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Rally Driver And Businessman Rodrigo Terpins

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Brazilian executive Rodrigo Terpins is one of his country’s most skilled and celebrated speed racing drivers in the annual off-road event known as the Sertoes Rally. Along with his brother, Michel, and their 2 other racing partners, he formed a team called the Bull Sertoes, which is considered to be one of the best in the competition. Having completed 5 of these popular rallies, Rodrigo Terpins and his team has finished with high rankings in each of the races, and they have won a number of first place awards.


The Terpins name is a very familiar one in Brazil when it comes to sports figures, due to the fact that some of the members have been involved with athletics for a long time. Jack Terpins, the father of Rodrigo and Michel, was once a famous basketball player back in the 1960s and 1970s, but is now a real estate investor. Like his father, Rodrigo Terpins is also a businessman who has held top positions at companies like Lojas Marisa, a clothing store for women. He is a graduate of Saint Hilaire College, where he was trained in Business Management.


The successful Sao Paulo-born rally driver started developing a deep passion for the sport of speed racing at a young age. He and his brother had a big interest in learning about cars and how they functioned, and they eventually gained the type of skills in the area of mechanics that helped them have enough experience to repair and maintain many types of vehicles. After training for a while, the brothers began participating in the Sertoes Rally in different categories. Rodrigo was in the MEM Motorsport sponsored Mitsubishi Cup Championship in 2011, and MIchel competed in the event’s motorcycle challenge in 2002. Check out to see more.



Rodrigo Terpins, who is currently the Senior Director of a company called T5 Participacoes, feels that in order to be an award-winning rally driver, a person has to have patience, discipline, perseverance and talent. The much-decorated Sertoes Rally contestant has a large and enthusiastic fan base that likes to connect with him on the many social media platforms he uses. Visit his Facebook page. You can search on Google to see more details.


GoBuyside has Competitive Advantage with Upcoming GDPR

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The increased importance for personal data protection helped lead to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented to both European Union member state and non-European entities. May 25, 2018 marks the compliance completion date in regards to updates and improvements required to companies’ personal data protection processes. The changes will now include non-European entities that offer goods and services to those in Euro Zone. The new legislation will encompass all investment type firms and fund management type companies on aspects of all clients’, officers’, and other employees’ personal data.

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, specializes in the financial sector as a global recruitment platform for “private equity firms, hedge funds, alternative investment managers, advisory platforms, and Fortune 500 companies around the world to meet their staffing needs.” GoBuyside’s financial expert emphasized the importance of personal data flow arrangements between entities to ensure fundamental rights and freedoms of the person as stated within GDPR. All necessary paperwork will need to be in order for any data notifications, agreements, transfers or arrangements. Another important factor among the GDPR legislation is creating transparency and accountability as a fundamental building block for companies, as both controllers and processors of information will be held to the same compliance expectations. The GoBuyside process of obtaining and screening applicants has given them a competitive advantage with their use of breakthrough technology and their meticulous approach.
Even with investment firm performances down 1-9%, larger private equity firms are calculating an increase in average bonuses for 2018 by using the performance metric system. Overall satisfaction reflects low for workers as compensation is unsatisfactory. Yet on the other hand, the situation creates a high demand for quality investment talent which is GoBuyside’s specialty. GoBuyside encompasses a broad range of geographies and directives while holding a deep connection within the markets they serve. Team members of GoBuyside hold professional backgrounds and educational credentials that sets their accomplishments and skills apart from the rest. Worldwide as of today, GoBuyside’s talent expands within 16 countries and 52 cities with a talent network of 100,000 plus. As a global recruitment leader in investment talents, new regulations will be easily handled within the GoBuyside’s team.


Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation for Anti-Aging

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Jason Hope has been interested in technology and the internet of things for a decade. Ever since mobile technologies became such a pronounced piece of our lives, Hope has been working to research and discover new trends in technologies and innovations. He has now earned recognition and renown for his work in technologies, as well as advising companies and investors which new trends will be the most profitable. He has an uncanny ability to discover and report on these new trends in technology before anyone else, and he has become an asset to the world because of it. Now that he has effectively conquered the business world, Jason Hope has turned his sights to philanthropy.

Needless to say, his interest in new and emerging technologies followed Hope into the non-profit sphere. He has donated millions to several organizations that are sponsoring scientific and technology-related research. One of his most interesting donations was to the SENS Foundation. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to SENS, and he has donated over $1 million to the organization since.

The SENS Foundation was created to find a cure for aging. They were not just working on some magic elixir or miracle cream, however. SENS was using actual scientists to try to find a way to incorporate new technologies and innovate on old ideas to stomp out aging at its source. They wanted to find these “aging cells” that are causing tissue degeneration in humans every day and stop them from damaging our bodies. They have also poured countless hours of funds and research into stopping diseases like Alzheimer’s that only make this degeneration that much more rapid.

With Hope’s donation, the SENS Foundation has made some amazing strides in the field. They have been working on AGE-breaking technologies to target and stop AGE cells (advanced glycation end-products). These AGE cells are always moving around our bodies and causing normal wear and tear. Diseases will increase the destruction these cells cause, and by finding them and destroying them, we can effectively stop the aging process, within reason. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Hope was attracted to the SENS Foundation because of their ability to innovate and find new solutions to the archaic problem of aging. He also wanted to help this foundation because their ability to innovate would help to save millions of lives and make life more comfortable for everyone in old age. Because of people like Jason Hope, there is truly a bright and healthy future for all of us. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Middle Ages Siege Weapon – The Trabuco

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The trabuco was a weapon used in the later part of the Middle Ages (circa 5th to 15th centuries A.D.) used to demolish fortress walls or to send flying projectiles over them. This instrument of war was able to effectively transform gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. It is also known as the counterweight blunderbuss.

The trabuco was capable of hurling projectiles weighing 300 pounds up to 875 yards and was fairly accurate according to The physics behind the trabuco is one of counteracting proportion. Employing a counterweight of different measures would determine the velocity and range of the weapon. The larger the counterweight used, the faster and further would the projectile be hurled. Some historical reports on indicate that disease infected bodies were used as projectiles as an early form of biological warfare employed in the Middle Ages.

The exact history of the invention of the trabuco is somewhat sketchy. The invention actually derives from the more simple technology of the sling. An evolution of the concept of the sling employed a small piece of wood to provide a better lever and extend the range of the weapon. This evolution continued thanks to the Chinese, but the first reports of a counterweight blunderbuss do not appear in the Chinese historical records until 1268. It is surmised that it may have been developed in the Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115 – 1234 A.D.) according to

The counterweight blunderbuss, or trabuco, appears in the historical record in Europe during the Byzantine Empire. During an attack on Lisbon in 1147, it was recorded that two trabucos had the capability to launch a projectile every fifteen seconds. Richard the Lionheart employed two trabucos in the attack on Acre in 1191. He named the two trabucos “God’s Own Catapult” and “Bad Neighbor.”

As it turns out, the eventual end of use of the trabuco as a primary weapon in warfare takes us back to China and the invention of gunpowder. The earliest historical record containing the formula for gunpowder is from the Song dynasty (11th century A.D.). The weapon of choice in warfare for attack and siege became the canon.

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Anthony “Tony” Petrello Knows the Secret to Success

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Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with Nabors Industries and was once the highest paid CEO in the United States. Nabors Industries is a leading natural gas and oil drilling company. The level of success that Petrello has achieved inspires envy and admiration from colleagues, friends and aquaintences.

Mr. Petrello is a tremendously successful business strategist and manager who treat everyone he encounters with a great deal of respect. His success is, in part, due to the way he treats others. The manner in which he conducts himself has enabled him to create jobs for thousands and help Americans work to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Anthony Petrello is the product of a working class neighborhood of New Jersey. It is within his neighborhood that Petrello learned the value of hard work, honesty and integrity. He also learned success means working hard and not taking shortcuts. As a result of his hard work at a young age, Petrello earned a full ride to Yale University where he studies mathematics. Petrello had the opportunity to work with Serge Land, a renowned mathematical theorist and work complex proofs and theorems that most students could not comprehend.

At some point, Petrello decided to switch gears and decided to pursue law rather than mathematics. He attended Harvard Law School earning a law degree. After his schooling was complete, he pursued a variety of employment opportunities before landing at Nabors Industries. He made his way up the ladder at Nabors, becoming CEO.

As a result of his upbringing and success, Petrello and his wife donate financially to charitable organizations each year. It is important for Petrello to give back some of the goodness he received to the communities that provided him with a better way of life. He wants others to be as successful as he has been and build a better life whenever possible.

Petrello is very aware that is important for his salary cannot be at the cost of the workers at Nabors. As such, his salary is based on 80% of the company revenue. If revenue falls, so does Petrello’s salary. Under his leadership, many jobs have been and continue to be created in the industry, as well as at Nabors.

Before joining Nabors Industries, Petrello spent time practicing law. He was with Baker & McKenzie and focused on general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He was the managing partner of the law firm until he resigned in 1991. Petrello’s earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and Master of Science (MS) degree in Mathematics from Yale University and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in law from Harvard Law School.

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TMS Health Solutions Providing Therapy for Mental Health

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TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes who decided to form a productive practice that would provide innovative mental health care and educate others on effective patient treatment methods.


TMS Health Solutions is known as the top treatment provider in northern California of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is a highly recommend treatment for patients who are struggling with treatment-resistant depression (TRD).


TMS Specialty Treatments

Mental health care therapies and procedures vary based on the patient’s need. Listed below are some of the areas in which TMS Health Solutions specializes.

  • Psychiatry
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Mental Health


TMS Patients with Clinical Depression

The majority of TMS Health Solutions’ patients struggle with clinical depression, also known as a major depressive disorder, which is a mood disorder that causes one to feel their life is worthless and gives them unexplainable anxiety attacks.


Patients that are treated at TMS Health Solutions have often not responded to traditional treatments of medication and therapy.


TMS Health Solutions provides a drug-free therapy treatment that is performed at the physician’s office in one of TMS Health Solutions’ outpatient facilities. TMS therapy works by stimulating the front part of the patient’s brain. TMS has little to no side effects allowing patients to go on about their day after receiving treatment.


TMS Health Education

Depression is a serious illness and millions of people across the United States struggle with. TMS Health Solutions provides educational courses for those who want to learn more about transcranial magnetic stimulation. You can visit TMS Health Solutions website for class registration details.


Physicians and Mental Health Treatments

It is important that physicians who treat mental health patients fully understand the entire concept of treatment-resistant depression. Physicians should not use TMS as the primary way of solving their patient’s mental illness, but rather only send their patients to TMS Health after other solutions have not worked.


TMS Health Solutions provide highly trained professionals in this field and can provide the services of one’s medical needs. If one resides in the Sacramento, CA area there is a convenient TMS Health Solutions Facility in the area that can provide answers to questions of concerns and possible solutions for one’s mental health care needs.


TMS Health Solutions Sacramento Location

Campus Commons

350 University Ave Suite #101

Sacramento, CA 95825

TMS Thearpy Sacramento

(844) 867-8444

George Soros Makes Huge Impact With Charitable Efforts.

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The Open Society Foundations is one of the most prolific charities to ever exist. Founded in the ’70s by George Soros, a noted billionaire hedge fund manager, the OSF has gone on to spread finances to grassroots foundations throughout the worlds. Over the years, the Open Society Foundations has helped to bring humanitarian aid to just about every country on the planet. Now, George Soros is doubling down in his efforts to help the OSF bloom. It was recently reported that George Soros had shifted the vast amount of his wealth to the foundation, donating over $18 billion in the last two years. Why is George Soros moving so much of his money to charity? What will the Open Society Foundations manage to do with these huge contributions? Let’s dig in.

The decision to shift $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations was one that George Soros likely had no problem making. Soros has spent his entire life, and his career, focusing on expanding on works of Karl Popper. Popper wrote about the Open Society and how important it was for people to connect on a human level. The OSF was made with Popper’s words in mind and Soros never shied away from that mission statement. In fact, Soros says of his decision to donate his wealth to charity, “In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

Unfortunately, no great story gets through the media cycle without being thoroughly brutalized by partisanship. Right wing media giants were quick to take aim at Soros’ philanthropy, as they so often do, but this time even their hyperbole was hard to reconcile. Some called Soros’ decision to donate akin to the decision to craft his own liberal ‘Death Star’ while others figured it was just another effort on Soros’ part to craft a way to undermine the burgeoning Trump administration. Unfortunately, this kind of philanthropic demonization has become more and more rampant in recent years. Progressives are routinely lambasted by their conservative counterparts over every action, even donating untold fortune to help those less fortunate.

George Soros is a progressive icon and he has become more and more important in recent years, and not just for his philanthropy. Soros has risen up as one of the solitary figures to lead the charge against President Donald Trump’s inflammatory and dangerous regime. Soros has, in many ways, always been one of the first voices into the fray. Soros came to popularity in the early ’00s as a progressive icon thanks to his efforts in combatting George W. Bush and the march to war in Iraq.

Still, with partisanship mentioned, we can move on to the work that the Open Society Foundations is going to be able to perform. The Open Society Foundations has helped people in every corner of the country by way of their grant program and with this massive infusion of money, they’ll be able to continue doing so. Last year, the Open Society Foundations spent around $1 billion in operating causes – we can only imagine how much $18 billion can help.

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Flying From Gerald Ford International to Federal Aviation Administration with Dick Devos

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For a long time, man could simply look up into the sky and dream of being like the birds. It took the Wright Brothers to invent the means for man to fly. Now, avid Pilot Dick Devos continues his journey to help as many fly as possible.


Flying Like a Bird


Inventor Leonardo da Vinci loved to make diagrams of flying objects. He may or may not have been able to construct some of these machines, but none of them could fly like an airplane. The airplane made the entire world a little smaller.


No longer would it take months for people to travel around the world. Golfers could enjoy 18 holes on all continents within the same day. Airline travel made it easier for the world to think as one.


Helping Train New Pilots


Pilot Dick Devos thought it would be valuable to train new pilots at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. So, he helped start this academy, located out of Gerald Ford International Airport at Grand Rapids, Michigan. This enabled anyone with the urge to fly, to learn how to do so.


Continuing to expand the opportunities to enjoy the air, allows everyone to dream. This creates another dimension of human achievement. Philanthropist Dick Devos does not want people to be restricted by income.


He encouraged charter school vouchers to enable all children in the State of Michigan to enjoy the same educational opportunities. Now, isn’t that what America is supposed to be about?


Has America forgotten what is written on its Statue of Liberty? “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” The freedom to fly high is one of the freedoms that Philanthropist Dick Devos has encouraged.


Federal Airline Service


Wisely, the nation has realized that Dick Devos might have a knack for accomplishing great things. He helped expand the operations of his local Grand Rapids Airport. He helped create the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Learn more:


What could Pilot Dick Devos do for the country?


The country seems to be hopelessly divided and uncertain of its future. America continues to be mired with airports that are stuck in mud. Instead, of new inventions, there seems to be a growing malaise setting in.


That is one of the reasons why Pilot Dick Devos was added to the Federal Aviation AdministrationCivilian Board. He has fresh insight on how to fly. Now, many Americans hope that Mr. Devos can help the nation to soar again.


Education, inventions and freedom are the stated goals of America. Philanthropist Dick Devos knows something about each of these. He has flown from Gerald Ford International Airport to the Federal Aviation Administration in order to rekindle “America’s yearning to fly high again.”