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All About Trabucos

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Trabuco is siege weapons most commonly used in the medieval ages. They operated with a sling mechanism that would throw a boulder or other item miles away. The purpose of the trabuco was to crush walls or throw their projectile over them.

A trabuco’s design is like a giant sling. The parts of a trabuco consist of a large wooden pole levered on a motor. On the longer side, there is a sling. On the shorter side is a stabilizer. The trabuco works by converting potential energy into kinetic energy. Part of the energy leaves, turning into friction.

There are two types of trabucos. The traction trabuco uses manual force to launch the sling. It took 20 to 45 people to work this type of trabuco. The most common type was a counterweight trabuco which uses weight instead of manual force to throw the object.


The history of the trabuco starts at the Crusades. An Islāmic scholar wrote that trabuco was the machine invented by unbelieving demons. There were also reports of trubcos being used in China in 1268 when the Mongols attacked China according to The trabuco made it to England in the 12th century. King Richard had two that he named ” Gods Catapult” and ” Bad Neighbor.”

The trabuco went out of popularity with the rise of gunpowder. In 2013 a trabuco was used in the Syrian war. Rebels used trabuco’s to hurl explosives at the government. In 2014 Ukraine used a trabuco to throw bricks at Berkut.

A Trabuco is technically a catapult since a catapult is any machine that flings things into the air. The main differences between a trabuco and the catapult that most people think of are the item load and release. In a catapult, a large springy piece of wood is wound up. The load releases when the wood is let go and hits a stop.


Reaching All of Your Athletic and Fitness Goals with Enhanced Athlete

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Are you a long distance runner, weightlifter, mountain climber, swimmer, or cyclist? Do you train aerobics, long-distance walking, or wish you could take your sexual performance to a much higher level? If any of these categories apply to you then you should immediately investigate the world-class range of nutritional products that Enhanced Athlete produces and retails. Regardless of whether or not you’re a couch potato looking to shake off the physical cobwebs or a competition based athlete, Enhanced Athlete has a product that can benefit you. Most of their products come in powder, pill, or liquid form, allowing your body to tap into the scientifically tested ingredients right away. Enhanced Athlete’s slogan is “become superhuman”, and that is exactly what their proven product line can do for you athletically over the short or long term.

What makes Enhanced Athlete different from many other come and go nutritional product companies, is that Enhanced Athlete uses 100 percent of their profits to evolve their award-winning product line. That means they put all of their funds into testing, scientific research, and other areas in order to make sure that they offer the very best products possible. At the end of the day, their company goal is to ensure not only the safety of the ingredients they use in their products but the effectiveness of their products. So many sports nutrition product producers are only in business for quick profits and they could care less about improving their customers’ athletic abilities. That is not the case with Enhanced Athlete, as they have a solid proven track record backed by many years of successful business within the sports nutrition industry and they are world renowned for providing real reliable results with everything they offer.

If you have heard of Enhanced Athlete but not their two amazing sister companies, Enhanced Coaching, and Enhanced Gear, then you are missing out on many other great products. At Enhanced Coaching, they offer highly popular coaching products for athletes. These coaching products include meal planners, calorie counters, custom workout plans, personalized fitness counseling, and other products that will absolutely help you achieve your physical fitness goals. With Enhanced Gear, they’re a huge fitness and exercise apparel company. Available in their catalog are sleeveless workout hoodies, exercise bags, water and drink bottles, EA brand shirts, and much more. Before you start out on the quest to become fitter, be sure to swing by Enhanced Gear and get yourself set up with all the exercise apparel and clothing for your needs.

Paul Mampilly and His Effective Investment Strategies

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Paul Mampilly worked as a previous hedge fund manager who won the Templeton Foundation Investment contest. He has been publicized on numerous television networks like Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV.


Aside from being a successful investor in the United States, Paul Mampilly is also the Profits Unlimited’ s founder, which is a reputable newsletter that contains investment guidelines and tips. In Profits Unlimited Pau illustrates his knowledge, skills and experience as a part of the Wall Street elite. He imparts his expertise by giving recommendations and tips to his followers and subscribers, who at the moment is counted at over 60,000 individuals within the United States and abroad. His proven investment and trading skills have made him a veritable mentor in stock trading and investing. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.


The concepts Paul Mampilly has is rooted on his personalized strategies which he was able to conceptualize in his 25 years of experience in the stock market. The strategies he utilizes are considered to be among the best in the industry since majority of them produces substantial gains. As an example: a client of Paul’s whom he helped to invest $5,000 in 2016 had returns of over 180%. The most profitable stocks he recommended were Nvidia which produced 100+ percent, the Coeur Mining that had a payout of 700+% along with the ETF for the Gold Mining Vectors. This proves that Paul’s techniques work since the actual returns were more overwhelmingly more than average.

Paul’s other investments were likewise successful such as the Palm Beach Stocks he endorsed for the period October 2011 to December 2012. In a similar scenario, 28 out of the 29 various stocks he recommended in December 31, 2013 have increased by 53%, which illustrates that Paul Mampilly’s methods have a minimal marginal error. He likewise demonstrated his trading skills in 2008 to 2009 where he was able to gain 76% profits even during the period of an economic crisis – where he won the Templeton Foundation Award competition. Then when he was employed at Kinetics International Fund, the firm’s overall capital increased by 67% in 2010 – overtaking MSI EAFE for two years.



As time goes by Paul Mampilly is convinced that while Wall Street may still exert some financial influence on trading it would soon fade out and give way to the future of online trading and investment. In addition, investing in stock the traditional way would require middlemen and paperwork that most investors generally want to avoid. So, his recommendations in Profits Unlimited must be given due consideration to lessen expenses and make adequate profits. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Whitney Wolfe Brings Her Feminist Cool To Social Media In Midst Of Battle With Tinder

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Whitney Wolfe has made a big splash when it comes to creating that dating app that seems to be everything that singles hoped for and more. She has expanded in a way that makes the dating app industry for Bumble more than just another dating app that’s on the rise. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe – despite intellectual property wars – has created a platform that is evolving, and other people want to get in on what she is doing.

She has proven herself to be successful even in the midst of the fear that she would be blacklisted by the Match Group. Now she wants to get into networking. Social networking is good because Whitney Wolfe already had the platform. With all the single women that are out there looking at the possibilities that exist for dating there are even more they’re looking at possibilities for networking and finding job contacts.

Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be reliable when it comes to building business partnerships with sports teams like the L.A. Clippers, and she wants women to be in leadership positions. She comes in at a time where women are taking charge of what is being said about their bodies. They are taking charge of the way that they are treated in the workplace.


It is through things like the uprising #me-too movement that Whitney Wolfe has noticed that women are stepping up and she wants to help women that aspire to be in the corporate workplace. She also wants to give a voice to those women that have been harassed on dating apps before. This is why she changed the style of her app. Right now she is competing against Tinder, but she feels that there really is no competition because she is doing something different than what Tinder has ever done before.

Whitney Wolfe is giving women the chance to make the first move. This was her first step to creating an app environment that was different then what people were accustomed to. It is a surefire sign that she was going to make everything about her app look different. She has proven herself to be a business leader that sets the pace for social media.

Wolfe has proven that she has created an app that is different than Tinder, and the competition is trying hard to compete with this Bumble phenomenon. Whitney is now the leader of social media coolness.

Dr. Saad Saad and His Medical Missionary Work

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Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he obtained his medical degree more than 45 years ago. After attending his internship program in the United Kingdom, Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United States where he began his practice as a pediatric surgeon. He comes from a family of eight children and has been married for over 42 years. He has a wife and four children. Two of his children as trained surgeons; one is a lawyer and the other one an ICU nurse.


Dr. Saad Saad has extensive experience in pediatric surgery and is currently based in Eatontown, New Jersey. Throughout his career, Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of successful surgeries and gained enormous experience in the field. He has come up with various innovations including two patents under his name. His pediatric surgery work became popular and attracted the attention of people from all over the world including the Saudi royal family and several humanitarian groups. Dr. Saad Saad has also received numerous awards as a result of his exemplary work in the field of pediatric surgery.


Dr. Saad Saad medical missions in Palestine


Dr. Saad Saad has conducted several complex surgeries in Palestine. To start with, in the year 2002 he was approached by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). PCRF was started in 1991 to help take care of the medical needs of Arab children in the Middle East. The organization was looking for a doctor who could perform an operation on a 15-year old who had been suffered gunshot wounds. Doctors in Israel had tried to rescue his life but to no avail. That is when PCRF contacted Dr. Saad Saad and the boy was sent to the United States. Dr. Saad Saad was able to perform the surgery in 2003 and successfully delivered the child out of danger. Learn more:


There are other several surgeries that Dr. Saad Saad undertook in Palestine. For instance 2010 he operated performed another complex surgery of a child who had her intestines exposed. Doctors in Palestine and Israel had tried to find a solution to the problem for 18 months but were not successful. It was at that point that PCRF decided to send the child to the United States to be operated by Dr. Saad Saad. Upon arrival to the U.S, Dr. Saad was able to operate the child and helped her regain her normal life.




As a result of his great work in the field of pediatric surgery in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad has received two awards. In 2010 he was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the PCRF. In addition, in 2015 during one of his medical missions in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad was awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine by the Palestinian president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.

Agora Financial Helps People Realize Their Investment Goals

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As an investment company, Agora Financial knows there are things they can do to help people realize they are getting the best opportunities possible. The company has spent years perfecting their methods of investments so they can give the right advice to all their clients. They know what it takes to give them ideas about investing so they don’t have to worry about problems with their investments in the future. They help come up with new ideas that will allow them the chance to experience everything that comes with great investments no matter what issues they typically would run into.Agora Financial is not only an investment firm but they’re also a private publishing company.

They use their experience in investing to make that aspect of the business work. By coming up with new techniques, they’re prepared to help people around the world get the opportunities they need to learn about investing. Everything they’ve done goes back to the hard work they put into investing and things that will help them through different situations. It also helps them know there are different opportunities they can take advantage of because of their dedication and experience within the industry. As long as Agora Financial continues to profit and thrives in the market, they will remain relevant. Agora Financial knows relevance is important in a market for trading because they want to keep up with all the demands others have used in the future.

They also know how they want to spend the rest of their time in business. If they know how to help people, they can use that help to give them the best opportunities. No matter what happens, Agora Financial plans to be there while they are working toward helping others through the most difficult situations. While Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, they help people all around the world. They’ve done what they can to give everyone a chance at a better future no matter where they are. Customers who need their help can come to them and get the opportunities that will help them through the most difficult investing tactics. They also offer people the chance to realize they’re doing things the right way. For years, Agora Financial has relied on the referrals of customers to learn more about what’s going on. They try to ensure people can experience more investment opportunities no matter where they’re going or what they’re investing in.

Eric Lefkosky and The Unicorn Status of His Tempus

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It is said as far back as Cicero himself that our nature as human beings is made to search for the absolute and unifying truth. From books of Albert Camus to the bisaya short films of Lav Diaz, our nature wants to find the underlying essence of our humanity and life. In an attempt to search for this truth, Eric Lefkofksy, the CEO of Tempus, is pushing his research for better solutions for the problem of cancer.

The Funding

In a Chicago Tribune report, it is reported that there is now a new marking indication of the success of Eric Lefkosky as a CEO. This is in the form of the funding that Tempus received for pushing his efforts to find remedies, answers, and programs that can fix the problems of those suffering from cancer. The report says that about $80 million has been given to Tempus from existing investors and other supporters who believe in where Mr. Eric is going with his cancer cure ventures.

Mr. Eric has already received about $210 million in the form of investment package since Tempus was established in 2015. There are many things that may make it extra challenging to succeed in the kind of industry that Mr. Eric is in, but despite that, many investors still believe in what Tempus could provide for tomorrow. It’s interesting to say here, too, that with the level of total funding that Tempus has received so far gives it the “unicorn” status, which is a label that not many Chicago start-ups can get. To know more about him click here.

About Eric Lefkosky

Mr. Eric is the CEO and Co-founder of Tempus, which is a tech company that has built an expansive and reliable operating system that can help in battling cancer. There’s a lot of disruptive technologies in the line-up of Tempus, and the fact that Eric can coordinate with them and make sure that Tempus is still as profitable as ever, is just impressive. Maintaining its rank as a high-positioned investment asset is no walk in the park.

Another successful project of Mr. Eric is also the Lefkosky Family Foundation, which is a private charity focused on helping a variety of communities get the financial support, sponsorship and funding they need.