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The Mission of Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

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Recently, a news release was published by The Sunday times, about the charity, Autism Rocks and it’s founder Sanjay Shah. The charity, Autism Rocks was started when one of Shah’s children was born with autism. Raising donations for autism research according to globalcitizen was the ultimate goal, but furthermore, it was important to Shah that that he appointed the right individuals to help him head the organization.
Sanjay Shah is best known on CompanyCheck UK for his company Solo Capital, a company that he started in 2009. This boutique financial services organization has been noted for its success at a time when most other companies have been unable to bring in a profit. Solo Capital is best known for it’s work with hedge funds, and is located in London.

As a British businessman, Shah stands out in a city that is always buzzing with activity in various areas of commerce. Shah was also instrumental in building the company Vistex, a company that was founded for the purpose of aiding other companies on a global level. The passion and energy of Shah appear to be what the company needed to help it grow and gain momentum. His focus on building innovative business software is just one of the many skills and talents that he brings to the table with any new venture.

Solo Capital’s goal was to ultimately become a problem solver for as many businesses as possible, so it’s no surprise that his charity Autism Rocks is getting attention too. While it’s unclear where the organization might expand, research for Autism continues to expand in America. Events are being scheduled around the country every year, from concerts to speaking engagements to help raise the funds for this research.

This lifelong disability has been a struggle for many families that are desperately in need of assistance with teaching their children basic skills as well as new ways to communicate. The hope is that through this research more treatment programs, medicines, or potentially a cure will be found for autism.

FreedomPop plans to launch its free MVNO service

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For those that are highly dependent on having quality service on their smartphones, FreedomPop has delivered the good news that everyone wants to hear. The mobile phone and wireless internet provider located in Los Angeles, California, is one of the few service providers that offer free service plans, planning to launch free MVNO service with 25 carriers in Europe. The provider is a third party that runs on the Sprint Network in the United States, and has announced that with additional funding they are planning to invest in their overseas portfolio.

FreedomPop offers these free services for basic low data users, providing 200 MB of free data per month in any country they provider service. After the first 200 MB, users can purchase additional data for $10 per month, still a significant discount against many other international internet and mobile service providers. They also have a global potshot service that is available for $50 as well as SIM cards that customers can purchase for just $10.

While the model seems unsustainable at first with free service, they have found that this free and then pay as you go service to be effective in obtaining and sustaining its customer base. FreedomPop has reported that loyalty rates of 80 to 90 percent, and that while free service is a gift for those who never pay for other services, nearly 40-50 percent of its customer base is offsetting the cost. The sustained growth in these services has allowed the provider to become attractive to other industry providers, which has led to a recent partnership with the Asian telecom group Axiata. The two companies will work together to develop a variety of service and products that could make its way to multiple continents, giving FreedomPop a bright future moving forward.

Global Economic Crisis Predicted By George Soros

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The state of the global economy seems to be weighing heavily on the mind of hedge fund expert George Soros if we examine a report by Bloomberg detailing an interview with the Hungarian born financial legend. Over recent months George Soros has revealed his concerns over the state of the global economy and political situation evolvoing throughout the world; Soros is pointing to the disintegrating siuations found in the Chinese economy and Europe as the keys to a repeat of the 2008 economic slowdown lurking in the background.

George Soros is well known around the world for his skills as a hedge fund manager, which has afforded him a personal fortune estaimated at over $25 billion; the hedge fund expert broke records during his time as an active member of the financial markets with his fund growing at an average of around 20 percent each year. Despite his success, George Soros has never lost sight of the problems he faced as a refugee following the end of the Second World War. George Soros traveled across Europe after surviving the Holocaust and eventually made his way to London to study economics before arriving in New York to establish his hedge fund. The legendary financial expert continues to fight for the rights of refugees through his chartitable works and donations made to many good causes. Know more:

The issues detailed by George Soros for the movement towards a global meltdown rivaling that of 2008 include the rise of problems in the Chinese economy, which has been a driving force behind global trade over recent decades. China is facing a changing economy that has seen a shift from investment and manufacturing towards a more consumption based model. Soros believes Chinese officials are struggling to cope with the changing markets and must adapt quickly to avoid the problems facing the economy worsening. Coupling this with a continuing crisis in Europe unfolding as refugees flood into the continent to escape the Syrian war with ISIS, and the world looks set for a gloomy future in the eyes of George Soros.

Keeping Employees Interested And Working Hard

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Keeping businesses staying with your company is not always easy. It can take time to be able to know what works and what doesn’t, but the truth is that employees are the key to building a company that succeeds. Without the people helping and building the company, you will go out of business, and this is why you should be very wary with your choices. There are all kinds of businesses who lack the right knowledge to help keep their customers and their employees happy.

It has proven time and time again that people everyday are considering leaving their jobs because of lack of pay or benefits. Give your employees what they need and want. For example, you can always give them what they need in terms of benefits and other incentives. Things like their days off, paid vacations, and even free stuff are all great things that you can do to help provide your employees with experiences that they are going to be grateful for.

Simply being wise with how you treat your employees and what you give them could give them that great feeling of being well connected to your company. For example, keep everybody in your company within the loop. You can simply make it a goal to let everybody in on when the latest news comes out. This can help connect you to your employees and bring them closer to each other. Building a sense of camaraderie is a great way to build seniority and create a good relationship between everybody. There are some companies that lose their brand and disappear from their industry because they treated employees badly and lost their brand.

The truth is that Darius Fisher is proof that some companies can end up going out of business because of not knowing how to treat their employees. If you treat them bad, they can go on the web and easily ruin your brand. Darius Fisher is known for helping out brands in situations like these.

With his marketing skills and abilities, Darius, president of Status Labs, can help guide your brand and help protect you from losing your reputation online.

Why Coriant is on its way to becoming a Dominant force in Telecommunications

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Slow Internet connection hurts businesses due to the communication lag that comes with it. Coriant was formed in March 2013 as a solutions products support company to enhance Internet connectivity. Its technology stems from Siemens Optic Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. It has products such as Transport Network Management System, Packet optical transport, MPLS routing and Cross Connect. These products are of high quality and in line with the company’s vision which is to transform networks. Despite being in business for a short period, Coriant is has managed to build a strong customer base owing to its provision to top-of-the range products that have outshone those offered by business rivals.

About CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an experienced guru in the telecommunication industry with over 28 years of experience. He holds a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University. He started his career at GTE Corporation before moving to Verizon as its Chief Information Officer. During this time, he was a member of the think-tank team that drove systems modernization, efficiency and innovation. He also worked at Barclays as its Chief Operations and Technology Officer and a member of its Executive Committee, the decision making arm of the firm. His next stop was at Jupiter Networks as its CEO where he formulated a work plan that focused on the enactment of Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking.

Before his recent appointment at Coriant, he was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. His main focus there was the expansion of strategic telecom and technology investments. Therefore, his appointment is bound to help steer the company to greater heights because he brings with him a great wealth of experience. His appointment stirred a lot of excitement and optimism at the firm and the results are already being seen. He settled into his job with gusto and has already put in place strategies that will see the firm post higher revenues.

He has also tried his hand at publishing. He wrote “Real Time Control of Robot Manipulators in the Presence of Obstacle”, which was critically acclaimed. Other publications are “Integrated Network and Service Management for the NCIH” and “Performance Management in SONET-based Multi-service Networks”. These publications have helped provide key insights into the telecommunication world. Besides his work, Mr. Kheradpir is affiliated with his Alma Matter Cornell University, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and YMCA.

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Soros Does It Again

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George Soros is a well known figure in the realm of politics and finances. In 1947, he fled Hungary and went to London, England. During his time there, he attended the London School for Economics. After he graduated, he found his way to the United States of America, and there made a name for himself in finances. He is known for a variety of different investments, but the biggest one he is known for is his bet against the British pound in 1992. He earned around a billion dollars off that bet alone, and has proven himself knowledgeable time and again.
The financial tycoon has made an interesting play as of the past week. He had the Soros Fund Management dump all their stocks into three energy companies: Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, and NRG Energy. This move has been an upset in the stock market for one major reason: the energy sector has been incredibly volatile lately, and for good reason.

Although no one will question low oil prices, they should. Low oil prices mean that there is a lot of oil, but little demand. Saudi Arabia and Russia have been rather upset over the low prices, and have decided to try and do something about it. They have joined together in a pact to supply less oil, therefore hoping to drive oil prices up. The lower oil prices means that these countries do not profit as well as they want to off of the oil.

The two countries have also tried to get Iran into the pact as well. However, Iran has about a third of the world’s known oil supplies. Just to spite Russia and Saudi Arabia, Iran has promised to continue dumping oil into the world supply available, and keep oil prices low. More information on this pact can be found in the original article from The Street.

Returning to Soros, there has been a lot of speculation about why he has dumped all his stocks into those three specific companies. One theory is that he knows something the rest of the world has yet to figure out. Another, just as popular, theory is that he has acted prematurely and will end up loosing money on these investments. Something will end up giving when the energy companies release their reports, giving investment outlooks and predictions about what will happen in the future. These reports, however, are expected to be rather grim.

Soros will have his hands full, no matter what the energy market decides to do. There’s almost nothing to do but wait now.

An Assistant Professor Finds Herself In A PR Nightmare

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Melissa Click, the University of Missouri assistant professor captured on camera angrily requesting help to stop journalists from filming student protests at the university, is upset that people are judging her harshly for one regrettable action. She’s suspended from the University of Missouri pending investigation, however, with the interim Chancellor calling her actions appalling and Missouri lawmakers publicly saying that the university should fire her, Click’s reinstatement is unlikely.

This is exactly the public relations challenge that drives Status Labs, the reputation management firm that Click has hired to help her get her side of the story out to the public. Status Labs is getting Click interviews with prominent media outlets as part of their crisis management services, which are available to individuals who face negative exposure. However, the team at Status Labs is best known for their online reputation management services, assisting businesses that find their image tarnished because one disgruntled customer, or a competitor, can do a lot of damage if they hold a grudge. Status Labs makes sure that search engines have current, non-biased information to show first in their results when someone searches for a company.

Status Labs continues to grow each year because while other public relations firms concentrate on improving their client’s reputation in traditional media outlets, Status Labs makes improving their client’s online reputation their goal. The Texas-based company has opened offices in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil to serve clients worldwide. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has said his company’s success is based on their innovative approach. When individuals record events on their smartphone, as Melissa Click well knows, and then post the video online, millions of people see the video within a few hours if it goes viral. This, and the popularity of online review sites like Yelp, has made Status Labs’ online reputation management services vital.