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The NBA and how Bruce Levenson Changed it for the Better

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The National Basketball Association is agreed upon as the largest professional basketball organization in the entire world. The NBA was originally titled the Basketball Association of America, the BAA, and then changed their name to the National Basketball Association after joining forces with the National Basketball League. Thirty different teams play in the NBA – one in Canada, the other 29 in the United States. There are eighty two games in a year, by default, unless there is a strike or something else that may delay the season.

The NBA has two conferences: the Western Conference, and the Eastern Conference. Inside of those two conferences, there are three different divisions to better group the NBA teams. The playoff system contains 16 teams, or, eight from each conference. This is favorable for teams in the league because it gives teams a chance to be in the playoffs, even with a losing record. It makes it so any team can have an upset victory over an other, even if it is not very likely. The playoff series are handled through a best-of-seven system, with games alternating as following, giving advantage to the lower ranked seed: home, home, away, away, home, away, home. Whoever performed better in the regular season is rewarded with home court advantage, which is usually a make-or-break type of variable.

One of the reasons the NBA has been able to achieve the high levels of growth that it experiences today is through the new generation of super owners that the NBA has. Having no restriction on the capital one can spend in the NBA makes the league very exciting. There are some restrictions on how one can pay players – there is a salary cap – but, one can spend any amount of money they want on a stadium, renovations, or whatever they want.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks NBA team for approximately five hundred million dollars a few years ago. When he sold it this past year, he turned it for around $730 million, which makes for nearly a 150% profit. Mr. Levenson on prnewswire helped carry the Atlanta Hawks to their road to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they nearly snuck away with a victory of the Cleveland Cavalier for a chance to play Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.

With the kind of owners that NBA teams have today, it is truly unlikely that the League will ever stop flourishing. Whenever National Basketball Association owners and general managers are not allowed to virtually spend all the money that want, many financial experts and economists predict the NBA to crash (this is unlikely to ever happen).

NBA games are truly an American pastime, with memories being made every single night of the NBA season that there is a sports outing.