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Hair Damage Control With Wen by Chaz Dean

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Hair damage happens to nearly everyone. A poor diet with few of the essential vitamins and minerals can leave hair stringy and thin. Heat damage from curling or straightening irons and hair dryers can make hair brittle. Chemical treatments like straighteners, perms and hair color can make hair dry, like straw and prone to having tips erupting in split ends. A harsh shampoo with sulfates and other chemicals can make hair dried out and limp.
A hair cut to help clean up split ends and get rid of dried out hair tips is often the best cure to start cleaning up hair damage. The next direction to go is to use a damage remedy shampoo and conditioner can help hair that is damaged. Or choose a shampoo and conditioner with more natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals and sulfates.‘s Cleansing Conditioner products by hairstylist and salon owner Chaz Dean ( is a hair cleansing product that would help out damaged hair. Wen Cleansing Conditioner doesn’t dry out hair. It won’t strip hair because it doesn’t have chemicals and sulfates in it. The Wen product is also safe to use on color treated hair that may be suffering from dreaded hair dehydration. Wen Cleansing Conditioner -which acts as both a shampoo and conditioner- can help increase shininess for hair which is often something lacking in damaged hair. WEN can also add volume boost to hair, so once damaged hair would look more vibrant and bouncy.

An expose of how Wen Cleansing Conditioner effects hair was published by both Total Beauty and the Bustle website and well written by the Bustle author Emily McClure. Emily McClure described her hair as fine. It wasn’t suffering from damage, but it was slightly lifeless appearing. She used Wen Cleansing Conditioner in the Fig variety. Her undergoing of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner trial was a week time span. She found her hair went from dull to shiny after the week was up. Her peer from Guthy Renker website even noticed her hair had become more bouncy, with a healthy glimmer and shimmer to it. If you want to control your dull, damaged or dry hair, Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a good product to start off with to improve your hair health.

Martin Lustgarten Investment Banker

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What is an investment bank? The most precise definition is that an investment bank creates capital for governments and other companies. It does this by generally acting as a go between entity between a company and investors with the ability to underwrite and guarantee new debt and create equity securities. Investment banks also do acquisition trading and participate in company mergers to create new business. They generally also do broker trading for private and public companies and even individuals. Because of the types of business they engage in, for a serious trader, it is a necessity that you strike up a relationship with a respected investment bank.


For the individual investor or a company a quality investment bank can help you raise capital by stock sales, trading, or mergers, do equity research and also help you manage your assets. Investment banking is also one of the oldest financial industries in existence and as a consequence have many guidelines and legal protections in place that are designed to ensure the fair and equitable behavior between all involved parties. Because of this, in particular, investment banks have provided a great number of people with a good source of income for many years now. And the secret to doing that is really no secret at all, it’s as simple as picking the right funds and accounts to put your money into then waiting as they grow over time.


One individual, in particular, we are going to introduce you to is Martin Lustgarten the CEO of the Lustgarten Company. Since its founding, the Lustgarten Company has been a very successful enterprise that has led him and his company into several international business ventures, numerous financial transactions with satisfied customers and an actionable network of industry contacts throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama. All of his experience has also made him a recognized name and sought after personality in the investment arena and one with a great deal of wisdom and experience. Besides all his successes as an investment banker, Martin also has an active social media presence on Twitter. He uses this account to post commentary and content including ways investors can improve themselves and their finances. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his personal activities.

Making a Wise Investment

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Many people wonder whether it is worth it to invest in gold or not. On one hand, you have an asset that is going to remain the same, or go up in value no matter what. This is attractive in that you know that you are not risking anything. However, some people want to try to hit the jack pot, hit the ball out of the park and capitalize on a big investment.

Keep in mind that this may make you a lot of money in the long run if you are either lucky, know what you are doing, or are a combination of the both. In the end, it may be a good idea to invest some money like this, but think about this as a gamble. At least a portion of any wise persons investment portfolio contains gold, as it is a protection that is really important.

There is no denying the reality that gold is one of the safest investments out there, as it is a precious metal that holds its value regardless of the country, currency, or any other factor. You can kind of think of putting money into gold as an investment as putting money away in a social security fund that you are going to be able to draw from later in life. This is protection money that you may need down the line, which does a few things.

It makes a person feel great, knowing that no matter what happens in life, they still have that back up money that they can fall back on. A good idea is to buy just enough gold to ensure that you have enough to support yourself and your family in whatever kind of living standards you are accustomed to and leave that as a backup plan.

Good Search says that Many people want to buy gold and other types of metals but aren’t sure how to go about it, so you should check out the US Money Reserve, where anyone can buy gold, silver, and a handful of other things. They provide people the opportunity to back up their wealth and gain access to precious metals, which are by far the safest form of currency on planet Earth.

There is no question that everyone should back at least a portion of their money with gold and other precious metals, so check out the US Money Reserve website and really think about backing up your wealth.

Thor Halvorssen Goes on Fox News To Explain Democratic Socialism

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There are a lot of people who do not understand the finer differences between what democratic socialism is and other forms of socialism. Bernie Sanders gets shouted down as a socialist all the time, but people automatically assume that means communism. Bernie Sanders is not a communist, and Thor Halvorssen used his position to help handle the rumors that are going around. He made his way to Fox News to be sure that he explained himself, and he gave a perspective that a lot of people never see.


The work that Thor Halvorssen does is all on behalf of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is a place where people fight for the rights of others, and they make sure that they are talking about the problems they see around the world. They see a lot of bad governments that are socialist, but they have not seen a democratic socialist government do wrong by its people. Thor Halvorssen wants people to see that what Bernie Sanders is talking about is using the money that the government collects to help more people. Helping people is something that is very easy for people to do when they have funds at the government, and these governments will tax companies to make sure they pay their fair share.


There are a lot of people who will shocked to learn that this actually means smaller government with more services, and they will see what Bernie Sanders is all about. Democratic socialism is lifting people up, and that is the business Thor Halvorssen is in.


There are a lot of people who need to watch the interview that Thor Halvorssen did to learn what Democratic Socialism is, and they need to do work with the Human Rights Foundation to learn what a toxic government will look like. A lot of people do not know the difference, but they can learn when they do their own research. Someone who watches the interview with Thor Halvorssen for the first time will be enlightened, and they can learn a lot more about what it would mean to vote for Bernie Sanders. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his news and updates.

A Review of CCMP Capital’s Corporate Journey

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To survive in business, it is important to reorganize a firm’s setups and streamline its operations with the needs of its clients. Reinventions are also important in perpetuating a company’s existence. Redundancy is highly discouraged especially in the financial services sector where new trends crop up every day. Investment firm CCMP Capital has survived in business by continuously reinventing itself through the reformation of its operations. In addition it has changed its name severally and diversified into different sectors of the economy.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Since it started making its baby steps in the investment business 32 years ago, the firm has been rechristened severally due to mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs that have been part and parcel of its existence. On formation in 1984, it was known as Chemical Venture Partners. During that time, it was the investment arm of Chemical Bank. The banking institution was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. This heralded a change of name for the institution. Consequently, it was renamed Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, Chase Manhattan was bought out by J.P Morgan & Co. This deal led to the formation of J.P Morgan Chase. The investment firm was again forced to amend its name, this time to JP Morgan Partners.

There was a further name change in 2004 when JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One, which had an investment arm known as One Equity Partners. This equity firm was entitled to be JP Morgan Chase’s venture platform. JP Morgan Partners consequently came up with a spinoff plan, which materialized in 2006 with the formation of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The name is derived from the first letter of the names of its predecessors. Since then, it has amassed an asset portfolio totaling over 12 billion dollars. It holds assets in Amarak, Cabela’s, Guitar Center Inc., ONO and Pinnacle Foods among others. Its success is attributed to its former President, Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen P. Murray in Brief

Was a key figure in the operations of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital since its early days in business. His untimely death dealt a big blow to the financial services industry because many people looked up to him owing to his investment acumen. He headed the firm from 2007 and helped it gain a foothold in the industry after breaking away from JP Morgan Partners. He undertook this task with shrewdness, which ensured an increase in CCMP’s asset portfolio. Before his death reported by Bloomber Business, he sat on the boards of Amarak, Generac Power Systems and AMC Entertainment. Stephen studied at Boston College and Columbia Business School, where he distinguished himself as a keen debater on financial matters. He was also involved in various charitable initiatives. Of particular interest to him was the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and the Stamford Museum.

Why Reports Linking George Soros to Kasich’s Campaign are False

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There have been recent treacheries claiming that George Soros on politifact is sponsoring Republican candidate John Kasich’s presidential bid. Many believe this conspiracy is being fronted by leftists in order to shed the business magnate in bad light. They have even gone ahead to place an ad on the media claiming that millionaires with George Soros’ blessings are busy fundraising and bankrolling the candidate’s super PAC. Screen grabs of Kasich and Soros accompany the ad to show their supposed close association.

The notion that Soros is backing the contender through a network of shady operatives on has also caught the attention of mainstream media and blogs such as, which are circulating it at a very first rate. The ad first appeared in Wisconsin just before the April 5th Republican primaries in the state. It has now been discovered that it was paid for by a super PAC known as Trusted Leadership, which has been vocal in supporting Ted Cruz’s contention. Apparently, it was meant to discredit Kasich and help Cruz win the nominations.

Unraveling the Truth from Falsehoods

The impression that George Soros has been secretly behind Kasich’s presidential bid is nonsensical because the strict campaign financing rules disallows it. These are the sentiments of Tom Sutton, a political scientist based as the Baldwin Wallace University. The rules stipulate that all donations to a super PAC must be made public. In addition, there is no cap on the contributions. He further adds that Soros is free to donate to a super PAC of his choice just like any other American without hiding it.

There has been a two hundred thousand dollar-grant to a Kasich-related PAC known as the New Day for America. The donation was made by Scott Bessent, a key Soros ally, which has raised quite a storm. It should however be noted that since 2015 on, Bessent has supported Jeb Bush’s campaign to the tune of 5,000 dollars. Further to that, he has contributed 39,800 dollars to the Republican National Committee, a key decision making organ of the party. He has also supported Republican contender’s super PAC, Ready for Hillary, by giving it 25,000 dollars.

Another key player in Soro’s inner circle, Stanley Druckenmiler has previously backed the New Day for America giving it a whopping 450,000 dollar donation. Besides this, he has regularly given financial backing to super PACs supporting Republican candidates. What remains unclear is whether this was done with Soros’ knowledge. It is onS record that Soros supports the Democratic Party. Because of this, any attempts to connect him to Kasich’s election campaign ought to be treated as a misrepresentation. This is clearly a conspiracy. Members of the public have demanded that airing of the advert be stopped with immediate effect. So far, three television channels have stopped airing it.

The Role Of Investment Advice To The Success Of A Business.

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Investment advice accordin g to website is one of the biggest determinants of the success or failure of investment. Investment advice is also a major pillar of the investment banking sector that deals with the giving clients recommendations and guidance on their investments. This field of investment banking is specialized on educating investors on different potential investment products in the market. A good investment advice is one of the surest affirmations that investment will succeed. Professional investment advisers are found in most notable investment firms in the business market. These investment advisors help investors establish their investment portfolios. The investment advice professionals include financial and investment planners and investment brokers.

Investment advice is usually tailored to suit each client needs. This advice is usually offered to cover each client’s specific needs and ensure that they succeed in their investments. This investment advice is developed basing on the financial and investment situation that are prevailing in the market at that time. This advice helps the investor figure out whether short-term or long-term investments are suitable for their financial goals. With the emergence of numerous investment banking firms offering investment advice, it is important for an investor to consider the experience and track record of the investment firm they are going to use. An investment banking firm that has a lot of experience in the investment advice sector is likely to offer its clients successful advice.

Among the best investment banking firms offering investment advice in the United Kingdom and the United States is Laidlaw & Company. This UK based firm has been in the investment banking sector for a good time. Their time in this sector is marked with a lot of accomplishments both regarding professionalism and customer service and satisfaction. Laidlaw offers investment banking services to institutions and individuals in the two countries. This firm also engages in wealth management services to its clients. Its investment banking services are inclusive of capital management and restructure. Laidlaw is famous for its fundraising model through equities transactions with institutional and high capital retail investors. Those investors seeking for success on their investments should seek the best investment advice from SEC Reigtered  Laidlaw & Company.