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Thor Havlorssen’s Struggle for a Humane Society

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There are many people who state that they have a lot of interest in humane cause. However, not many are able to walk their talk the way activists like Thor Havlorssen has. Thor is a Venezuelan by birth, but like he states, he is a child of many nations. He believes that all humans should be treated with the same level of dignity. His journey to becoming the activist that he is today started with a past that has really defined him.

Thor’s Father took part in an investigation of the Medelin Castle when claims of possible money laundering emerged. He was arrested, beaten and almost murdered in the process. This was a time when Thor was a freshman at the University. He realized that he had to do something and championed the release of his father. The Amnesty International group really helped him in his quest to get his father acquitted. His father was finally released but a human rights champion had been born and what Thor knows.

Then, came the incident when his mother was shot while taking part in a peaceful protest. What did not auger well with Thor was the fact that the men that had shot and wounded his mother had at first been left free and then when they were finally prosecuted and sentenced to three years in prison, they were released after serving six months.
He himself has courted controversy on several occasions. For instance, he led a campaign in 1999 whose aim was to appeal to the relevant shareholders to assist in the creation of an anti-slave labor policy, especially by Lucent.

Lucent was supposed to force China to ensure that the products they were selling were not produced through slave labor. Other initiatives that he has been part of include the FIRE movement, which stands for foundation of individual rights in education. He has his own movement that is known as the Human Rights Foundation. This has its head quarters in New York City and is one of the most influential international bodies championing for liberty and equality among people of all walks of life. Thor is a true leader in the field of human rights advocacy and more information click here.

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Karl Heideck: A Name You Can Trust With Your Litigation Needs

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The title “litigator” defines an individual who moves a lawsuit through a court (or judicial) process. Applied to an attorney, it recommends a licensed attorney who helps his clients in organizing and trying the proceedings they are caught in.

The term must be assumed as applying to a lawyer who helps his clients in presenting their argument to an arbitrator.

Litigator usually represents defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases and manages different phases of a litigation process: Investigation, discovery, pleadings, pre-trial, trial, appeal, settlement and much more.

Litigation is basically a career in law that comprises the representation of offenders and accusers in civil cases. This is quite a tricky branch so very few dare to join it. Litigator’s workdays depends on if they are solitary practitioners, at a big company, or at a small organization. For litigators at bigger companies, they possess diverse duties depending on their experience, skills and seniority.


When a litigator is about to start his career as litigator, He or she will write memos and perform much research. Oh the other hand, litigators who operate individually or at small companies will have a mixture of research/office in addition to an actual provisional experience.

Karl Heideck is a renowned litigator in Philadelphia area. Due to his education, experience and competence he has been a trustworthy lawyer in litigation, compliance, and risk management area for many years now. Karl Heideck review discovery materials for complex securities fraud and banking litigation. He also focuses on numerous issues relating to liquidity and acquisitions.

Also, Karl Heideck worked as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP between October 2010 and April 2014. Karl Heideck is a top level, quality control and detail oriented specialist. Before Pepper Hamilton, he worked for Conrad O’Brien as an associate where he represented corporate and individual clients in complex and commercial litigation.

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The “Do Good Initiative” Shows The Dedication Of Bruce Levenson To Non Profit Leadership

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The founder of the UCG brand, Bruce Levenson, has been a major supporter of the growing trend for not for profit leadership education after he identified a gap in the training the majority of philanthropy leaders that damages the efforts of many community based groups. The “Do Good Initiative” began life in 2010, with a single class offered, the aim of the program at The University of Maryland is to change the culture of the campus and bring about a change in how future community leaders are educated. Read more about the Do Good Institute on PR Newswire.

In 2017, students at the University of Maryland can now major in not for profit leadership and philanthropic management; the college and local community also benefits from a regular $10,000 in funding students must decide how to donate on a regular basis. In a bid to expand the reach of the organization Bruce Levenson has been looking for new and innovative ways of influencing the work being completed by students at the school, with the former NBA Governor stating his hope that other schools will develop similar programs based on the success already seen in and around the state of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson initially trained as a journalist and was working as a writer when he made the decision to work alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz to create an oil industry newsletter that would form the basis of the United Communications Group. The success achieved by Levenson also allowed him the chance to become the public face of a consortium that purchased the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in 2004.

During his time as the leader of the Hawks organization Bruce Levenson was an important figure in bringing the NBA towards community work, including the patronage of the U.S. Holocaust Museum undertaken by the Hawks soon after Bruce Levenson aided in the development of the Washington D.C. based project. Read More:


Accomplishments of the Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Mark Sparks

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Hurdles and obstacles often define the path to success. These tests serve to strengthen your willpower. The challenges bolster your understanding of how things are supposed to work in that particular industry or field. Emulating the formulas of folks who already crossed the success divide isn’t a sign of weakness. There’s no need for you or your venture to make the same sets of mistakes which crumbled the businesses and careers of your predecessors. The accomplished venture capitalist, Marc Sparks has done an extraordinary deed by penning his advice to aspiring success stories in his Amazon top-selling book, “They Can’t Eat You.”


Recipe for Disaster


They Can’t Eat You‘, is a motivational book which takes the reader through the life and times of the self-made investor. Business owners are highly encouraged to order the book and learn some of the rare tips which have turned the Sparks into the renowned financial consultant he is today. If there is one thing, Sparks knows how to do it is diversification. Putting all your investments in a particular niche and realm is a sure recipe for disaster according to Mr. Mark Sparks.


Mark Sparks Lives the American Dream


Marks is a businessperson, published author and motivational speaker. He’s based in Texas, Dallas where he lives with the family. The serial entrepreneur runs and helps manage close to a dozen elite companies in the US, today. These include Tim Creek Capital which he heads. Other firms he’s influenced are Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and the telecom company, Blue Jay Wireless.


C Student


Mark wasn’t always a shining star. No, starting out he struggled hard with his studies only succeeding in attaining a C plain grade in high school. Those days, if one failed to proceed to the University, then they were automatically written off from the list of potentially successful individuals in the years to come. But, he upset the norms and went ahead to defy all odds to become a multi-millionaire.


Humble and Down To Earth


Despite his rock-star-like accomplishment, the man has not lost touch with his humanity. Since the early nineties, Mark’s been actively involved with various charitable causes in his community. For instance, he is a regular volunteer to feed the homeless at the Samaritan Inn in Dallas. His kindness led him to construct housing units for homeless folks in a project funded partially by Habitat for Humanity. Mark often gets called to high schools to talk to the students and give them a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.


In a recent article published by, Mark Sparks explains how productivity gets boosted when you set up a conducive working environment. He adds that a person working on 5th Avenue in Manhattan is more inspired and motivated in his lavish-looking office portioned by clear glass. That is in contrast with an employee cooped up somewhere in a basement with poor lighting. To that effect, Mark decided to refurbish his offices at Timber Creek Capital, LP,




Benefiting from Beneful

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Purina, an American based pet food company, has been serving families and their pets for over 100 years. In 2001, Purina introduced Beneful Incredibites. BenefulIncredibites is a dry dog food enhanced with different flavors and textures to help keep pets happy and healthy. One good quality of BenefulIncredibites is that dogs of any breed can consume it. Whether a terrier or a pit bull, any dog can enjoy the benefits of this richly flavored dog food.

BenefulIncredibites are best consumed by growing puppies as it contains many nutrients that growing dogs need. Inside BenefulIncredibites, your pup will be surprised with a real beef or chicken recipe accented with vegetables like carrots and peas for added nutrition. Other ingredients found in this delicious dog treat include whole grain corn, barley, chicken, corn gluten meal, whole grain wheat, rice, soybean meal, egg, oat meal, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 and many other Vitamins. Dogs love Beneful because it is simply an explosion of taste for their curious taste buds. For those of you who have trouble getting your dogs to eat their dinner, serving up a delicious bowl of BenefulIncredibites might do the trick.

Because of the variety of flavors and textures, it will not only make it fun for the dog to eat, but it will also give them the vital nutrients they need as young puppy. Incredibites can be purchased for as low as $4 a bag not to mention the endless coupons that are available online or in stores where Incredibites are sold. Most dogs enjoy the beef flavored Incredibites as it gives them a natural beef taste and is full of endless flavor. If you are worried about over feeding your dog then worry no more. Incredibites contain just 366 calories per cup. If you are even considering purchasing BenefulIncredibites, I’d say go for it. You won’t be disappointed and your dog will thank you.


Securus Technologies Wins the Prestigious Gold Stevie® Award

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A leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions of different types, Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has a primary emphasis on developing and implementing technology solutions that achieve a number of important objectives. These include public safety, criminal investigation, corrections, and offender monitoring.


Securus Technologies announced that it was awarded a prestigious Gold Stevie® Award in 2017. Securus Technologies won the designated in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. This is the 11th year the awards have been given to companies like Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is gratified with obtaining this significant distinction. Many businesses across the globe consider this to be a major honor.


The 2017 awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. in Las Vegas. Well over 600 executives from companies based around the world were in attendance for the ceremony.


Securus Technologies was one of 2,300 nominations submitted in 2017. 77 judges vetted the nominees.


One of the significant considerations of the judges is an analysis of the impact a nominee like Securus Technologies makes on the community. One of the prime objectives of Securus Technologies in regard to its services and products is enhancing community safety.


In considering a nomination, the judges also focus on issues relating to customer service. This is an area in which Securus Technologies scores well.


When it comes to customer service, the judges looked at a variety of factors, including how a company like Securus Technologies resolved problematic situations. The judges also consider whether a company demonstrates an overall improvement in customer service from one year to the next.


Securus Technologies provides comprehensive services, products and solutions to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. These are agencies located across North America. The company serves various needs of over 1.2 million inmates located in facilities in North America.