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Lime Crime the bold makeup company everyone is talking about!

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Lime Crime is a makeup company with bold pigmented colors like no other on the market. A company that is Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Lime Crime has stores located in Valley Village, California and in the Urban Outfitters Herald Square in NYC. They also have shops in Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Don’t forget an amazing vivid website with all your kick-ass and deadly bold styles to fit into any personality.

Their website is, is a must see,you will be blown away. My favorite, the “Shop the Look” page is a must see. You get to see all of the amazing makeup Lime Crime has to offer on people, and you really get to see the colors and products come to life.

Lets talk a little about lip styles from Lime Crime. Every girl knows never leave the house without lips complete. Let me tell you about some of the products for your lips. Beautiful Velvetines! It is an Original Liquid-To Matte Lipstick. So may colors to choose from. Unicorn Lipsticks, an absolutely divine lipstick with loads of pigment for your most bold days. Carousel Gloss is the gloss beyond glossy. It has unbelievable shine with sparkles. Who doesn’t love sparkle! Oh, did I forget to mention it is pigmented like a lipstick. Really a must try.

Take a good look at a great priced item that has many shinny glittery colors called the Zodiac Glitter for you eyes. You guessed it, inspired by the zodiac. You also need to check out the liquid eyeliners that are hyper-pigmented. Lime Crime also has your bold nail polish fetishes available on come to life.

A great seller, and always talked about, is Venus the grunge palette. The colors are amazing! I cannot say enough about this palette. Lets talk about some of those bold beautiful colors in this palette. Venus the velvet matte, Shell a pink glowing color, Aura the pearlescent ivory, Creation is a nice rust brown, Icon a dark brown, Rebirth is a color just like a over-ripe nectarine, Divine a dusty stone color and finally Muse, not the band, but a deep burgundy red in a matte finish.

Exclusive looks your friends will be talking about. Loaded with every product to complete your look, for a night on the town or your grandmother’s backyard party. The products are not just in your face, they also have a side to them that can be butterfly like and fancy, without the shock. This brand Lime Crime has everything you want to express yourself the way you always wanted too. It is like my favorite 80’s and 90’s music artist come to life. Really true amazing colors in all of their products. Bold, bright and so now!

Handy Helps Out

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One of the best feelings in the world is coming home to a clean house. It’s an accomplished feeling. It’s also a feeling of welcoming and warmth. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have time to keep our house clean. Cleaning falls to the bottom of our to do list. There are just too many other tasks to accomplish in a day. Tasks like spending time with the family or cooking. These are tasks that can create even bigger messes! Afterwards, the last thing we want to do is clean.

It’s a balancing act and one that many of us aren’t very good at. Fortunately, someone came up with a brilliant idea. Two people realized that there was a market for a home cleaning service. Of course, this isn’t a new idea. It’s an idea that has been around for years. When they came up with Handy, however, they came up with a way that integrates home cleaning services with this years technology. They came up with an idea that is much like the app Uber except it’s for home cleaning. Handy allows a person in need to connect with a home cleaner. These cleaners that are waiting in the wings are certified to be safe. Handy understands how important it is that users feel safe. Handy has the potential cleaners undergo background checks, reference checks, and experience checks. People are in good hands with Handy!

Handy is great because there are no hidden fees or gimmicks according to reviews. They’re upfront about their pricing. Handy offers convenience. A person can pick their time frame. A person can also use the app as little or as much as they would like. It all depends on the help they need with cleaning. Overall, this app works with everyone’s lifestyle.

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that we need help sometime. It’s only natural. We lead busy lives between work, hobbies, and family commitments. Handy can be our best kept secret or it can be something that we share with the world because of how positive of an experience it was. At the end of the day, cleaning can be rough. Chances are if we’re not too busy, we’re too tired, or we simply don’t know how to properly clean. Sometimes, it’s good to enlist the help of professionals. They get the job done thoroughly. Sometimes, all it takes is just a little jump start. Once a person from Handy comes in and deep cleans, it’s easier to keep the home clean.

Skout- Where New Friendships Can Happen

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Meeting new people should be fun and exciting. The rare chance that you meet someone new in your daily adventures that form a friendship or relationship is rare. Typically friendships stem from being a co-worker or going to school together. With the access of the internet and social media applications, this has changed drastically. Social media is used by millions of individuals around the world for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as meeting new people for friendships and relationships. Skout is a social media application unlike any other I have ever tried. They are truly focused on helping you to make new connections, friendships and more through the use of their platform. Skout is available on skoutorganic as a standard website as well as an app on Android and IPhone devices. Skout has been around since 2007 helping people to meet others in their locale as well as around the world.

My Experience with Skout
I just started using Skout a few weeks ago and have already met a new friend that lives just a few blocks from where I reside and where I grew up. After talking for a few, I learned that I actually went to school with her but we were two grades apart. She is really cool, and I look forward to hanging out with her. Without Skout, I may have never talked to this individual despite the fact that we live so close together, shop at the same stores and stop at the same gas station every day. I also made a friend through their travel feature that lives in Canada, over 1000 miles away from me. We have been chatting a lot and I am really hoping that one day I will get to meet him in person, perhaps in Canada?

Opening Up a Whole New World of Fun
Skout has allowed me to make more new friends in just a few short weeks than I made throughout all my years in school combined.  I have chatted with doctors, fishermen, beauty pageant winners, a guy who wrestles alligators for a living and many others. This app has allowed me to chat with people of many different ages and walks of life, all from the safety of my own home. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make new friends.

Susan McGalla, and true inspiration in the business world

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Some people may assume that the business world is dominated mostly by men. This speculation is far from the truth. There are talented women that have added their expertise to the business world and have made their mark. One of these women is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla holds the position of executive consultant and business women. She has worked with major companies such as Wet Seal Inc. and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Though her hard work and dedication has allowed her to work with some of the world’s most popular brands she had humble beginnings.

Susan McGalla according to life began in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up in the small town along side her two brothers where her father was a local football coach. After graduating from high school, Susan attended Mount Union College where she received bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

After graduating from Mount Union College, Susan sought out to begin her career in business. She was hired on at Joseph Horne Company where she took on various positions. At Joseph Horne, she was able to show her multiple talents by working in a number of marketing and managerial positions. She worked with Joseph Horne from 1986 until 1994. When she left Joseph Horne, Susan got a job at American Eagle Outfitters. At American Eagle Outfitters she was brought on as a divisional merchandise buyer of ladies’ attire. In addition to working as the divisional merchandise buyer, Susa also worked in different managerial roles that helped her to prepare for her next position. Her professionalism, expertise, and knowledge allowed her to be elevated to the position of president and chief merchandising officer. She held this position until she moved into the position that she is mostly known for. From president and chief merchandising officer, Susan was promoted to president and chief merchandising officer of the whole company. Her position of president and chief merchandising officer allowed her to oversee and witness many notable occurrences. These occurrences include the launch of American Eagle’s aerie and 77kids brand.

By October of 2009, Susan picked up the role CEO when she joined Wet Seal Inc. Her stay with Wet Seal was notable but short. In 2011 she left Wet Seal Inc. and started her entrepreneurial journey. In 2012, Susan founded the company P3 Executive Consulting.

The NBA and how Bruce Levenson Changed it for the Better

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The National Basketball Association is agreed upon as the largest professional basketball organization in the entire world. The NBA was originally titled the Basketball Association of America, the BAA, and then changed their name to the National Basketball Association after joining forces with the National Basketball League. Thirty different teams play in the NBA – one in Canada, the other 29 in the United States. There are eighty two games in a year, by default, unless there is a strike or something else that may delay the season.

The NBA has two conferences: the Western Conference, and the Eastern Conference. Inside of those two conferences, there are three different divisions to better group the NBA teams. The playoff system contains 16 teams, or, eight from each conference. This is favorable for teams in the league because it gives teams a chance to be in the playoffs, even with a losing record. It makes it so any team can have an upset victory over an other, even if it is not very likely. The playoff series are handled through a best-of-seven system, with games alternating as following, giving advantage to the lower ranked seed: home, home, away, away, home, away, home. Whoever performed better in the regular season is rewarded with home court advantage, which is usually a make-or-break type of variable.

One of the reasons the NBA has been able to achieve the high levels of growth that it experiences today is through the new generation of super owners that the NBA has. Having no restriction on the capital one can spend in the NBA makes the league very exciting. There are some restrictions on how one can pay players – there is a salary cap – but, one can spend any amount of money they want on a stadium, renovations, or whatever they want.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks NBA team for approximately five hundred million dollars a few years ago. When he sold it this past year, he turned it for around $730 million, which makes for nearly a 150% profit. Mr. Levenson on prnewswire helped carry the Atlanta Hawks to their road to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they nearly snuck away with a victory of the Cleveland Cavalier for a chance to play Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.

With the kind of owners that NBA teams have today, it is truly unlikely that the League will ever stop flourishing. Whenever National Basketball Association owners and general managers are not allowed to virtually spend all the money that want, many financial experts and economists predict the NBA to crash (this is unlikely to ever happen).

NBA games are truly an American pastime, with memories being made every single night of the NBA season that there is a sports outing.