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ClassDojo Intends to Use $21 Million Generated through its Series B Financing to Optimize Parent-teacher Collaboration

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ClassDojo closed its $21 million Series B financing in late 2015. The co-founders of the startup, Don and Chaudhary, have stated that they are using the funds to improve the capacity of their workforce. They are also planning to develop and introduce new content and features to enhance the participation of parents. The new additions will enable parents to initiate and guide conversations while at home. They will also familiarize themselves with the progress their children are making in academics and co-curricular matters.  Related link at


The General Catalyst-led Series B funding received support from new investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital. General Catalyst praised the co-founders of ClassDojo for the strides they had made since launching the startup. He said that ClassDojo had successfully grown from a tool that promotes good behavioral traits among students to a platform for boosting collaboration among all the key stakeholders in schools. General Catalyst equates user growth of ClassDojo to popular messaging and social network platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. However, ClassDojo’s purpose is to boost education.  Read more on


Since 2011, ClassDojo has excelled in fostering an improved learning environment for students. Teachers use the classroom communication application to notify students’ parents on events that are occurring during the school day by sending them real-time pictures, clips, and messages. ClassDojo has gained the confidence of millions of students, educators, and parents in many K-8 schools across the globe. The education-tech firm leverages its team of professionals, such as teachers, app designers, and engineer, to actualize new ideas and improve the user experience.


Starting a Company

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Many people today have the dream of starting a business. If you want to start investing in this dream, you need to make sure you have a plan to make a profit as soon as possible. A lot of people in business end up hurting themselves financially because they try and grow too quickly. Not only is this a bad idea, but it is something that can end up hurting you financially for many years to come. Taking on a business loan can be a good idea, but you need to make sure you understand the ways in which you are going to make money as well. Over time, many people have learned from business owners like Eric Lefkofsky. He has done a great job of helping others through their journey in life. Not only that, but he understands the impact that technology is having on the market overall.

Eric Lefkofsky

When he first started in business, Eric Lefkofsky was always concerned about the impact that technology was going to have on his business. If you are ready to start investing for the future in your business, make sure to work with a mentor like Eric Lefkofsky. They can walk you through the things that you need to look out for in order to have success. Many people today struggle because they do not plan out the future. With any business idea, there is some risk that you need to take on. Otherwise, everyone would go out and start a business. With that being said, Eric Lefkofsky is a person who has a track record of starting a business and building it with success over time and more information click here.

Financial Planning

Planning out the finances of starting a business is never easy. However, you can start to see the different ways to have success in this area as you bring in customers. Marketing is an important part of this process, but you also have to provide a quality good or service that customers will love. Over time, this small change can have a huge impact on the amount of work that you can do in your industry. If you are ready to go out and start a business, make sure to do your research first and stay flexible with whatever you are doing. A lot of people today get too inflexible with their business practice and they end up hurting themselves over the long term.

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People with thin hair often struggle to find hair products that do not weigh their hair down making the hair even thinner and sparser. Most hair products promise to give the hair a voluminous and shiny feel after use, but they simply do not live up to the expectation. WEN by Chaz Dean is certainly an exception.

Unlike other regular cleansing conditioners, WEN by Chaz Dean combines the benefits of a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one. This means that when using the product, not only does your hair get cleansed; it also gets nourished by the conditioning and treatment elements in the product.

A day-by-day testimonial of the product was reported in Bustle.The article can be found by following this link: Here, Emily McClure not only documents her initial thoughts on the product, but also, the noticeable effects on her hair after using the product. She gives a vivid description of her hair type and texture which is backed up by photos for ease of reference. She describes her wonderful experience of using Wen Hair by Chaz Dean, stating, amongst others, her satisfaction by the lightness of the product, the ease of use, the ease of styling after the use of the product, and most importantly, that after continuous use, the change in her hair was noticeable. Through the photographic evidence of her hair, it is evident that the praise on the product it not just a bluff. The luscious, lustrous, voluminous, shiny and healthy hair as depicted on Day 7 is hard to miss, and it is all thanks to the consistent use of WEN by Chaz Dean.

Therefore, for those people with fine hair who are worried about washing and styling their hair every morning, worry no more. WEN by Chaz Dean is the product for you.

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Adam Milstein’s Work To Advance Israeli-American Pride

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Adam Milstein is understandably proud of the record-breaking turnout at the 2016 Israeli-American Council’s Third Annual National Conference in Washington, D.C. As co-founder and chair of the board of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Milstein is proud to see people embracing their Israeli-American identity. In an article he wrote for the Huffington Post, Milstein said that before the IAC, people did not use the term Israeli-American, however, now people are proud to embrace their love of America while feeling connected to the Jewish homeland at the same time.

A real estate investor and managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein is carrying on a family tradition; his father, Hillel Milshtein, was a real estate developer in Israel. Adam joined his father in his real estate development company, married, and then in 1981, Milstein and his family emigrated from Israel to the United States, where he earned an MBA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Milstein engages in a variety of philanthropic activities, many of which focus on bolstering the United States’ relationship with Israel. Adam Milstein practices what he calls active philanthropy, which means he does not only donate money to causes he supports, Milstein also donates his time and expertise.

Commenting on a recent article, Milstein says that his targeted philanthropic donations to Israeli-Americans helps advance pro-Israel values.In addition to his career and philanthropic endeavors, Milstein sits on the board of StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network the Israel on Campus Coalition and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.



Reviewing The Corporate Life And Achievements Of Tony Petrello

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Tony Petrello has been serving as the President and CEO of Nabors since 1991 and under his leadership, the company has advanced and become a premier provider of drilling services in the U.S. and over 20 countries globally.

He is a highly experienced professional whose career of more than 30 years has seen him rise through ranks and work in several executive positions.

When he joined Nabors in 1991, he was during the same years elected to become part of the Board of Directors and join the Executive Committee. He later rose to become the CEO and President of the company, a position he held until 2011 before he picked up again when the company could not find such talent as he brought into the leadership.


The roles of Tony Petrello have included among others offering strategic planning and laying out developmental plans that have steered the company to become one of the best land-based drilling fleet company in the U.S. Nabors has grown tremendously under the leadership of Tony Petrello since when he joined their reach was only within the borders of the country. Today, it has spread to other countries and they run subsidiaries that deal in the manufacture and distribution of drilling equipment, top drives and wrenches among other items. The success the company enjoys is as a result of good leadership and prudent decision making, which was led by Anthony Petrello.

One of the reasons the company grew rapidly under Tony Petrello is because he understands the benefits of embracing team work. He has built an environment that allows different departments to work together to solve even the most complex problems and this has been a major boost to the performance of the company.

Tony Petrello has also encouraged partnerships with customers to add value and exceed their expectations, something that has always helped to push the company to perform better despite challenges in the industry. His goal is to push the company further to grow and serve over 100 countries across the world. Tony Petrello maintains his ideas and spirit, so the growth of the company is expected to take place as long as he keeps hold of the mantle.

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