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The Lovaganza Impacting the World

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The world is one global village thanks to the advanced technology that has continually influenced connectivity throughout the universe. How about having one platform that unites everyone, emotionally and spiritually and the final goal achieved is unity and enhanced humanity all over the world. The Lovaganza has played a significant role towards the achievement of this aim and is still pressing towards its actualization. The Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise that seeks to unite the entire universe and enhance peace and togetherness all over.

How it impacts lives
The Lovaganza aims to celebrate the uniqueness of every nation, be it in music, culture, dances, every diversity. Through the appreciation of the uniqueness, they enhance unity and cooperation in the nations by seeing that they are appreciated for what they are and have.

They also create forums where people from different countries and diversities interact. The interaction on could be direct or indirect through their films, viewed all over. The annual conventions take place after the release of that year’s trailer. Many are the times that people pass the time during the year as they await the great day. The result of the forum is a much-united nation, as they speak and spread the message being passed by the Lovaganza.

The Lovaganza foundation
One of the greatest milestones that Lovaganza, through its founders J.H. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon, seek to make is to enhance the universal quality of life. This is to be achieved by uniting, empowering and inspiring people and making a better world for the generations to come. By targeting the younger generation, the values to be impacted in them will grow to be adapted all over the world by their kin. To achieve this, they will be funding the Lovaganza foundation, which is to be an empowerment and guide to other organizations. By embracing the example of the Lovaganza foundation other organizations are to follow the lead (and since they are many) they will go a long way to reach more people, and therefore enhance the universal quality of life for entire humanity.

The foundation is fundable through Lovaganza programs, research for its documentaries, and campaigns. However, the funding and donations only start on the announcement of commencement not earlier and end on the final day of the funding. The international event which is to unite the globe will generate opportunities to fund, empower and guide other foundations and organizations as well.

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The Mission of Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

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Recently, a news release was published by The Sunday times, about the charity, Autism Rocks and it’s founder Sanjay Shah. The charity, Autism Rocks was started when one of Shah’s children was born with autism. Raising donations for autism research according to globalcitizen was the ultimate goal, but furthermore, it was important to Shah that that he appointed the right individuals to help him head the organization.
Sanjay Shah is best known on CompanyCheck UK for his company Solo Capital, a company that he started in 2009. This boutique financial services organization has been noted for its success at a time when most other companies have been unable to bring in a profit. Solo Capital is best known for it’s work with hedge funds, and is located in London.

As a British businessman, Shah stands out in a city that is always buzzing with activity in various areas of commerce. Shah was also instrumental in building the company Vistex, a company that was founded for the purpose of aiding other companies on a global level. The passion and energy of Shah appear to be what the company needed to help it grow and gain momentum. His focus on building innovative business software is just one of the many skills and talents that he brings to the table with any new venture.

Solo Capital’s goal was to ultimately become a problem solver for as many businesses as possible, so it’s no surprise that his charity Autism Rocks is getting attention too. While it’s unclear where the organization might expand, research for Autism continues to expand in America. Events are being scheduled around the country every year, from concerts to speaking engagements to help raise the funds for this research.

This lifelong disability has been a struggle for many families that are desperately in need of assistance with teaching their children basic skills as well as new ways to communicate. The hope is that through this research more treatment programs, medicines, or potentially a cure will be found for autism.