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Different Areas To Use Advice from Igor Cornelsen

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One of the most important things for people to do is decide how and where they are going to invest. One of the best news for people is that the stock market is not the only market that is available. There are plenty of other markets that people can use in order to make money. They just need the advice of expert investors and traders like Igor Cornelsen. One thing that makes Igor Cornelsen one of the best investors to take advice from is that he has the experience needed to give advice to people that are hoping to make a profit.

One area that people can go to for investing is a private business or a startup. One of the factors that people have to figure out is how they are going to raise up the money needed to run their business. For one thing, it costs a lot of money to get started. Often times, people do not have enough money to not only get started, but also get themselves through the phase of getting everything right. With an investor, they can not only get the right amount of money to get them through the trial phases but also get some advice from the investor.

Another area where people can use Igor Cornelsen’s advice is when they buy commodities. One very important aspect to commodities is that the right commodities will appreciate over time. Therefore, people can hold onto the commodity for a while until they are ready to sell it. Then they will get back all of the money they have spent on it as well as some of the extra they have earned over time.

One of the most important things about investing is that it takes a lot of patience. This is one of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen has said to start very soon. People learn that there is no magic bullet for making a lot of money. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are taking on a method that is going to give them a reasonable gain over time. Then they can enjoy their success.

OSI Group: A More Efficient Way To Professional Foodservices

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OSI Group has taken professional foodservices to a completely new level. It has become a top 100 company in the United States as well as being one of the biggest privately held companies in the United States. This food service giant is worth multiple billions of dollars, and it has consistently grown in profits throughout the past decades. OSI Group, also known as OSI Industries, is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company has more than 20,000 staff members/employees, has more than 64 facilities to work from and has physical locations in 17 different nations around the globe.

Business acquisitions has helped OSI tremendously. By acquiring stake into other companies, this company has been able to reinforce its foundation. On the other hand, the less competition that a company has, the better it will be to some degree. In 2016, OSI acquired Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant for a whopping $7.4 million. Yes, this is correct and the plant has an estimated 200,000 square-feet of space. The Tyson Foods’ plant is in close distance to other plants that are owned by OSI. In addition to that, many of the former-employees will get to keep their jobs. In most cases like this, former-employees aren’t needed, but OSI is all about building bridges. The same thing goes for BAHO Food. This private-Dutch company was also acquired in 2016, and it will open-up even more untapped locations in Europe.

When it comes to awards, OSI Group has won some of the biggest awards in foodservices. The British Safety Council has presented OSI with Globe of Honour Award on multiple occasions in the past five years. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, has been honored with the Global Visionary Award thanks to his dedication and persistence. All in all, OSI Group is doing exactly what it has set-out to do from the beginning and many more accomplishments are sure to follow in future years.

Matt Badiali: Why You Should Invest in Aluminum

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Matt Badiali is the current editor of Real Wealth Strategist a publication which is produced by Banyan Hill Publishing Company focuses on potential investment opportunities in the natural resources and commodities markets. Matt Badiali has over 20 years of experience investing in the natural resources industries and has been able to produce significant returns on his investments. He has been able to use the experience that he has as a trained scientist in order to disseminate which investments represent profitable opportunities in which investments do not. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

He has written about investment opportunities and just about every possible natural resource or commodity. However, recently he has posted about a unique investment opportunity within the metals sector of the economy. This metal is used on nearly a day-to-day basis. The metal in question is aluminum. Matt Badiali states that unlike other metals which are increasing in value recently due to issues and supply such as zinc and copper, aluminum does not have the same issues. In fact, aluminum is a relatively plentiful metal. The primary cost of aluminum is not sourcing the commodity but processing it.


The most common source of metal is in an ore referred to as bauxite. Bauxite is actually oxidized aluminum, or in other words aluminum rust. Aluminum has hit record lows in 2015 and was being sold at $.65 per pound. Over the last three years, the price has increased by 50%. In order to use the aluminum that is produced from bauxite, it must be heated to over 3500°F. This is even higher than the temperature that is used in the production of carbon steel and titanium. As the aluminum ore is melted, it undergoes the process of electrolysis in order to separate the pure metal from the oxygen. The process that is used is incredibly energy intensive and represents the largest cost in the production of aluminum.

Matt Badiali tells his readers that just recently news has been announced that one of the largest producers of aluminum in the world based out of China has decided to cut its capacity by 30%. As the law of supply and demand dictate, this should lead to an incredible increase in the price of aluminum around the world. Currently, the price of aluminum sits at $.97 per pound which is well below the last high price of $1.44 per pound that occurred in 2011. This represents an interesting investment opportunity for the investor who wishes to diversify their portfolio. Learn more about Matt on

Equities First- GC Report Assigns Attractive Terms

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In the investment sector, the finance requires handling by a professional. With that in mind, Mr. Al Christy Jr studied the movement of the market finance. Therefore, he came up with a plan in running of a company that would save investors across the world. Thus, he started Equities First Holdings in the year 2002 in Indianapolis.

Equities First Holdings offers cash to other companies and individuals willing to improve their net worth. The firm evaluates the process of giving out credit on the performance of stocks and shares. The workers have skills in handling customers with due respect and dignity.

Equities First Holdings assigns attractive terms in providing a fast credit to investors. People have chances to resolve their short-term financial situations. The Equities First Holdings runs on a specific model established to help in the operation. All the workers follow the set guidelines to maintain the performance of the company.

About Equities First Holdings:

The Brown Modelling Agency With A Rich Past and A Richer Future

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Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, and Naomi Sims got their start in modeling with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Wilhelmina Cooper was a Dutch supermodel who created The Wilhelmina Agency. She knew that she could work with models in a different way than the male dominated industry was managing them. The Wilhelmina Modeling Agency worked with people of all ages and ethnic cultures, as well as individuals in the music and theatrical industries.


The Wilhelmina Modelling Agency became known globally as a premier agency whose reputation was that if you worked for Wilhelmina you automatically got a foot in the door. Another U.S. local Austin, Texas agency also carried a prominent reputation in the industry. The agency was known as the Heyman Talent-South Agency. The name that brought these two preeminent agencies together was Justin Brown.


Justin Brown began his career as a model both with the Wilhelmina Agency and the Heyman Talent Agency. In college Justin studied business management but he knew in his heart that he wanted to work in the modelling agency. After he graduated his first job that he applied to and was accepted was at The Wilhelmina Modelling Agency. Before long, he was managing models himself and years later he decided to create his own agency which he called The JB Models and Talent Agency.


Justin provided employment opportunities for models, actors, and children. With the help of his former contacts at the Wilhelmina National Agency and Heyman Talent, JB Models and Talent Agency became a name that designers asked for in their international runway shows and that advertisers requested from Justin’s portfolio. This propelled Justin Brown and his agency to top tier status.




It wasn’t long before JB Models and Talent Agency merged with the Heyman Talent-South Agency. The Heyman Talent-South Agency was developed by Michael B. Bonnee. The Heyman Agency also featured a division which supported actors in live stage productions. This division would now be a part of the JB Models and Talent Agency. Justin invited Mr. Bonnee to remain as the theatrical expertise. Check out



Justin changed the name of the new company to The Brown Agency. Today, The Brown Agency is one of the world’s most respected agency for young people who wish to work as models or to pursue an acting career. As a full-service entertainment agency, Justin and The Brown Agency is opening doors for his portfolio talent in fashion runways, commercial modeling campaigns, and varied acting jobs.


The Brown Agency has been headquartered in Austin, but with its exponential growth, they have opened offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. The clientele hiring The Brown Agency consists of luxury auto manufacturers, live auto shows, the Silicon Valley names in the IT industry, global cosmetic brand names, and more.