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The “Do Good Initiative” Shows The Dedication Of Bruce Levenson To Non Profit Leadership

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The founder of the UCG brand, Bruce Levenson, has been a major supporter of the growing trend for not for profit leadership education after he identified a gap in the training the majority of philanthropy leaders that damages the efforts of many community based groups. The “Do Good Initiative” began life in 2010, with a single class offered, the aim of the program at The University of Maryland is to change the culture of the campus and bring about a change in how future community leaders are educated. Read more about the Do Good Institute on PR Newswire.

In 2017, students at the University of Maryland can now major in not for profit leadership and philanthropic management; the college and local community also benefits from a regular $10,000 in funding students must decide how to donate on a regular basis. In a bid to expand the reach of the organization Bruce Levenson has been looking for new and innovative ways of influencing the work being completed by students at the school, with the former NBA Governor stating his hope that other schools will develop similar programs based on the success already seen in and around the state of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson initially trained as a journalist and was working as a writer when he made the decision to work alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz to create an oil industry newsletter that would form the basis of the United Communications Group. The success achieved by Levenson also allowed him the chance to become the public face of a consortium that purchased the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in 2004.

During his time as the leader of the Hawks organization Bruce Levenson was an important figure in bringing the NBA towards community work, including the patronage of the U.S. Holocaust Museum undertaken by the Hawks soon after Bruce Levenson aided in the development of the Washington D.C. based project. Read More: