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About Wengie

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Wengie starts the video by explaining that she is going to try to draw her life on the whiteboard. She begins by telling her birthday of January 9th, 1986. She draws herself as a baby, and says that she was told she was impossible to feed, and would take a spoonful of rice and suck on it for hours. She then draws her parents as she is saying that they were worried she would be malnourished. Her parents left for Australia, and she was raised by a nanny until she was four. When she went to Australia, she hadn’t seen her parents for a while, so she didn’t remember who they were, and she was scared of them, but her grandfather was there to help her get comfortable with them. She says that her parents were poor, and she had many DIY toys. She learns that she’s a introvert, and through high school tries to break out of her shell. The internet came out while she was in high school, and she would chat, and ended up making her own website. Her mother became pregnant with a little boy while Wengie was still in high school, so she was happy to be getting a little brother. She goes on to say that she always thought she would be a designer, and she ended up getting a scholarship. She developed a very strong work ethic and moved out at 24. She ended up becoming a social media consultant, and that quickly grew. She had to be available 24 hours a day, and eventually started her own blog. On February 11, 2013 she officially launched her blog on YouTube. She says she had no social life, and ended up on national TV as a hoarder and had to have people come in and clean out her place. she lost an important relationship but learned from it, and is now engaged to a man named Max, and has become very successful.

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Anthony Petrello is Turning Nabors Industries into a Powerful Global Company

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Anthony Petrello obtained his LLB from Harvard University. He also has a degree and master’s degree in mathematics, which he acquired from the well-known University of Yale. Over the years, he has worked for law firms, companies and served on boards of various companies.

Anthony Petrello’s Contributions to the Growth of Nabors Industries LTD

Petrello is the current chief executive of Nabors Industries LTD, a company that operates the world’s largest land-based rig fleet. Anthony Petrello’s role at the company is to provide strategic direction and strategies for fostering the company’s success. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the chief operating officer. He worked his way up and by 1992, he was the president of the company.

In 2011, Anthony Petrello was named the CEO of Nabors Industries. In 2012, Petrello was appointed as the chairperson of the company’s board. For over two decades, he has assisted the company in meeting its objectives, including the provision of innovative technologies, drilling services, and issuance of performance tools in oil rigs.

Tony Petrello has held various executive positions in different companies. He commenced his career at the renowned Baker & McKenzie where he assisted clients in matters such as taxation and corporate law.

In 1986, he ascended to the managing partner of the law firm, a position he held for six years. He also worked as the director at Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. Additionally, Petrello served as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company.

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Anthony Petrello’s Philanthropic Acts

Since Petrello joined Nabors Industries, he has overseen the organization of many charity events and community outreach programs. Recently, he orchestrated a bicycle race to raise funds for supporting multiple sclerosis’ researches. Petrello established a foundation to assist victims of natural and civil disasters. Additionally, he also mentors his employees and funds youth sports programs.

Anthony Petrello helps in running activities of Texas Children Hospital, Inc., a hospital that specializes in treating children with various forms of illnesses. The idea of helping children came about when his daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of five. In his quest to seek treatment for his child, he realized that only a few hospitals offered the treatment required.


Makari de Suisse: Leader in Skin Lightening Creams

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Makari de Suisse is a European cosmetic company and leader in skin lightening creams specializing in skincare and hair care products. Beautiful in Swahili, an ethnic group in the African Great Lakes region, expresses beautiful as Makari. In other words, Maari means beautiful in the Swahili culture. The European company, Makari de Suisse, manufactures their extraordinary skin products in Switzerland with a mission to help diverse individuals have beautiful, radiant skin.

Makari de Suisse skin care is superb! My skin is radiant and flawless. The products smell great and leave your skin baby soft. I highly recommend it!” say Marie Ward.

Makari de Suisse products are formulated with all natural ingredients like Argan Oil (plant oil) found in Mediterranean Argan Trees, Carrot Oil for ailing dry skin, scalp and hair, and Caviar to eliminate fine lines due of aging. The formula of caviar and natural plant extracts helps with hydration and nourishment for skin of all types, and reduces not only dark spots, but also stretch and acne marks. Makarie de Suisse products actually helps each individual have a perfect skin tone.

“Makari is all about taking the natural approach to skincare with gentle yet effective products that nourish the skin to provide you with a natural glow,” says Makari de Suisse’s spokesperson, Ezra Aini, to This Day Live, October 22, 2016.

Makari de Suisse is not just a leader in skin lightening creams, but a leader in cosmetics and exfoliating soap with topical antidotes and perfumes that helps restore healthy tissues.



The Functions Of Investment Banks In The Economy

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Investment banks are a major player in the economy. They help facilitate the movement of capital or money to businesses and people that need them the most. Investment banks loan out money to people to start businesses or to businesses that are looking to expand operations. For example, an investment bank can give out special loans for a company to purchase additional warehouse space, office space or manufacturing space. This in turn can stimulate the economy, by creating jobs, products and new wealth for an area. The investment bank, is a key player here.

Another way that investment banks help businesses raise capital is by helping them issue company stock and offering it for sale publicly on the stock market or privately to a limited group of investors. Investment bankers are considered experts at appraising the value of company stock and can set the price of company stock that they are offering for sale. Investment banks will also themselves buy company stock and later trade it in order to make a profit. This activity helps businesses raise money they need to hire new workers, expand a facility or launch a new product. Again, the investment bank can be seen as a facilitator and mover of capital from one player of the economy to the other.

The investment banker doesn’t just lend out money, issue stocks, buy stocks and sell stocks. They also offer financial consultation services such as helping companies go through mergers and acquisitions. They often act as middlemen or arbitrators between both parties. Their goal here is to ensure that a fair deal is done for their party and the best possible deal for their clients are reached. An investment bank can also help restructure a company to make it more productive. These are just some examples of the financial consultation services that they do.

Martin Lustgarten is an international investment banker that currently resides in Florida. He is originally from Austria, but has spent the bulk of his career in the South American nation of Venezuela. Martin has lived in Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish in addition to German and English.

Mr. Lustgarten is the founder of boutique investment banking firm called Lustgarten Martin. It deals almost exclusively with investment in Latin America and provides investors an opportunity to invest in South America’s hottest trends. Martin Lustgarten is married and a father with several kids. His hobbies include collecting items such as luxury watches and spending time with his family.