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The Charitable Works of Dick DeVos

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It is inspirational when an individual or a family make the conscious decision to give back in gratitude for the blessings they have received in their lives. That is the case with Dick DeVos, an individual who worked his way to great wealth and along with his wife, Betsy, created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.  DeVos uses this foundation as a vehicle to manage the many charitable interests his family supports throughout the country and the world.

It was estimated that in 2013, their foundation donated $7 million through their foundation to charitable causes. The IRS reported that they gave 121 donations ranging in value from $1 million to $250. These  donations by the DeVos family have managed to lead to a real improvement in both their home state of Michigan and all across the world.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It has been a productive 30 years that Dick and Betsy DeVos have been married and giving back has been a large part of their lives. Dick graduated from a public high school in Michigan and went to Northwood University. He began his career by going to work for the Amway Corporation, working his way up to vice president of Amway International in 1984.  He was very successful in building their expansion into 18 countries and in 1991 DeVos became President of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball franchise. It was in 1993 that he returned to Amway as President and again had the magic touch that led to unprecedented sales and profitability.

Giving back has been important from the beginning for the DeVos family. They have put their personal interests and charitable donations into many worthy projects including, Willow Creek Association, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Spectrum Health System, RDV Corporation, Revitalizing downtown Grand Rapids and Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. With each donation, Dick is a living example of the value of giving back to the community and the power that gift can have to make the world a better place.

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Premium dog food sales on the rise

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Pet owners are taking their pets health more seriously according to a Daily Hearld article, which indicated a surge in premium pet food sales. Sales have risen 45 percent since 2009 to $10.5 billion. Some new comers to the scene, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo seem to be stealing the spotlight. Freshpet makes fresh refrigerated dog food and sells it in their custom refrigerators that they provide to retailers. Blue Buffalo mixes whole grains with fruit and vegetables added to the normal meats such as lamb and chicken. Blue Buffalo is profiting and expected to reach $1 billion sales in 2015. However, Freshpet has seen a loss for five straight years; although, they seem confident of a turn around. Big name brands such as Purina, Beneful and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights seem to be doing well. Beneful has been on the market since 2001, and was one of the first human-like dog foods on the market since it looks like stew. Beneful is very safety conscious, and exceeds or meets all safety regulations put down by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. They also have a quality control laboratory at every plant to test for toxins such as mycotoxins, lead and arsenic in food samples ensuring every bag or can of dog food that comes off the line is of the finest quality. All vendors must adhere to safety protocol set down by Beneful. Vendors are audited regularly to ensure all ingredients are safe and healthy for dogs. Beneful employs the best in the business when it comes to safety and nutrition. Plants are located in the United States, and each plant has staff specifically dedicated to safety and quality control. Beneful dog food includes fresh meat, vegetables and grain. Some dog food companies market their food as carnivorous suggesting dogs should eat what their wolf ancestors ate, but Beneful and many veterinarians disagree and say dogs need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and grain. Experts say even wolves will supplement their diets with plants.

Best Food On The Shelf Is Beneful Premium Dog Food

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My dog has always been spoiled like he’s my biological child, and my biological children don’t seem to mind. My whole family wants the dog to be healthy, and we want him to be around for a long time, so we make sure to take good care of our friendly pooch. I know he’s happy about this.

In fact, she found this article online on that I just finished reading, and I wanted to share it with the rest of you. It’s from the Daily Herald, and it talks about what measures premium dog food manufacturers go through to make sure that their dog foods are the best that they can put on the shelves. Beneful on amazon companies really take a lot of pride knowing that they’re doing the best they can to make healthy foods for dogs. I like to think that they care a great deal about what pet owners think.

What I Buy For My Dog

My dog turned his nose up once to this cheap food that I tried to give him. I ran out of Beneful’s dog food, so I fed him this can of cheap food, and he was not having it. I had to run out to the pet store to pick up Beneful for him. We were lucky that it was a weekend, so I had the time to go get the Beneful. He’s important to me, and I want him to know that, so I always get the food he likes to eat.

I buy Chopped Blends from Beneful because it’s the best looking food I’ve ever seen for dogs. My dog loves the Chopped Blends that is made with real beef. I feel like a responsible pet owner for providing him with Beneful. If you want to read about premium foods, then read this:

Real Estate Mavericks and Their Innovative Home Sale Hype

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For the past decades, not much has changed in the realm of real estate and how homes are bought and sold. It is this reason that has inspired Greg Hague and his company, Real Estate Mavericks, to transform the process in how homes go on the market. Through a new formula and strategy, Hague states that the buzz generated by an influx of buyers can lead to much better sales of homes in a shorter period of time. The process focuses on a major launch that coincides with the initial listing and even before the home lands on the market. This preemptive strike can successfully build anticipation and garner serious interest in the seller’s home prior to the official sale.

Another method used by Hague and Real Estate Mavericks is private communication that occurs before making the sale known to the greater public. Through contacting other agents and the prospective buyers they represent, the seller can offer exclusive looks at the home and property. This part of the process has been proven in its effectiveness, because buyers prefer to have early access to homes. In return, genuine interest is created and the home will usually sell for a higher price without having to collect dust on public listings.

Hague backs up the benefits of his company’s system, noting that the mandatory disclosure of information in public listings can hurt the seller. This info includes the numbers of days that a home has been on the market, which Hague claims is the death of pricing. Because real estate always tends to be such a buyer’s market, the “home sellers deserve a system that favors them,” according to Hague, and this real estate coaching strategy is designed to address these needs. As a result, both the buyer and seller receive a better and faster experience with a favorable outcome.

Greg Hague’s experience with real estate apparently stems back to when he was a young child, and his father’s creation of what would inspire the modern-day MLS, or multiple listing service. This system was formed to ultimately aid the smaller firms in generating business and being able to compete with large establishments that wanted to monopolize the industry. Hague’s passion for championing success in small business has been the catalyst in his present endeavors, including multiple real estate firms and regular speaking events across the country.

No other company is indicative of Hague’s goals quite like Real Estate Mavericks. The company constantly strives to take the ideals that made Hague successful and train others with these same skills. Through the 29 Day Fast Sale Formula as well various courses and coaching, Real Estate Mavericks arms agents and sellers with a radical new strategy to shake up the market and give smaller institutions the leverage needed to be successful. Greg Hague is a graduate of Miami University and gained his license for real estate practices at the age of 18. Hague is also a licensed lawyer and his literary contributions are included in the Real Estate Law Journal.

Check out Real Estate Mavericks today!

Securus Technologies Gives Inmate Communication a Facelift with Their New Technology

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Receive Inmate Phone Calls or Visit Incarcerated loved ones from Home with the Best Criminal Solution Provider 

Dallas, Jan 13, 2016: Today, Securus Technologies, a technology solution provider against criminal and civil justice, announced that it has introduced the new services: at-home or video visitation and AdvancedConnect. 

Securus Technologies, through at-home or video visitation service, offers an online meet up with incarcerated loved ones. The meet up would solely require a web camera, a computer, and the internet connection. On the other hand, an AdvancedConnect service is a prepaid calling service that allows its users to receive calls from offenders. The service charges will automatically deduct from the prepaid account. 

To avail both services, users need to create an online account with Securus Technologies. Through that online account, the users can schedule a meeting or start receiving incoming calls within no time. Both services will be accessible to its users through 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Moreover, both service accounts will need to be charged with some funds. As long as the service accounts are charged, people will be able to have inmate communication with their friends, colleagues and family. 

“Over the past three years, we have, to acquire and to develop numerous safety, protection, and efficacy associated products, spent $600 million”, said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Securus Technologies Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith. “For this sake, we required supplementing sales resource to increase product set. Therefore, we can efficiently provide our services to people or society”.

The purpose of these services is to facilitate people by saving their time, money, and energy. As users, according to their availability, can suitably schedule meetings with their imprisoned friends and family. Besides, this service aims to help people by saving them from the hassle of jail visits where they need to wait long hours to meet their loved ones. 

More About Securus Technologies

Its head office is located in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections, public safety, criminal handling, and law implementing organizations. Alongside, it serves more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Furthermore, it provides technology solution services including instance management, communication data service, prisoner self-service, investigation information service, biometric analysis service, and public information service. Overall, the company’s purpose is to make our world a peaceful as well as a good place to live. To know more about our services, please visit our website. 

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CCMP Capital one of the oldest hedge fund in the world. It was founded in 1984 and has a history has old as its legacy. It has undergone numerous mergers and acquisitions in its colourful history. It is among the largest hedge funds in the world and recently lost it former CEO and Scion Mr. Stephen Murray.

Murray will be remembered by many as the man who separated the company from its mother ship in 2005.In a board meeting, he announced the formation of CCMP Capital. He was to serve as its CEO till 2007.It has today grown to have over 50 employees and offices in Wall Street New York, London. Tokyo and Hong Kong.

CCMP Capital its journey as a subsidiary of the Chase bank in 1984.Incidentally, it was the same year Mr. Murray joined the bank. It in 1989 merged with Chemical industries and in 2000 with J.P. Morgan. It has undergone numerous mergers and restructures till it separated from J. P Morgan in 2005.It was then that the name CCMP was adopted. It is an acronym of Chemical, Chase & J.P Morgan Partners.

CCMP has a widely diversified portfolio. It has invested in healthcare, energy, retail and industry. It is known for its inventive investment techniques that have seen it make a lot of money for its investors.

The company has invested heavily in leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. The billions invested have catapulted it to 17th largest in the world, and it continues to grow.

Steve Murray was a great investor, deal maker, and philanthropist. He was a happy giver who donated in numerous charities around the country. Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation in its endures and gave to Boston Cultural Museum. He is also an economics graduate from Boston College and has an MBA from Columbia business school.

He joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst. Chemical industries in 1991 purchased the firm. He stayed with the company during its many M&A till 2005 when he joined CCMP.

Steve built CCMP from the ground up to make one of the largest private hedge funds in the world. It now manages over $ 17 billion in wealth. He also served on the board of directors of various companies. These include Warner Chilcot, GE power systems, and Vitamin. He also led the firm to invest in notable companies such as Aramark, general power systems, Lenovo and Hanley Wood.

In 2014, it was reported CCMP had sold it the subsidiary Med place for $ 900 million. It was part of its restructuring program as it seeks to have zero correlation.

Steve Murray led CCMP Capital to glory and was a good worker. May his soul rest in peace.

Nicki Minaj And Gilbert Arenas Causing A Stir

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No strangers to controversy, Nicki Minaj and Gilberts Arenas are back in the spotlight for less than favorable deeds yet again.

After a strongly worded letter from the Human Rights Foundation asking Nicki Minaj to cancel the concert because “the payment you are receiving from your Angolan sponsors is the result of government corruption and human rights violations.” Unitel, the company sponsoring the concert is run by the Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos, who is listed as a dictator ans is known to have an adverse opinions of press, politics, or journalists suppressed via any means necessary. The money sponsoring the concert comes from exploitation of Angola’s diamond and oil wealth for personal gains.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen who has campaigned for human rights since 1989 by helping to organize opposition against the South African apartheid. The corruption in Angola hits a little too close to home for Halvorssen; his father, mother and cousin were all victims of political corruption in Venezuela on separate occasions.

Disregarding the plea for cancelling in the open letter from Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation, Minaj is still taking stage for the concert.

Before her trip to Angola, Minaj let everyone know of a show set to debut on ABC Family chronicling her childhood. Ariana Neal is set to play a young Nicki and the new show expected to make its debut later in 2016.

Gilbert Arenas is causing his own stir with a slew of misogynistic comments aimed at WNBA players. It all started when he posted a video to social media that contained two scantily-clad white women playing basketball and remarking that this is what America pictured at the start up of the WNBA; it all went downhill from there. Calling them many names, including beanpies and ugly, was just the start of the tirade that ended with him saying anyone thinking he is sexist is probably “the ugly one.”

“I’m trying to figure out what I would be sorry about. So basically, all the ugly girls are mad. All the ugly ones want an apology for being ugly.”, Arenas responded when asked if he would apologize for his comments. The WNBA released an official statement calling his comments “repugnant, utterly disrespectful and flat-out wrong,” and that these women are competent role models for girls and should be celebrated for their accomplishments.

Sometimes a Parent’s Love Is the Best Medicine

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A new Go Fund Me campaign is working to raise funds for autism research. This is, in itself, a very important cause. But what makes it even more significant is the nature of the campaign. It’s essentially bolstering an already viable means of raising money, attention, and donations for research into the nature of autism. And it’s doing so in a fun and exciting way. The cause, Autism Rocks, seeks to help autism research by hosting rock concerts by famous performers with especially big hearts.

But while those stars might be in the spotlight, it’s organizer Sanjay Shah who might well have the biggest heart of all. Sanjay had the inspiration when his primary focus was still working with hedge funds. He had a chance meeting with Snoop Dogg, and that prompted him to consider just how celebrity can impact people’s lives. He’d already had solid connections within the music industry which he knew he might be able to leverage to do some good in the world.

And the exact nature of the cause was always apparent to Sanjay. One of his children is autistic, and that’s long been a central part of Sanjay’s life. Parents of autistic children always find themselves wishing that they could better understand what was going on in the mind of their child. But past a certain point the only way to know is through scientific investigation of the condition. Though Sanjay Shah is adamant that he’s in no way searching for a cure. His love is unconditional, and the only thing he wants is to better understand his child. He wouldn’t want to change a single thing about him.

This view of autism might be surprising to someone looking at it from the outside. But many, or even most, parents of autistic children would agree. A parent loves his or her child for who they are, not who they might be had circumstances been different. For those parents autism research isn’t hope for a cure. It’s hope that they might be better able to build a bridge of communication with their children. And there’s something really wonderful about the idea that music might be able to help do so.