the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University, as well as the Baylor University College of Medicine. In the spirit of giving back, Dr. Rohrich has performed surgery on children in Third World countries, and developed a mobile health resource for underprivileged children in East Dallas, Texas.

The recipient of many awards and professional distinctions throughout his career, Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to be one of America’s most influential and innovative plastic surgeons.

Improve Your Health With Organo Organic Coffee

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Organo, formerly known as Organo Gold, is a business that manufactures organic coffee. If you drink coffee, switching to organic can help you live a longer, healthier life. Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent cancer and other serious diseases. Health oriented coffee is becoming more popular and sought after thanks to these studies. In order for coffee to be certified organic, it must be roasted on one that roasts organic green beans only. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo coffee is a brand of organic products that you can trust. The ingredients in the products are: ganoderma spore seed powder, grape seed oil, organic green tea, organic ganoderma lucidum and arabica coffee. Organo Gold are filled with antioxidants to help boost your immune system and prevent free radicals. The company founded in 2008, has their entire line of products available online through their official website. Many consumers are thrilled with Organo coffee, stating that it is much more smooth and aromatic compared to popular store brands.

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Organo sells cafe latte’s, cafe mocha’s, gourmet black coffee, green tea, red tea, hot cocoa and Black Ice. They also sell a variety of body care products such as: protein powders, supplements and grape seed oil capsules for optimal health. The main ingredient in their products is ganoderma. Ganoderma is used to treat cardiac arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Ganoderma helps prevent stroke, calms your nerves, increases focus and reduces stress. Many doctors have prescribed this ingredient to reduce skin inflammation, treat allergies and bronchial asthma.

Organo is a highly reputable company that is continuing to grow. They currently operate in over 50 countries. Organo provides regional leadership, a fully staffed support team and individual country management. You can even earn an income by becoming a distributor for the Organo company. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

George Soros Has Great Reach because of Money

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Created in the heart of every human being is the desire to see the world affected by positive change. Though not every person is capable of influencing such change, the movers and shakers of this world are. One mover and shaker that has greatly helped the Democratic left is none other than billionaire and philanthropist George Soros. George Soros has been a passionate enemy of Republicans for the last few decades, and his constant battling with them has earned him the right to be called the bogeyman of the GOP.

George Soros has consistently gone against Republicans by funding their opposition, the Democrats. Joining the 2004 election season, George Soros saw that George W. Bush was sagging in the polls and he sensed a weakness in the presidential office. He thought it was time to topple the Republican grasp on the White House. Soros then financially backed Bush’s political rival, John Kerry. Up until this time, the typical donation to a political candidate was a few million dollars. George Soros destroyed that record, which still holds today, by giving John Kerry’s campaign $27 million. Soros was devastated when Kerry failed to gain the presidency, and what George Soros knows.

George Soros would try again in 2008. Using his nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations, George Soros would donate tens of millions of dollars to Barack Obama in his bid to the White House. George Soros was pleased to see Obama push a liberal agenda and pass several LGBTQ rights and fight for transgenderism across the globe.

George Soros would return to the political landscape in 2016 to help Hillary Clinton in her campaign to gain the White House and defeat the racist Donald Trump. In order to help out his longtime friend, he gave her $25 million. George Soros also saw that several Senators were struggling in key swing states and he thought he would help them by donating over $2 million to their advertising campaigns. Unfortunately for him, the Democrats suffered a historic loss that election cycle and would give up the White House and both chambers of Congress, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is not one to be defeated so easily though. This is the man who worked as a waiter and rail worker to put himself through the London school of economics. This is the man that took a few hundred dollars and turned it into hundreds of billions at the Soros management fund. George Soros does not know what it’s like to lose and had no intentions of letting Trump win the war.

George Soros would use his nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations, to financially bankroll the many institutions that stood against Donald Trump. Some of the institutions to receive his funding were black lives matter,, and the super PAC Planned Parenthood. He would begin funding the salary of lobbyists who push for immigration rights and women’s rights as well. Soros was the man who financially backed the woman’s pink hat march the day after President Trump was inaugurated.

Equities First Holdings: UK Equities-based Capital

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) provides financial capital backed on securities, equities, stocks and bonds. With offices around the world, EFH has grown to have a presence in the UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, and Australia among other countries. The unique investment strategies behind their business model consistently offer customers access to low cost capital.With expertise in shareholder financing alternatives they offer customized financial products and services that many banks and lenders can’t provide. Founded in 2002, EFH has grown dramatically to service an increasingly large customer base. Their strategies and practices are so successful that they have been effective in multiple markets around the world. Equity and security-based capital offer businesses and investors viable options that can help leverage stocks, bonds or other assets for capital. These financing strategies have been adopted with a great deal of success by EFH subsidiaries in Singapore and other emerging marketplaces.

Market America On The Different Forms Of Marketing

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Market America is helping to bring the latest form of marketing to the masses. There have been plenty of different phases and trends in marketing. Before the internet, businesses relied on fliers and advertisements in order to bring their products to the attention of the public. Then the internet has come and advertising as well as marketing has become a little more cost effective. With the advent of social media, people have found new ways to market their products and make some sales. Other new methods of marketing have emerged such as email marketing, social media marketing and other methods.

While all of these methods have had their times of effectiveness, there is a new type of marketing that customers are looking for. This form of marketing is called individualized marketing. This type of marketing involves the use of data to market to the individual. Market America believes in this type of marketing because it is the most effective. After all, a customer is ultimately going to buy what he wants no matter how many times an item is marketed to him. However, a little bit of marketing is needed for sake of awareness. The only thing that is not necessary is pushiness.

Market America has the tools and the insights to help marketers thrive in the new trend of individualistic marketing. This also allows marketers to be able to learn about the best ways to use the different platforms. For instance, marketers that know how to engage in social media will use it to their best advantage. Market America is looking for not only skilled and experienced marketers but also newcomers that are willing to learn the ways of internet marketing so that they can succeed. They can choose from among the best products and spread awareness of their chosen products for sales.

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What Does The City of Dallas & Better Butts Have In Common?

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Butt lift surgeries are fairly common in today’s society. The benefits of obtaining these surgical procedures can dramatically increase your overall confidence. Clothing and attire will potentially fit a lot better than before. Having a better butt just makes you feel better. There are two main types for these advanced procedures, which comes in the traditional style, or it comes in the Brazilian style. A traditional Butt lift is much more invasive because the surgeon will actually trim access skin, will potentially remove tissue and will tighten underlying muscle. On the other hand, a Brazilian butt lift is less invasive as the surgeon will transfer fat via tiny incisions.


What’s the best way to get started? If you’re seriously considering a butt lift, due diligence is the very first thing you should do. You should learn about the many different techniques of the trade, get familiar with the types of after-treatments and learn about the potential side effects. Researching the surgeons in the area is a good start as well as speaking to the individuals who have had the treatments completed. Scheduling an appointment with the surgeons in your area is another good route. These professionals will examine you, and they will give you a prognosis for the best treatment that meets your needs. If you’ve done your due diligence, and you’re a few days away from the actual appointment, then you should:


  • Stop Smoking
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol
  • Not Eat Anything 12 Hours in Advance of Surgery
  • Refrain From Taking Specific Medications
  • And many more


Dallas, Texas, has many high-quality butt lift surgeons to choose from. The city of Dallas is rather large thanks to its sprawling landscape. The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, Toledo Plastic Surgery and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute are great options.


How Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Become One of the Country’s Top Physicians

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. Located in Dallas, Texas, Jejurikar specializes in a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. In 2012, he received the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate, which is awarded to the top 3% of the country’s 87,000 physicians based on positive patient reviews.


Dr. Jejurikar is a medical school graduate of the University of Michigan, where he also performed his plastic surgery residency. He is a member of several medical associations, such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and has contributed to various academic journals, including Journal of Surgical Research and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.


Several procedures are performed out of the Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center locations where Dr. Sameer Jejurikar practices. These include botox and dysport, breast and body surgeries, breast reconstruction, buttock augmentation, facial surgeries, injectable fillers, laser procedures, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and skin care procedures among others.

While Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s practice emphasises cosmetic procedures and surgeries, he is also known to perform reconstructive surgeries as well. In addition to cosmetic procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts, breast, butt, and lip augmentations, facelifts, gynecomastia correction, mommy makeovers, and tummy tucks, Jejurikar also performs hand surgery and microsurgery.


Dr. Jejurikar doesn’t only treat patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in Dallas and Plano, Texas. He also takes part in an annual medical mission to Southern Asia with Smile Bangladesh, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reconstructive medical procedures to the country’s poverty-stricken children.


Patients seeking surgical or non-invasive cosmetic or reconstructive procedures can always arrange to have a free consultation with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. As evidenced by his Compassionate Doctor Certification, many patients have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Jejurikar.


Equities First Holdings UK

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Equities First Holdings UK offers excellent services in stock-based loans. It’s a world-wide financial institution that help businesses or individuals gain the money goals they are seeking. The company also offers shareholding financing and the opportunity for individuals or companies to invest. It’s a trusted company who is a leader in providing safe and secure loans.

The amazing low rate loans offered, are easy to qualify for. They loans were developed to help borrowers with the opportunity to deal with their financial crisis. Being able to meet financial goals makes life easier, and borrowing from a trusted company makes the process easier.

George Soros, a Philanthropist with a Passion for Justice and Equality

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George Soros is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur in the United States and across the globe. He is the owner of Open Society Foundations which is a philanthropic organization that assists people from different countries all over the world. George is a strong believer in standing for what is right and having the proper channels has made him push for proper governance, accountability, and rights of individuals. Open Society Foundations mainly stands for equality and justice, freedom of expression and human rights, democracy, and an accountable government. Apart from these, they also promote education opportunities through providing school fees for deserving students without discrimination.

The giving of George Soros through his organization has been directed towards the oppressed in the society. Some of the people he has supported include LGBTI and Roma people, drug users and even sex workers among others. George Soros experienced discrimination first hand when he lived through the Nazi era in Hungary. During this time, more than half a million Jews were killed in Hungary. Luckily, George and his family managed to escape this season by obtaining false papers that hid their true identities. They managed to assist others during the same period. After the war in Hungary, George Soros gathered his belongings in 1947 and moved to London where he worked two jobs to raise funds for his school fees at the London School of Economics. In the search for greener pastures, he moved to the United States in 1956 to begin his career in the investments and finance industry. This is where he made his fortune.

Years after, he had gathered enough to start the Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund. Due to the success of this hedge fund among others, George Soros became one of the top investors in the United States. As his fortune grew further, George founded the Open Society Foundations, which is made up of various projects and partners all over the world. The name of this Foundation and what they work towards is a reflection of what George thinks about the Karl Popper philosophy. In 1979, Soros started giving back to the community. He started off by offering scholarships to the people under apartheid in South Africa. He went ahead to grow the exchange of ideas openly in Hungary. He also supported initiatives that allowed open interactions and academics. George Soros played a big part in the Central European University after the Berlin Wall fall. He later expanded his giving to Africa, Asia, and the United States among others with the bid to promote transparency, accountability, and democracy.

He has been donating the money to Open Society Foundations in chunks every year. When a cumulative figure was required, it was found that he had channeled over 18 billion dollars towards the work of this Foundation. He has been able to reach out and help the work of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group, European Council on Foreign Relations and Global Witness. Apart from his social giving, he has also given huge sums of money to the Democrats in support of what they stand for. He continues to work towards policy changes that are positive and beneficial to people all over the world.

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OSI Group: The Premier Food Service Provider

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When it comes to food service providers, there are numerous high-profile companies that are scattered around the globe. Custom value added foods is the name of the game and nobody does it better than this company. OSI Group has been on a mission, which spans back to over a century. At the time, it was a small family meat market that was located in the Midwest region of America. German immigrant Otto Kolschowski turned his dream into a full fledged thriving business by the name of Otto & Sons. One of its first high-profile clients was McDonald’s. As of today, this company has become a worldwide powerhouse in food services. It has over 20,000 employees, and its clients are KFC, Papa Johns Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway and Starbucks.

What makes OSI Group so great? The answer is very simple. This company can provide a wide range of services within this demanding industry. This includes the services of distribution, management, development and processing. It has some of the most technologically advanced facilities, which are located in 17 different countries. One of its most important attributes is that it offers a wide selection of food to table solutions like:

• Meatballs
• Onions
• Tomatoes
• Flatbread
• Tofu
• Beef Patties
• Chicken Wings
• Chicken Fried Steak
• Cheese
• Linked Sausages
• Pulled Pork
• Pizza
• And many more

One of the biggest factors of success for OSI Group comes through its business acquisitions. This company has a number of prominent acquisitions like BAHO Foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods. These acquisitions have helped to expose the company to untapped markets. As of today, OSI Group is one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. Fortune 500 has even listed the company on its high-value company list. What more can you ask from a food service provider? Some of the best safety practices are being displayed here on a consistent basis, which ensures the public of their safety from consuming the foods. All in all, OSI Group is in a league of its own, and it’s leading by example.

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