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Beneful Offers Huge Deals

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Purina Beneful dog food is offered in large varieties at almost all Walmart locations. You can even find them online in many cities. The dog food varies depending on size and quantity as well as type. Dry dog food sells anywhere from $13.98 for a 15.5 pound bag to $33.98 for a 40 pound bag. Almost every flavor costs the same price. As far as wet dog food goes, you can buy individual 10 ounce containers for $1.77 or a 12 pack of three ounce cans for $6.97. The sizes vary depending on what type of dog breed you have.

A smaller dog would most likely be fed out of the smaller can and a bigger dog fed from the 10 ounce can.Beneful offers a few different flavors for both their wet and dry dog food lines. You can get real chicken, real beef, or real salmson with the healthy weight option. All of the flavors mentioned retail for the same price, it’s just the quality of food you buy that will change the cost.Most of the time you can find Beneful coupons online. As a matter of fact, Walmart has three coupons available from their website right now.

Why I Only Use Beneful Dog Food For Our Pups

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It was a cold December day and my dog was very sick. We didn’t have the money at the time to take him to the vet. He wouldn’t touch his food due to his upset stomach. I tried the typical hamburger and rice blend, but he still wouldn’t even look at it. I rushed to the grocery store thinking I had to have something and quick to help my dog or he would die. I scanned the aisles looking for anything he could eat. I have walked this aisle 100 times, but I have never seen the home-style meals from Beneful. I know all about Beneful, as this is Purina’s main dog food line. I trust Purina, and they are owned by one of my favorite chocolate maker’s, Nestle. I grabbed 2 various varieties and headed home. My dog was still so very sick. I was hoping that the nutrition that was listed in this dog food would somehow help. My George was too weak to really get up, but he was a bit hungry. I took a plastic spoon and offered him small bites. To my surprise, the dog was eating for the first time in almost a week. I made sure not to overdo it that first day; I thought I had an answer to prayer. I liked that fact that Beneful uses real meat and whole grains. This is nutritional things that he needed. That was 7 years ago and my dog is still healthy and happy. He finished those 2 home-style meals I purchased on Walmart, and he is still eating them to this day. There is no doubt in my mind that my little Min-pin was on death’s door. I know he was exhausted from fighting the virus and I should have taken him to the vet. Whatever nutrients were in that dog food must have been something his poor body needed. I will never buy anything else but Beneful for my pups. We use the kibble and the home-style meals to supplement as often as we can. We love the fact that it keeps our dogs coats so shiny and keeps them healthy. Thanks, Purina! Beneful saved George’s life.