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The Story of Yeonmi Park’s Defection

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If anyone has ever wondered what life can be like living in North Korea, then looking towards author Yeonmi Park is a very good example. Park, or “Park Yeon-mi” has come into the spotlight as a huge human rights activist and her recent autobiography on Amazon called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is proof of this. In the book, Park goes into full detail about her life experiences, including how well she viewed the world that she knew at a young age to learning about the true terrors of the Kim Jong-Il regime to finally what life was like outside of North Korea. In her book she also discusses how strange the concept of freedom was to her, even as she went into neighboring countries like China and Mongolia before heading to South Korea, and also talks about not being fooled by the new rule of Kim Jong-un right now. Of course, much of this tale isn’t possible to hear if Park never escaped from North Korea in the first place. She was originally born in Hyesan, a North Korean city. Park’s mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father worked as a civil servant for the Worker’s Party at the Hyesan town hall. Her family was considered to be wealthy for her youth, but sadly they began seeing struggles as time went on. These struggles started when her fathered was arrested and sent to a concentration labor camp, after being accused of smuggling and insider trading. Park finally realized the truth about Kim Jong-Il and the oppressiveness of his regime after watching a pirated movie, thus began her need to seek out real freedom. So her and her family made the daring movie to try and escape North Korea, with her father’s help. They enlisted the help of human traffickers when it came time for them to make it into China and then Mongolia. Eventually the family made it to South Korea, but in the process she had learned her father died of colon cancer after opting to stay behind.

FreedomPop Is On The Move Thanks To New Deals

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FreedomPop definitely wants to attract the attention of people looking to acquire new mobile service. The Los Angeles mobile tech startup is growing and growing thanks to offering not only excellent service, but also great deals. In addition to amazing offers on minutes, texts, and data, the company has now moved into the realm of fantastic deals on phones.

In order to access FreedomPop service, a subscriber has to put a SIM card into an appropriate smartphone. FreedomPop does not make its own smartphones, but it has entered into partnership agreements in order to promote and sell highly-advanced smartphones at a discounted rate. A new promotion was launched prior to Black Friday (FreedomPop apparently wanted to get a jump on the ever-growing busy holiday shopping season) and the deal is a stunning one. Customers have the choice of one of two solid smartphones, the Motorola E or the Samsung Galaxy S4. Again, both of these phones are high-end ones and the discounts are substantial.

The deal does not just end with the phone discounts. One month of totally free unlimited FreedomPop phone/text service and 1GB of data comes with the purchase. Once the month expires at the 30-day mark, things shift over to the normal free service deal. 500 calling minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data can be used per month without cost. Upgrading to more service for an additional fee is also a possibility.

FreedomPop is assuredly going to become a huge name in the mobile service world. In only a few short years, the company has amassed one million or so subscribers in the United States and roughly a quarter of a million in the United Kingdom. Those numbers are likely to grow and grow as long as the company continues to deliver cost-effective, reliable service.

FreedomPop is now slated to move into the world of WiFi phone service. Millions of dollars have been raised to produce an internet-driven smartphone. Look for that release to be extremely appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

And look for more deals and specials from FreedomPop if the new pre-Black Friday deal proves successful.

Keeping Your Name Clean on Google Can be Easier Than You Think

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We’ve all seen the internet be cruel to people. This week on has an article about keeping name search results on Google clean. Keeping your name clean on Google can be easier than you think. The president of Status Labs spoke to the observer and gave us 5 tips for keeping our embarrassing moments and photos from showing up during a name search.
He says to always log out of your browser before searching for yourself. This way you can view what other people would see when they search your name. Look through the first few pages of results to find anything that you would not want to be seen, such as Facebook pictures or Youtube videos of yourself. Now you cab remove what you don’t want to be seen. After deleting the negative stuff, you should develop new content for Google to replace it with. Look out for data brokers as well. They will scrape up any information about you and create online profiles. And lastly, be proactive. If you see any pictures of you on a website that you did not authorize you should take action immediately by contacting the website.
Although it may sound easy now, it is actually a full time job keeping your name clean on the internet. Luckily there are companies who handle those things for us. One in particular is Status Labs as stated previously. They have an amazing track record. The motto “We’ll fix your online reputation” fits them perfectly.
Status Labs is the firm of choice for fortune 500 companies. The online reputation management company specializes in making you look your best in search results. They have an around the clock staff that handles your needs including public relations, crisis response, search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing. Status Labs is global with clients in over 35 countries. Keep your name clean with these unique services.

Slyce is Helping Customers and Retailers

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Slyce is a visual product search platform that works with companies and businesses to help their retail sales. Slyce recently finalized plans to work with a global toy retail client to help double their revenue through the term of their contract.

Slyce is revolutionary in the marketing and retail field. Their latest proposal is a solution in the retail technology that is used. By using the Slyce platform and the Slyce Link, it enables retailers to show “visually similar products” to customers strategically while shopping online. This has been proven to help increase sales and diminishes those times when shoppers abandon their online shopping cart. Their technology can be used on their desktop websites, mobile websites as well as their mobile apps. The similar items displayed for customers gives them added information and alternatives for what they are shopping for. These ‘visually similar items’ can be found on the pages under headlines such as “you may also like…” or “show me similar”. The Slyce Link has been made available immediately for retailers to take full advantage of. Customers are conveniently engaged with the retailers’ websites to find desired products. Slyce can also assist with the problems that many customers run into: out of stock items. The technology provided by Slyce can help point customers to similar items as well as email customers that there are pending items in their cart if it goes abandoned.

The Slyce Inc. is based out of Toronto, Canada. It delivers top of the line, sophisticated visual search to its retail clients to increase sales and profitability. By using multiple revenue streams, Slyce is able to stand out from rest to ensure success.

Darius Fisher: Virtual PR Matters

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Darius Fisher is the mogul of online reputation management at the moment. Businesses facing a digital reputation crisis call on Fisher’s company Status Labs to help them out. As president and cofounder of the company, Fisher has created a company that offers a variety of services. As an online reputation management company, public relations and digital marketing also come into play as functional halves of a whole enchilada. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Status labs have been successfully protecting clients for four years with just a small staff of 30. Status Labs has locations in São Paulo and New York. The availability of this service for public figures such as politicians and company heads is invaluable as over 1,500 clients in 35 countries are can attest as of 2015.

In the business world today, search results are everything. This is why clients are willing to pay for management that will polish their search results and enable a steady growth of sales thanks positive PR. Fisher’s business thrives despite what some would consider a controversial past. While some might consider this ironic, it could also be seen as a testament of an effective business man. Fisher went on record with tips that would provide some basic clean up on reputation by offering simple tips. Taking advantage of privacy settings and cleaning up google cache can make a difference.

PR management of this sort if going to increase in popularity. While some may contest the honesty of this type of business, Fisher seems to see his company as a offering a service that has only transitioned from the physical to the virtual. Status Labs seemed to have mastered Online Reputation Management for any level of clientele. By encouraging algorithms in Google to only give the searching public positive or neutral information, the general public will not only trust the product and brand of a business, but less likely to search for further dirt on their subject of choice.

Corporations, small businesses, and others use this form of virtual PR to protect against tenacious attacks to character. Public relations has been at the heart of every successful business, whether that of a bank, or rock star, the interface that lies between the business and the public must be effective in providing the type of information eliminates or reduces reputation damage. The need for this is obvious in a digital context. The internet has greatly reduced the traditional barriers of people who aim to harm reputations and brands. This isn’t always the fault of the business. Digruntled employees and others possessing a personal agenda can easily slander a business online.


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Beneful Foods is a multi-billion franchise of the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. It has a list of healthy dog’s feeds and is currently the top 5 largest dog food producer. It products are well researched to keep a dog healthy and happy. Its products are categorized into wet, dry and treat classes. It has been with us since 2001 and today has an annual turnover of $ 1.5 billion. It packages its foods in well-placed packages that are easy to use. Some of my favorite brands from Beneful that I feed my Yorkshire Zaffy include.


It is a well-balanced puppy treat on with all the essential nutrients. It is specially designed to ensure the puppy grows with a healthy brain and remains active. It is also intended to ensure the puppy has a good vision growing up.It is due to the abundance of carrot nutrients that aid the development of the optic nerve. It has been recommended by 96% of its users and is rated a 5.


It comes rich in antioxidant nutrition and has all the essential nutrients for a healthy canine. It comes packaged in 3.5, 13, 15.5 and 40 lbs bags. It is the most popular food sold by Beneful on purina thanks to its clever marketing and great reception in the market. An average 50-pound dog should be fed with 3 to 4 cups daily. It has 3416 k/calories per cup hence is energy and nutrient rich. It comes in real beef flavor but has green beans and carrot additions.


Incredibites from Beneful contains a mixture of crunchy and tender mini bites for small dogs and is meant for dogs that are active all day. It is a high energy food and should be reserved for dogs that deserve such foods. It is packaged in 3.5, 6.3 and 15.5-pound packaging.


It contains yellow corn and chicken. It also has wholesome wheat flour with reserved animal fat. Its nutritional levels meet the AAFCO standards and is good for female dogs with young puppies or when pregnant. It contains 27% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 4% crude fiber and the rest starch.

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to take great care of the pet.A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Help Rescue and Adopt Cats with Jon Urbana

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Jon Urbana is a popular former professional lacrosse player. He grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he played lacrosse at Villanova and Denver East High School. While going to high school, he received three varsity letters for tennis and lacrosse. He was the team captain as well as a two time state pick and a three time conference defensive player.

In 2002 he went to Villanova, where he was selected as the top rookie for the team. In 2003 he played all 12 games where he scored his first point against Lafayette College. In 2004 he received the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year and received an honorable mention in All-American honors. He also earned a spot on the tournament team between Villanova and Towson.

In 2013, Urbana gained FAA Airmen Certification and released his first electronic music album, with details at MTV. In addition, he ended up making waves in the social media world, with his @JonUrbana1 Twitter handle gaining popularity by the day. Here are a few tweets we particularly enjoyed:

If you liked that snail pic, you’ll want to follow Jon on IG and subscribe to his blog, where he posts more breathtaking photography.

After Lacrosse and Charity Work

After lacrosse, Urbana dove into the world of fundraising after college. He is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps. These camps are held every summer and serve to help young lacrosse players. The camps help teach them valuable skills and Urbana himself helps to instruct the players.

Jon is a big supporter of charities, and making videos to support these drives. His latest charity affiliation is with the ARAS or the Animal Rescue and Adoption society. This group is a no kill cat shelter. They take in any unwanted cats and help to find them great and safe homes.

Urbana has a crowdfunding site at GoFundMe too, in addition to his CrowdRise page to help benefit these cats as he has been a strong advocate against animal cruelty. All the proceeds that are raised from this funding, will be sent directly to ARAS to help provide for the care of these cats and to help them find great new homes.