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Writing Quality Wikipedia Articles

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Many people believe that writing Wikipedia articles is very difficult, but it actually not. The only think you need is a little practice and in a short time, you will be good to go. In article writing, practice brings positive results in a short duration. For you to write a quality article, you should also use reliable information.

When you are writing it is very important, to disclose some information about yourself, share some information about your believes and your opinions too. However, you should be very keen not to overdo it. Wikipedia articles do not rely much on the writer’s original information, so always make sure that you avoid that. The most important thing to do is to write quality articles.

Sometimes, you might find yourself stuck because you lack ideas. This actually means that you have not done the correct research before writing. There is a lot of information available online which can be very helpful. Before starting to write, do a lot of research, and make sure that the facts you put down are actually very true.

When the information you are writing is not correct and factual, your page will automatically be declined by the Wikipedia editing service according to Get Your Wiki. To avoid this always make sure that you get the information from a national newspaper or from an authoritative site. Never give your own original ideas as facts in Wikipedia writing because this is not allowed. Sometimes, you can even go to a library and read books to acquire information before you decide to write.

When you are done with your research, look at the more technical factors. How many words are required in the article? What phrases should you use? These might seem like very minor things, but if you do not consider them, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. You might even spend more time correcting mistakes you could have dealt with at the start.

Before submitting your article, ensure that you have proofread it several times so that there are no any errors. You can ask someone else to proofread the page for you.

Get Your Wiki is a company that specializes in Wikipedia writing. When you give them your articles to write, they will do a good job, and you will not regret hiring them. The company guarantees that your page will be approved, and if that doesn’t happen, they refund the money you had paid for the service.

Jaime Garcia Dias: The New Face of Brazilian Literature

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Brazilian literature has always played a prominent role in Latin America’s cultural development. However, the recent past has experienced what many Latin American literature observers have called a dearth of great authors from Brazil. In response, a number of Brazilian authors have come out strongly to try and revive the glory and grandeur of Brazilian literature and reclaim its preeminent role in South America. One such author and blogger is Rio de Janeiro’s Jaime Garcia Dias.

Born in 1970 to author and journalist, Arnaldo Dias and his architect wife, Jaime Garcia Dias was inducted into literature at a very young age. As the idiom goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Encouraged early by his father who too had great love for literature, he began writing and reading some of Brazil’s finest literary works at an early age. Soon he had his first book published, largely inspired by The Devil to Pay in the Blacklands by Joao Guimaraes Rosa. He would go on to author ten books by the time he hit 30 in 2000. In addition, it brought him to the attention of other literary greats in South America like Josue Gomez of Argentina who began to actively promote his works throughout Latin America and beyond.

Garcia’s success at a young age and contribution to Brazilian literature was not limited to authorship of wonderful books alone. At a tender age of 25, he started working at Carioca Literature Academy as a professor. Tasked with guiding would-be authors, he was so effective in his job that by age 27 he had been made the academy’s vice president. 10 years later when the academy was celebrating its 100th anniversary, he was made its president. By then he was only 37. As president of this prestigious academy, he has vastly expanded its support for up-coming authors in Brazil thus ensuring that Brazil will always have a fresh supply of authors to maintain its glorious literary heritage.

In 2013 Garcia Dias followed the footsteps of his father by beginning a weekly column for Jornal do Brasil, one of the most popular newspapers in Brazil. A collection of these articles formed the basis of his most recent work, and when used in video production >are included on his Vimeo. In this novel, he discusses his childhood as well as his father’s memory.

At only 45, it is not an exaggeration to say that Garcia Dias has done an extraordinary job in advancing Brazilian literature. Many authors rarely publish 20 books in the course of their lives. Yet, that is what Dias has achieved at only 45. More importantly he has ensured that Brazil will in the foreseeable future remain a prominent player in the literary world thanks to his excellent job as president of Carioca Literature Academy.

QNet: A Company on the Rise

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QNet is a multi-level marketing firm based out of Malaysia. It was established in 1998 and has grown to 25 offices across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It is currently one of Asia’s foremost direct selling companies.
Suresh Thimiri, CEO, has stated that QNet plans to shift production to India, making India its manufacturing hub. This change, according to Shimiri, will give QNet a cost allow QNet to reap a cost benefit between 8 and 12 percent. Since QNet shifted production to India, company officials have noted a growth in revenues of 100 percent since last year. They predict that revenues will continue to grow at this pace for a long time.

QNet has also been an advocate for amending India’s laws governing the direct selling business. QNet supports the government’s efforts to set up a regulator to govern business. Zaheer Merchant, director of corporate affairs for QNet was quoted, “There are misconceptions about he overall industry and it’s easy to be brushed off or tarnished under Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act.” Merchant is a staunch supporter of clear laws to govern MLM and direct selling businesses in India.

The company has experienced its fair share of allegations of “prize chits and money circulation,” which QNet adamantly denies. Merchant states that the QNet is a genuine e-commerce company based in India. As mentioned before, QNet is a leading advocate for regulations so any allegations that the company is a “scheme” are quashed. Even though QNet complies with all legal obligations, it is subject to various challenges from baseless claims.
Ajay Chanam, Head of Corporate Affairs of QNet, has elaborated on the benefits that will result if India bans pyramid scams.

All company served meals are vegetarian and the company encourages vegetarianism as a healthy way of life. This philosophy is also reflected in QNet’s products. The company forbids non-vegetarian ingredients in food products and does not refrains from products that were tested on animals. In its effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, QNet reduces chemicals, sugars, and artificial sweeteners in its products.

Yeonmi Park Tells Her Story Of Escaping North Korea In Her New Book

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Human Rights activist Yeonmi Park has a new book coming out soon that is going to be of particular interest to people who have long wondered what goes in the closed society of North Korea. Park has captured a lot of attention in the last year as she’s told her story of leaving North Korea and what happened to her afterwards as a refugee. Audiences have been riveted by her tales during her speeches and now she’s recounting all the details in her new book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The book is sure to shed more light on the subject of North Korea refugees.

The book goes into detail about what actually happened to Park when she left the borders of North Korea behind. Most people are unaware that refugees from that regime must travel through China via human traffickers while the government of the People’s Republic of China seek to capture them and return them to North Korea. Once they have been sent back, they face unspeakable punishment for their escapes.  During that time, she became aware that refugees were essentially forgotten people who were in between two worlds.

Park’s family was fairly well-to-do when she was young. Her father became embroiled in a business scandal, which hurt their esteem. At some point, he broke through the programming he had received his whole life and became critical of the ruling elite. He decided to take his family from North Korea so they could have a better life. Unfortunately, that meant escaping the country via a human trafficking network that moved people through China and into Mongolia. After seeking asylum, there they could eventually relocate to South Korea. What Park learned was that not only was the entire journey arduous, refugees got no support at any point during their journey. Even when they landed in South Korea, they found that many residents of that country looked down on them and thought of them as brainwashed bumpkins.

Park stated on The Guardian that she doesn’t think she can do much to influence the regime of North Korea to change or step down. Instead, she’s decided to lend her persuasive powers to try to help the perception of refugees once they’ve left the country. Most people are completely unaware of all aspects of what it means to live in North Korea and to leave it. Refugees always face discrimination and harsh conditions. In the case of former North Koreans, the transition is even tougher because of how they were conditioned.

Career Achievements Registered by Shaygan Kheradpir

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Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned technology and business executive. He is associated with several corporations including Barclays, Verizon, Juniper Networks, and Coriant. Shaygan is known for coming up with industry changing products such as FiOS and Pingit. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant.

Kheradpir was born on December 19, 1960 in the City of London. However, his family moved from London back to Iran where his father worked as a medical doctor. Shaygan Kheradpir’s father specialized on ear, nose, and throat diseases. Shaygan was brought up in the Middle East country where he did both his lower and high school education. He later flew to the United States for his university education. His three electrical engineering degrees were all done at the prestigious Cornell University. He started with his undergraduate, moved to masters and completed with a PHD in electrical engineering.

Shaygan started his career life at the GTE laboratories. In his first position, he was made in charge of routing, management, and control of network. His position was critical in ensuring the success of the organization as it directly affected the quality of services offered by the firm.

The year 2000 saw a significant growth in Kheradpir’s career life. He became the first e-business president of the newly established Verizon Communication. The new telecommunication came into existence when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged their operation. He was later promoted to the CIO/CTO position.

One of Kheradpir’s main contributions at Verizon was the development of FiOS. He was able to come up with the system when he held the CTO position at the firm. FiOS is an acronym for Fiber Optic System. The product saw Verizon clients have their homes and offices get optic fiber internet connections. The connection provides the clients with phone services, fast internet speeds, and high definition cable TV channels. FiOS was an instant hit among many Americans enabling the company to increase its market penetration.

In 2011, Barclays appointed Kheradpir as their Global Retail & Business Bank’s Chief Operating Officer. At Barclays, he continued with his innovations. His team developed and produced Pingit, a mobile payment application. The success of the app saw him being promoted to become the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. This promotion elevated him to being a member of Barclay’s executive team.

Juniper Networks appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer in January 2014. At the firm, he initiated the Integrated Operating Plan (IOP), which aimed at reducing the operation costs of the IT Company. The plan included increasing dividends to shareholders and buying back stocks. On 28th September 2015, Kheradpir was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. He took over from Pat DiPietro.

He also has several publications. Kheradpir is a member at the Engineering Council at Cornell University and has previously served on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s board. Shaygan has served in the board of New York’s YMCA.

Justification for the Increasing Popularity of Skout

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Dating has evolved and new systems have been invented to help individuals to connect with each other. It has become easier to identify potential partners through different online platforms that are dedicated to offering systems that can host people who are searching for love. Online dating has been applauded and is a perfect selection for many who feel traditional methods have failed t offer a solution. It is indeed easier to connect with new partners through online platforms than when this is done off-line. Skout is a trusted online dating platform that has allowed different people to connect with individuals who are also on a similar mission. This is a reliable option that one can use to connect with the right match.

Skout allows one to specify the kind of relationship that is being looked forward to and all expectations and priorities are set right. This allows for easy matching and identification of partners on the platform. Reaching different members on the platform is also easy. Skout offers an array of features that members can use to search through easily. Different criterion can be used to identify the right members on the platform.

The technology that has been applied to the development of Skout on zendesk makes it one of the most secure platforms for dating. The system has been designed with top notch encryption and coding that has made it more difficult for hackers to penetrate. The support department is also always alert just in case someone tries to raise an issue that is useful to keeping the platform secure. They have a well designed structure that is able to identify and block malware. So, there are no chances that a member can upload a malware to harm the system.

It is expected that when someone joins such a system gets assistance about how things are done. Although this is something that most dating websites do not offer, Skout is friendly enough to an extent they take their members though the system to help them understand how everything goes on. All this is in an attempt to make it easier for the new members to familiarize with the system and to catch up on how things are carried out. One is also educated about how to keep their profile useful and secure from access by individuals who may not add value to their mission. Most importantly, sharing of private details with a strat6nger can pose a danger. It is advisable that one gets to learn more about someone before the relationship can be taken too far. Skout is an open platform that allows everyone to access details about different members. So, it is possible to block a certain group of individuals if they do not represent the right interests as one would like. This flexibility has made it easy to handle bullying and abusive members.

At Purina Petcare, we are happy when your pet smiles

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It started with a desire to feed the America’s most hard-working farm animals. With this dream, William Danforth, Will Andrews and George Robinson founded Purina. The name Purina was derived from the slogan, “where purity is paramount”. By incorporating new technology in its operations in 1956, Purina was able to make the first pet foods on Purina news with the amazing shape as we know it today, “kibble”. Nestle Purina Petcare came into light when Nestle acquired Ralston Purina for $10.3 billion and was then integrated into the Nestles Friskies Petcare company.

After the merger, Nestle Purina Petcare intensified efforts to integrate the two companies so as to increase its production and to increase the market share for pet food industry. By the year 2009, Nestle Purina Petcare was one of the fastest growing divisions of the Nestle Company raking in huge profits from pet food sales. This success can be attributed to the trust that the company has been able to create with its clients. More pet owners from all over the world are also willing to spend more on their pets to ensure that they live healthily. The company has been able to expand operations to enter into new territories in Russia and Thailand.

Purina Petcare has been able to come up with some of the fastest moving pet food brands. Alpo, Purina one and Beneful are have become household names considering their extensive use by the pet owners. Among the brands developed by Purina Petfoods, Purina One is the fastest growing brand in the company.

According to consumer insight, Purina pet foods were voted the most trusted pet food brand in America. Pet owners are investing heavily to keep their pets healthy, strong and happy. The secret to bright eyes, shiny coat and the playful personality in your pet is by healthy feeding. Apart from providing the best pet foods, Purina has also put immense efforts to advance research so as to improve pets’ nutrition.

How I Made Friends From All Over The World

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There are so many different dating apps in the world today that can either help you meet other people or keep you away from finding new people. There is so much emphasis on dating apps, but there are almost no other options to help bring platonic friendships to fruition. The best way to meet new people is definitely Skout. This social networking app is where people are meeting new friends in other cities, states, and even other countries. In fact, the majority of users are actually abroad, so this is the perfect app to use if you want to meet more people in other places.

How I Made Friends From All Over The World

When I started looking for some new friends, I thought I would easily find some new friends without struggling by simply using different dating apps. However, this isn’t always that easy to accomplish if the people you are talking to are only having goals related to meeting potential new dates and partners. All I wanted was a few new friends, and this is only easy to do when you decide to invest your time and use apps like Skout.

Skout is the best place to be for making some new friends because it’s filled with a wide range of people who have goals of also just making some new friends. There is even a feature on the app that focuses primarily with getting to see the location of where your friend is from.

When I decided a couple years ago to start traveling the world, I found that it can be tough to make new friends without Skout. This app has people from almost every single country, and if you are going to a famous location where there are many tourists, it is more than possible to be able to meet more friends for when you decide to visit those places.

Why Use Skout?

First of all, the app is extremely easy to use. There are countless new apps available that can help connect you to more people, but Skout is not your typical social networking site. Skout is filled with some unique features and an easy platform for messaging more people to be your friend. Skout also has many people who want to become merely just friends with more people, so if you want to talk to others and make some friends in other places, this is the app to use.

Skout has remained to be one of the best in the business. The best part is how the app continues to expand with new additions to how the app works and what is happening to the people who are using it. If you want an app that is safe and has great options for people around the globe, this is the app to use.

Chicago’s Top Marketing Experts

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Chicago has a thriving and vibrant business community. In the area of high end marketing there are a few individuals that stand out above the rest. Following are profiles of some of these marketing leaders.
Jeanine M. Gaffe is a Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Insink Erator. She is recognized as an expert at repositioning and rebranding in order to take a company to even greater success. She also has a knack for enhancing enterprise value in the area of sales and stock price. Some of her specialties include:
* Using ground up brand strategy to revitalize a business.
* Using the ensemble approach to foster maximum leadership.
* Using digital offerings to modernize marketing methods.
* Being able to build bench strength by developing leading multicultural talent.

Andrew Miller has been employed by AON since 2010. His current position is Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing. One of his main duties includes managing teams in the U.S, UK, and Singapore with a focus in brand strategy, in-house agency operation, and cross business collaboration designed to promote growth and efficiency.

Majeed Ekbal is a senior marketing executive with a specialty in marketing and advertising. He is currently working independently. Ekbal is a marketing and new business development executive with 15 years of experience. He can be equally adept at global marketing campaigns and spearheading new business operations.
Ekbal has demonstrated an ability to work well with direct and digital marketing, branding, partnership development, and budget management. He also has the ability to generate revenue, and put together successful marketing strategies. He has been able to assemble and manage large and diverse teams.

Suzanne Nartin is a CMO and marketing VP. She currently works for Business Marketing Association Chicago. The Business Marketing Association Chicago offers B2B marketing professionals a path to success by using innovative thinking. This has been a staple of Martin’s marketing career. Her specialties include:
* Transforming businesses in order for them to reach their highest performance level.
* Designing brand strategy for maximum value.
* Combining account sales and account management to create positive results.
* For Business Business Marketing Association Chicago she implemented a digital marketing management certification course by partnering with Loyola University.

Lime Crime Helps Girls To Create Their Own Look

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There are many brands that have set out to do unique things, and one of the brands that has seen the most success for doing that is Lime Crime. This brand was founded by a woman who appreciates being different with her look. She has long had the courage to go out and do her own thing, and she believes that others should live just as bravely. She felt the need to start up a makeup brand that was different than the rest, and now many people have been able to put on some pretty crazy looks because of that.
What is found from Lime Crime cannot be bought from any other makeup brand. Lime Crime makes glittery makeup that is fun to use. It makes bold colored lipsticks that help a girl to stand out from among her friends. It makes many items that have gotten girls pretty excited, and it is a brand that is doing well because it was formed to be something different. It seems to always be hit and miss when a company decides that it is not going to be anything like what else it out there, and for Lime Crime it really seemed to work.
The founder of Lime Crime really has always been brave with her look, and she was also very brave in starting up the company. Not just because the company is unique, but also because she didn’t have a lot of money to make it happen. She only had a few hundred dollars, but she created the brand, anyway. She might not have had the kind of money that she had wanted to start it up, but she had all of the passion that was needed to do good things with it. She was able to take her love for color and turn Lime Crime into something that has really stood out to the masses.
So, when someone wants to do something different with their makeup, and when they want to stand out from among their friends, they now can easily accomplish that. Thanks to Lime Crime and the unique makeups that have come from the brand people can do whatever they want to with their makeup.