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Lori Senecal‘s Views Concerning the Current Trends in Digital Marketing

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According to Lori Senecal, an effective advertisement must address a particular audience, the message must be clear to the audience, and the advert must motivate the targeted audience to take action. In the modern world of digital marketing, the campaign can achieve this by utilizing a mixture of social media advertising and use of visual images.

In an article on Adage, Lori noted that the current advertising trends rely a great deal on the Internet. She feels that with the current trends, Facebook could be one of the most effective ways to reach to the audience. This is because many people can access Facebook on their mobile phones implies that it will have many users and this will be a great opportunity to those aiming to advertise. However, one ought to create compelling ads that will catch the eyes of Facebook users. This renowned marketing leader feels that digital marketers should give attention to the following trends:

  1. Focus on creating tangible impact

People are always captivated by things that provoke their emotions, and they are likely to share an ad that arouses their feelings. One way to enhance this in the advert, the current digital marketers opt to use real people in the ads. For example, she argues that featuring influential women in an ad could make it more powerful, and therefore attracting a bigger audience.

  1. Use dramatic colors

Eyes are attracted to stunning colors. For that reason, Lori feels that when an ad has vivid colors that are well combined could attract a person to stop by and check on it. However, clarity is always crucial. Therefore, the images and the videos should be clear and attractive.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a digital marketing leader who has portrayed unquestionable leadership in the digital marketing as well as creative marketing world. As the current global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, she oversees, coordinates, and manages nine offices in various locations around the world. She is responsible for helping the company to grow in those locations.

She has worked for a number of marketing companies, and due to her creativity and leadership skills, she has gone through a series of promotions until she became president of McCann, NY. Lori motivates digital marketers and encourages them to be focused and self-motivated.

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Premium dog food sales on the rise

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Pet owners are taking their pets health more seriously according to a Daily Hearld article, which indicated a surge in premium pet food sales. Sales have risen 45 percent since 2009 to $10.5 billion. Some new comers to the scene, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo seem to be stealing the spotlight. Freshpet makes fresh refrigerated dog food and sells it in their custom refrigerators that they provide to retailers. Blue Buffalo mixes whole grains with fruit and vegetables added to the normal meats such as lamb and chicken. Blue Buffalo is profiting and expected to reach $1 billion sales in 2015. However, Freshpet has seen a loss for five straight years; although, they seem confident of a turn around. Big name brands such as Purina, Beneful and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights seem to be doing well. Beneful has been on the market since 2001, and was one of the first human-like dog foods on the market since it looks like stew. Beneful is very safety conscious, and exceeds or meets all safety regulations put down by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. They also have a quality control laboratory at every plant to test for toxins such as mycotoxins, lead and arsenic in food samples ensuring every bag or can of dog food that comes off the line is of the finest quality. All vendors must adhere to safety protocol set down by Beneful. Vendors are audited regularly to ensure all ingredients are safe and healthy for dogs. Beneful employs the best in the business when it comes to safety and nutrition. Plants are located in the United States, and each plant has staff specifically dedicated to safety and quality control. Beneful dog food includes fresh meat, vegetables and grain. Some dog food companies market their food as carnivorous suggesting dogs should eat what their wolf ancestors ate, but Beneful and many veterinarians disagree and say dogs need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and grain. Experts say even wolves will supplement their diets with plants.

Eucatex Is Helping The World Build A Strong Tomorrow

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Eucatex is one of Brazil’s oldest and most successful companies, founded by the Maluf Family, and having been in business for the last sixty years. During the late nineteen fifties and early sixties, the company expanded, opening offices in numerous Brazilian cities as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They began exporting building panels and ceiling tiles to Europe in 1965.

Through the years, Eucatex opened offices in Mexico, Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, expanding their production of products to include paints and varnishes, MDP panels, doors, hardboards and laminate floors. In order to be self sufficient in their supply of materials for making their products, Eucatex began investing in reforestation. That proved to be a move to benefit the environment as well as the bottom line of the company. They also developed a program to teach people who are interested how to manage the forest in environmentally safe ways.

The Ethics Channel is a tool that has been very useful to Eucatex, helping ensure a working environment that is honest as well as transparent. The reporting system it utilizes is completely anonymous and extremely effective in preventing unethical practices from taking place inside the company.

Flavio Maluf has been instrumental in the success and growth of Eucatex. Thirty years ago he worked for the company handling trade issues. He eventually moved into the industrial area of the company, then became an executive. His proven record of determination and strong work ethic soon earned him the position of president of the Eucatex Group.

Mr. Maluf’s knowledge of the Brazilian markets earned over a career’s worth of decision making, his knack for hiring the right people and his bold confidence helped lead Eucatex forward, becoming a major force in the business world. Since becoming president of the Eucatex Group, he has expanded the company and has managed to grow the market for their products by thirty percent. Eucatex is now producing products in the categories of metallic, forestry, mineral and wood to be exported to over fifty countries. The future of Eucatex is looking bright as Flavio Maluf continues to balance tweeting and guiding the daily operations of the company he has helped build.

Writing Quality Wikipedia Articles

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Many people believe that writing Wikipedia articles is very difficult, but it actually not. The only think you need is a little practice and in a short time, you will be good to go. In article writing, practice brings positive results in a short duration. For you to write a quality article, you should also use reliable information.

When you are writing it is very important, to disclose some information about yourself, share some information about your believes and your opinions too. However, you should be very keen not to overdo it. Wikipedia articles do not rely much on the writer’s original information, so always make sure that you avoid that. The most important thing to do is to write quality articles.

Sometimes, you might find yourself stuck because you lack ideas. This actually means that you have not done the correct research before writing. There is a lot of information available online which can be very helpful. Before starting to write, do a lot of research, and make sure that the facts you put down are actually very true.

When the information you are writing is not correct and factual, your page will automatically be declined by the Wikipedia editing service according to Get Your Wiki. To avoid this always make sure that you get the information from a national newspaper or from an authoritative site. Never give your own original ideas as facts in Wikipedia writing because this is not allowed. Sometimes, you can even go to a library and read books to acquire information before you decide to write.

When you are done with your research, look at the more technical factors. How many words are required in the article? What phrases should you use? These might seem like very minor things, but if you do not consider them, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. You might even spend more time correcting mistakes you could have dealt with at the start.

Before submitting your article, ensure that you have proofread it several times so that there are no any errors. You can ask someone else to proofread the page for you.

Get Your Wiki is a company that specializes in Wikipedia writing. When you give them your articles to write, they will do a good job, and you will not regret hiring them. The company guarantees that your page will be approved, and if that doesn’t happen, they refund the money you had paid for the service.

Lime Crime Helps Girls To Create Their Own Look

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There are many brands that have set out to do unique things, and one of the brands that has seen the most success for doing that is Lime Crime. This brand was founded by a woman who appreciates being different with her look. She has long had the courage to go out and do her own thing, and she believes that others should live just as bravely. She felt the need to start up a makeup brand that was different than the rest, and now many people have been able to put on some pretty crazy looks because of that.
What is found from Lime Crime cannot be bought from any other makeup brand. Lime Crime makes glittery makeup that is fun to use. It makes bold colored lipsticks that help a girl to stand out from among her friends. It makes many items that have gotten girls pretty excited, and it is a brand that is doing well because it was formed to be something different. It seems to always be hit and miss when a company decides that it is not going to be anything like what else it out there, and for Lime Crime it really seemed to work.
The founder of Lime Crime really has always been brave with her look, and she was also very brave in starting up the company. Not just because the company is unique, but also because she didn’t have a lot of money to make it happen. She only had a few hundred dollars, but she created the brand, anyway. She might not have had the kind of money that she had wanted to start it up, but she had all of the passion that was needed to do good things with it. She was able to take her love for color and turn Lime Crime into something that has really stood out to the masses.
So, when someone wants to do something different with their makeup, and when they want to stand out from among their friends, they now can easily accomplish that. Thanks to Lime Crime and the unique makeups that have come from the brand people can do whatever they want to with their makeup.