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How Sentient AI Tools are enhancing the Conversion Rate Optimization

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The e-commerce business is becoming more competitive by the day. Sentient Technologies, the leading firm in the distribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced the release of Sentient Ascend.

Sentient Ascend will act as a Conversion Rate Optimization tool. It is one of a kind in the market. You may be wondering, how Sentient AI will improve the e-commerce trade?

The Sentient Ascend will be using the artificial intelligence techniques in designing and developing the winning strategies that will be used by various online marketers. The use of this technology will raise the prediction accuracy levels by replacing the A/B testing for CRO that has been in use for a long time.

As an investor, what benefits do you stand to gain?

Scientific Collection and Analyzing of Data

Sentient AI technologies use scientific techniques to collect and analyze data. The purpose of these methods is to monitor and evaluate your growth patterns and improve the overall metrics. The use of CRO will act as a critical intervention in your business. It will help you realize and appreciate the importance and role of AI in the business arena.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

AI will be able to lay more focus on your customers, ensuring that they are satisfied with your services. The technology will create and or propose ideas that aim at improving the outcomes of your firm and that of the users.

With this launch, it will be easier for a firm and especially those in the marketing department to try new ideas. These ideas mainly will focus on copying, designing, creating images and allowing interactive changes that aim at satisfying the client. A satisfied client will patronize your services allowing you accelerate towards the path of increased revenues and growth.

Increased Conversion Speed

With the new technology, improving conversion speeds will no longer be a dream. With this technique, CRO solution to conversion and testing speed will be more than 100 times higher than the current A/B testing solution.

With A/B method, you can only test a single idea at a time; this thus means that a substantial amount of traffic has to be directed towards the solution. However, all this is bound to change; you can now comfortably test dozens of opinions and ideas concurrently via this technology. The design is made possible by the use of evolutionary algorithms that mimic biological evolution.