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ClassDojo Leads To An Effective And Positive Class Environment

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For teachers in more than 2 in 3 schools, finding a way to reach a student really and make sure they are motivated to work and learn can be a challenge. There is just too much grabbing a kid’s attention when you have smartphones and tablets and laptops and regular old television. Making school something that is fun and attractive to the average student is almost impossible.

Despite the challenges laid out in front of them, the people who developed the ClassDojo application wanted to be able to come up with a way to use technology to get students’ attention rather than pull it away from learning. “The problem that emerged was really the culture of the classroom wasn’t really helping anyone. It almost felt a bit like a dysfunctional team,” Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s CEO, and a United Kingdom native recently told the Mercury News.

The duo started ClassDojo to help teachers have a way to track how a student is performing and reward them when they are giving it their all. Best of all, the application allows for teachers to quickly and easily send updates about the student to his or her parents. By doing this, the teachers are able to forge a kind of community that is entirely geared towards making sure the kids are achieving to their potential.

Not only is this application allowing for teachers to create a community but it is also allowing the teachers, parents, and students to create a positive culture. Classrooms and schools are no longer a place where a child feels like they are on their own. It’s also not a place where they dread walking in every morning because they are afraid their teacher is going to surprise them with some kind of bad news.

The application itself works as an application that provides feedback to the kids when they are achieving positive steps. This can mean letting them know they did a good job participating in the class that day and staying on task when it was time for independent study. The teacher can also let them know what they need to work on without it being as big a blow to the child’s self-esteem because they have all the positives listed out in front of them.

With photo and video sharing and the ability to translate messages into 35 different languages, ClassDojo can work with a wide variety of communities to keep all our children learning effectively.


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Justification for the Increasing Popularity of Skout

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Dating has evolved and new systems have been invented to help individuals to connect with each other. It has become easier to identify potential partners through different online platforms that are dedicated to offering systems that can host people who are searching for love. Online dating has been applauded and is a perfect selection for many who feel traditional methods have failed t offer a solution. It is indeed easier to connect with new partners through online platforms than when this is done off-line. Skout is a trusted online dating platform that has allowed different people to connect with individuals who are also on a similar mission. This is a reliable option that one can use to connect with the right match.

Skout allows one to specify the kind of relationship that is being looked forward to and all expectations and priorities are set right. This allows for easy matching and identification of partners on the platform. Reaching different members on the platform is also easy. Skout offers an array of features that members can use to search through easily. Different criterion can be used to identify the right members on the platform.

The technology that has been applied to the development of Skout on zendesk makes it one of the most secure platforms for dating. The system has been designed with top notch encryption and coding that has made it more difficult for hackers to penetrate. The support department is also always alert just in case someone tries to raise an issue that is useful to keeping the platform secure. They have a well designed structure that is able to identify and block malware. So, there are no chances that a member can upload a malware to harm the system.

It is expected that when someone joins such a system gets assistance about how things are done. Although this is something that most dating websites do not offer, Skout is friendly enough to an extent they take their members though the system to help them understand how everything goes on. All this is in an attempt to make it easier for the new members to familiarize with the system and to catch up on how things are carried out. One is also educated about how to keep their profile useful and secure from access by individuals who may not add value to their mission. Most importantly, sharing of private details with a strat6nger can pose a danger. It is advisable that one gets to learn more about someone before the relationship can be taken too far. Skout is an open platform that allows everyone to access details about different members. So, it is possible to block a certain group of individuals if they do not represent the right interests as one would like. This flexibility has made it easy to handle bullying and abusive members.

Skout- Where New Friendships Can Happen

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Meeting new people should be fun and exciting. The rare chance that you meet someone new in your daily adventures that form a friendship or relationship is rare. Typically friendships stem from being a co-worker or going to school together. With the access of the internet and social media applications, this has changed drastically. Social media is used by millions of individuals around the world for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as meeting new people for friendships and relationships. Skout is a social media application unlike any other I have ever tried. They are truly focused on helping you to make new connections, friendships and more through the use of their platform. Skout is available on skoutorganic as a standard website as well as an app on Android and IPhone devices. Skout has been around since 2007 helping people to meet others in their locale as well as around the world.

My Experience with Skout
I just started using Skout a few weeks ago and have already met a new friend that lives just a few blocks from where I reside and where I grew up. After talking for a few, I learned that I actually went to school with her but we were two grades apart. She is really cool, and I look forward to hanging out with her. Without Skout, I may have never talked to this individual despite the fact that we live so close together, shop at the same stores and stop at the same gas station every day. I also made a friend through their travel feature that lives in Canada, over 1000 miles away from me. We have been chatting a lot and I am really hoping that one day I will get to meet him in person, perhaps in Canada?

Opening Up a Whole New World of Fun
Skout has allowed me to make more new friends in just a few short weeks than I made throughout all my years in school combined.  I have chatted with doctors, fishermen, beauty pageant winners, a guy who wrestles alligators for a living and many others. This app has allowed me to chat with people of many different ages and walks of life, all from the safety of my own home. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make new friends.