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Thor Havlorssen’s Struggle for a Humane Society

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There are many people who state that they have a lot of interest in humane cause. However, not many are able to walk their talk the way activists like Thor Havlorssen has. Thor is a Venezuelan by birth, but like he states, he is a child of many nations. He believes that all humans should be treated with the same level of dignity. His journey to becoming the activist that he is today started with a past that has really defined him.

Thor’s Father took part in an investigation of the Medelin Castle when claims of possible money laundering emerged. He was arrested, beaten and almost murdered in the process. This was a time when Thor was a freshman at the University. He realized that he had to do something and championed the release of his father. The Amnesty International group really helped him in his quest to get his father acquitted. His father was finally released but a human rights champion had been born and what Thor knows.

Then, came the incident when his mother was shot while taking part in a peaceful protest. What did not auger well with Thor was the fact that the men that had shot and wounded his mother had at first been left free and then when they were finally prosecuted and sentenced to three years in prison, they were released after serving six months.
He himself has courted controversy on several occasions. For instance, he led a campaign in 1999 whose aim was to appeal to the relevant shareholders to assist in the creation of an anti-slave labor policy, especially by Lucent.

Lucent was supposed to force China to ensure that the products they were selling were not produced through slave labor. Other initiatives that he has been part of include the FIRE movement, which stands for foundation of individual rights in education. He has his own movement that is known as the Human Rights Foundation. This has its head quarters in New York City and is one of the most influential international bodies championing for liberty and equality among people of all walks of life. Thor is a true leader in the field of human rights advocacy and more information click here.

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Yeonmi Park Sparks War of Words with Pyongyang

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If you were to follow in the footsteps of a young Yeonmi Park, a former North Korean citizen, then you would truly understand what it was like to ponder the very nature of the word ‘freedom’. Yeonmi Park is one of the most recent defectors from the oppressive North Korea and she is using her sizable following, thanks in large part to her incredible journey, to speak out. Now, according to, North Korea is beginning to use their own words to try and smear Yeonmi Park but it might be too late, there is no more containing the truth of Park’s horrific journey.

Yeonmi Park was born and raised in North Korea up until she was age 13. It was at that age that her father was dragged away to prison camp and her mother was forced to lead the pair on a harrowing journey on with the ultimate hope of finding freedom. This all comes later, of course, but first you must know a bit about what it is like to grow up in North Korea from a child who actually did it.

Park says that the notion of ‘freedom’ basically meant that you had enough food not he table not to starve on a nightly basis. She goes on to say that the extreme government on would be ready to turn on their own citizens for just the smallest of infraction, imprisoning or executing anyone who spoke ill of the government. It was with this constant state of paranoia and fear that Park was brought up in life but it was her never ending spirit of hope that kept her going.

Yeonmi Park’s harrowing journey from North Korea to China, where she was held as a human trafficking victim, would be enough to fuel any Hollywood film only — this is no made up story, this is real. Park spent years in captivity and she was abused all along the way. The young woman never gave up and now she stands tall and ready, a vocal activist against the sort of atrocities that Pyongyang stands up for and supports.

Thor Halvorssen Goes on Fox News To Explain Democratic Socialism

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There are a lot of people who do not understand the finer differences between what democratic socialism is and other forms of socialism. Bernie Sanders gets shouted down as a socialist all the time, but people automatically assume that means communism. Bernie Sanders is not a communist, and Thor Halvorssen used his position to help handle the rumors that are going around. He made his way to Fox News to be sure that he explained himself, and he gave a perspective that a lot of people never see.


The work that Thor Halvorssen does is all on behalf of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is a place where people fight for the rights of others, and they make sure that they are talking about the problems they see around the world. They see a lot of bad governments that are socialist, but they have not seen a democratic socialist government do wrong by its people. Thor Halvorssen wants people to see that what Bernie Sanders is talking about is using the money that the government collects to help more people. Helping people is something that is very easy for people to do when they have funds at the government, and these governments will tax companies to make sure they pay their fair share.


There are a lot of people who will shocked to learn that this actually means smaller government with more services, and they will see what Bernie Sanders is all about. Democratic socialism is lifting people up, and that is the business Thor Halvorssen is in.


There are a lot of people who need to watch the interview that Thor Halvorssen did to learn what Democratic Socialism is, and they need to do work with the Human Rights Foundation to learn what a toxic government will look like. A lot of people do not know the difference, but they can learn when they do their own research. Someone who watches the interview with Thor Halvorssen for the first time will be enlightened, and they can learn a lot more about what it would mean to vote for Bernie Sanders. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his news and updates.

Woke Twitter Case Prompts Brenda Wardle To Evaluate The Constitution

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Being politically and socially aware has never been easier than it is in the 21st century thanks to the rise of the Internet and social media platforms. Social media has also allowed a number of groups and movements to form that look to make sure the people of the world are using social media for the right reasons; many of those who are politically aware social media users are joining a movement known as woke Twitter, which has recently made headlines in South Africa for a case involving social media users making racist comments.

The rise of woke Twitter came out of the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. before spreading across the world. In South Africa, the publicizing of the racist comments made by three citizens by woke Twitter members has prompted a discussion over the constitution and its many amendments. The three accused of making racist comments on Facebook and Twitter have seen media pundits discuss the question of freedom of speech being guaranteed by the constitution.

Into the scandal has stepped legal analyst Brenda Wardle, who has studied the constitution to make a personal judgment on how the question of free speech compares to that of the right to human dignity. The legal expert with three law degrees stated her belief that the human rights of every black South African had been affected by the comments on social media, and the right to human dignity should outweigh that of free speech.

Wardle is well known to viewers of many cable news channels for her work as a legal analyst on the Oscar Pistorius trial, during which she acted as a guide through the South African legal system for international news organizations. The case gripped Brenda Wardle to such an extent that she has since written a critique of the murder case brought against the Olympian by the state.

The woke Twitter movement is looking to raise awareness of the fact the people of the world are facing far greater problems than the media suggest.