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Yeonmi Park Tells Harrowing Tale

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Yeonmi Park has done what few people can understand without having lived through her experience: she escaped North Korea and found her way to freedom. Yeonmi Park is one of the most popular defectors of the oppressive North Korea according to the New York Times and now she is steadily gaining ground as a human rights activist with a global reach. Park’s story is both captivating and harrowing and now it is captured on paper with the book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.”
Raised in destitute North Korea under the thumb of the North Korean regime, Park quickly learned that suffering was the norm. Park was taught by her parents to avoid giving any reason for the government to look closely at her. DailyMail Uk explains that this meant that she was raised believing that spies lived in every inch of the city, even among the flowers and the bugs. As a young girl Park would see neighbors and friends pulled from their home in order to be executed in the street. Starvation was the norm and suffering was expected. Somehow this was survivable until Park’s father was dragged off to a labor camp where he would die of cancer.

Park and her mother would end up fleeing North Korea with the aid of a human trafficker. However, their smuggler would turn on Park and her mother and soon the pair would be sold into human trafficking. For the next several years Park would struggle to survive, edging close to completely giving up, before finding an opportunity to escape. Now Park is using her journey, told through her book, to rally people around the fight against human trafficking and the oppressive North Korean regime. With her voice in the fray more people are learning just what citizens of North Korea have had to endure.


Madison Street Capital Is Under The Leadership Of Award Winning Professionals

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Madison Street Capital has been able push its way into a top position among investment banking firms, offering investment and boutique services for a relatively short period of time. Since the company was founded, it has be provided services to mostly businesses within the small and middle markets. The overall aim of Madison Street Capital is to help clients with their assets and help them achieve their best place within the market. This commitment has played a major role in the success of the company. Madison Street Capital focuses on delivering the highest quality services to its clients for market leadership.

Madison Capitals investment services include but are not limited to financial advisement, mergers and acquisitions, professional capital opinions and valuations services for businesses to both private and public companies as well as individuals. Their excellent services have led to many successes for their clients internationally. The needs of every clients are looked at by the tea mat Madison Street Capital in order to develop the perfect solutions for everyone’s needs. This model has been very successful for the company. The company has helped many clients raise assets for their businesses trough expert transactions and transfers among M&A funds.

Madison Street Capital is specific to finding the right staff for the company. Only those who are dedicated to the company’s goals and are highly qualified with a history of success or potential is acceptable. This ensures good work ethic and efficient management. This method for creating a highly professional firms has been paying off. The company’s Chief Operating Officer was awarded with the M&A Advisers Emerging Leaders Award recently. Anthony Marsala, CEO, won the award because of his vital position within Madison Street Capital and his excellent services. His overall accomplishments related to business as well as his expertise and experiences played a great role in earning him the award.

Anthony stated that he was extremely appreciative to the folks at Madison Capital as well as his colleagues for making it possible for him to achieve such an award. According to him, the investment banking industry is extremely competitive and it was due to the support of his allies and clients that he was able to win the award.

Bury Bad Articles with our Reputation Management Service

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Let’s be realistic, the internet is now the number one way that people find out information about individuals and businesses. This is especially true for high profile members within society. Any business or person with a name can be quickly found on the internet; if a person knows where and how to find out information about them.

Businesses that treat customers unfairly or who engage in unethical conduct can be found on the internet. People who get involved with questionable behavior or say things that are not good can also end up on the internet with bad information related to their name. The bottom line is that everyone must watch what they say and do because their negative comments or behavior will usually be placed online for everyone to see.

It is not the end of the world if this type of situation has happened to you or to your organization. However, if you want to maintain a good reputation you must correct this situation as soon as possible. The best way to go about repairing your online reputation is to hire a company like ours. Bury Bad Articles is the name of our organization and that is exactly what we do; bury bad search results.

Understand that the key to reputation management is not to pretend like things never happened. People are not that naive. Instead, we help you to minimize the impact of negative statements by focusing on the positive. Yes, everybody has something positive about them; even though it might be hard to find in some people or organizations.

The point is that our company will push up positive information related to your name or organization in search results. We do this by creating content that puts you into a positive light and eliminating links to sites that promote negative behavior. Our organization is here to help you to get your name back in good standing. A good name is truly important when you are dealing with the public and society in general.

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FreedomPop’s New Global Plan

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A recent article appeared on Venturebeat about FreedomPop’s new plan to attract even more of the global mobile market. Certainly, most people are familiar with FreedomPop. The mobile company is one of the first to offer free basic talk, data massages, and texting to their customers. The service is currently available in the United States and the UK. However, FreedomPop has plans to venture into another European market. Their new plans include adding Spain to their global domination. In fact, they plan to offer absolutely free WhatsApp use to customers in the Spain market.

Conquering the WhatsApp Market
The fact is that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging Apps in the world. Certainly, it has gained great popularity in America. This is due to the high number of people connected with Facebook that regularly depend on the WhatsApp messaging service daily. The App is also very popular in European countries like Spain. Statistics prove that more than half the mobile users in Spain regularly rely on the WhatsApp messaging service to send their messages. FreedomPop representatives are excited about offering absolutely free messaging service to the Spain market. The spokesperson for FreedomPop also relates that this new business model is assured success because of the free service.

More Free Attractions
It is likely that people in the European markets will be attracted to FreedomPop because it also offers free roaming in about 31 European countries for the customer. However, this service is only available in three markets currently. The three markets include the United States, Great Britain, and Spain. Still, FreedomPop has more plans for expansion in the future to more European markets. A representative states that the expansion might include a purely new business model or joining with other services that are already in the European market.

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Move continues to oust Maduro

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A growing economic crisis that includes shortages in electricity, food and other necessities, along with rising crime and out of control inflation, has many Venezuelans calling for the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro, according to a story in Reuters.
Monday the opposition party, the Democratic Unity Coalition, turned in 1.8 million signatures calling for a referendum to allow voters to decide whether to keep Maduro in office. That was well over the 200,000 required. Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez explained that a voter may have a recall vote after a president has served half his six-year term. Maduro was elected in 2013, and the opposition gained control of Congress a year later. Since then they have sought his ouster.

Falling oil prices, along with a drought, have wreaked havoc on the country. Maduro is committed to continuing the policies of the very popular Hugo Chavez, who instituted many socialistic policies. The recession caused by oil prices tumbling as given the opposition party extra fuel in their efforts to oust him from office.

Maduro has said on an interview that he will stay in office and accuses opponents of trying to pull off a political coup.

The election board must now certify the signatures and that will put in motion another petition drive where four million signatures will be needed to have a referendum. If the referendum vote is held in 2016, and Maduro loses, an election will be held. If the referendum is held in 2017 or later, the vice president will replace Maduro.

Yeonmi Park Sparks War of Words with Pyongyang

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If you were to follow in the footsteps of a young Yeonmi Park, a former North Korean citizen, then you would truly understand what it was like to ponder the very nature of the word ‘freedom’. Yeonmi Park is one of the most recent defectors from the oppressive North Korea and she is using her sizable following, thanks in large part to her incredible journey, to speak out. Now, according to, North Korea is beginning to use their own words to try and smear Yeonmi Park but it might be too late, there is no more containing the truth of Park’s horrific journey.

Yeonmi Park was born and raised in North Korea up until she was age 13. It was at that age that her father was dragged away to prison camp and her mother was forced to lead the pair on a harrowing journey on with the ultimate hope of finding freedom. This all comes later, of course, but first you must know a bit about what it is like to grow up in North Korea from a child who actually did it.

Park says that the notion of ‘freedom’ basically meant that you had enough food not he table not to starve on a nightly basis. She goes on to say that the extreme government on would be ready to turn on their own citizens for just the smallest of infraction, imprisoning or executing anyone who spoke ill of the government. It was with this constant state of paranoia and fear that Park was brought up in life but it was her never ending spirit of hope that kept her going.

Yeonmi Park’s harrowing journey from North Korea to China, where she was held as a human trafficking victim, would be enough to fuel any Hollywood film only — this is no made up story, this is real. Park spent years in captivity and she was abused all along the way. The young woman never gave up and now she stands tall and ready, a vocal activist against the sort of atrocities that Pyongyang stands up for and supports.

Andy Wirth Proposes New Gondola to Link Squaw Valley Ski Resort to Alpine Meadows

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Two of North Tahoe’s ski resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have long held a connection as two of the best skiing destinations in America. However, they were separated by various things including ownership, local cultures, physical geographical landscape of the area and distinct ski passes (you can also learn more about Andy Wirth: However, in 2011, Squaw Valley’s owners, called KSL Capital Partners, purchased the Alpine Meadows ski resort and everything changed. The two ski resorts were finally united through common ownership.
However, in order to access either of the mountains for skiing, one has to drive to each specific ski resort. This is the main reason why CEO Andy Wirth has plans to connect the resorts using a gondola. It would operate in three distinct parts. It would start from either of the resort valleys, go up to the ridge and then back down to the other side.

There has been speculation among local residents and skiers about potential plans to link the two ski resorts. Many skiers welcome the move as it will make skiing expeditions easy and fun. The plans were only made public after an agreement was reached between Andy Wirth and Troy Caldwell. Cardwell owns the large tract of lands between the two popular ski areas. Squaw Valley currently plans to present its plans to build a gondola to Placer County and U.S. Forest Service.

Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ Chief Operating Officer. He has worked tirelessly for many years to make the popular ski area a top destination for tourists globally. He is also an avid contributor of numerous environmental and community based service organizations that are located around Lake Tahoe area. He aims to improve the area for all residents irrespective of their age or social class. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Born in 1963, Wirth was educated at both Edinburgh University and Colorado State University. He is a 25-year-old market veteran in the hotel and mountain resort industries. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

He is also a dedicated philanthropist with a special interest in helping wounded army veterans and raising funds for the effective Navy SEAL Foundation. These organizations help wounded war veterans to piece back their lives after they return back home.

Op-ed originally published through Powder Magazine:

Talk Fusion Celebrates Success And Anticipates Growth With New Free Trial

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Talk Fusion has only recently officially launched, but the company is already celebrating success internationally. According to AppBrain, Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia and ranks 5th in Japan. It’s easy to understand why, video chat is easy and simple to use and the app is compatible with any device.
Talk Fusion is enjoying their success but already looking to the future as they gear up for their free 30 day trial that will be launching. In the past 90 days the company has moved up 30,000 positions in web ranking, so it’s no surprise that the free trial is highly anticipated and should bring in even more customers.
With just one of Talk Fusion’s products soaring on the market, it’s exciting to see the updates that are coming with the free trial. All their programs have been enhanced and there is a lot of buzz internally at the company. The free trial will be available for all the company’s products, meaning the possibilities are endless.
Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing solutions. Along with their video chat option, the company also provides video email, video newsletters, sign-up forms, and live meetings. All their options come with pre-made templates making it easy for customers to create videos and include them in marketing videos to send to potential customers. With shortened attention spans, it’s been proven that people are more likely to watch a video that read a simple text message, and Talk Fusion is using that knowledge to create a tool that not only helps keep people connected, but can grow businesses.