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ClassDojo Intends to Use $21 Million Generated through its Series B Financing to Optimize Parent-teacher Collaboration

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ClassDojo closed its $21 million Series B financing in late 2015. The co-founders of the startup, Don and Chaudhary, have stated that they are using the funds to improve the capacity of their workforce. They are also planning to develop and introduce new content and features to enhance the participation of parents. The new additions will enable parents to initiate and guide conversations while at home. They will also familiarize themselves with the progress their children are making in academics and co-curricular matters.  Related link at


The General Catalyst-led Series B funding received support from new investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital. General Catalyst praised the co-founders of ClassDojo for the strides they had made since launching the startup. He said that ClassDojo had successfully grown from a tool that promotes good behavioral traits among students to a platform for boosting collaboration among all the key stakeholders in schools. General Catalyst equates user growth of ClassDojo to popular messaging and social network platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. However, ClassDojo’s purpose is to boost education.  Read more on


Since 2011, ClassDojo has excelled in fostering an improved learning environment for students. Teachers use the classroom communication application to notify students’ parents on events that are occurring during the school day by sending them real-time pictures, clips, and messages. ClassDojo has gained the confidence of millions of students, educators, and parents in many K-8 schools across the globe. The education-tech firm leverages its team of professionals, such as teachers, app designers, and engineer, to actualize new ideas and improve the user experience.


An Assistant Professor Finds Herself In A PR Nightmare

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Melissa Click, the University of Missouri assistant professor captured on camera angrily requesting help to stop journalists from filming student protests at the university, is upset that people are judging her harshly for one regrettable action. She’s suspended from the University of Missouri pending investigation, however, with the interim Chancellor calling her actions appalling and Missouri lawmakers publicly saying that the university should fire her, Click’s reinstatement is unlikely.

This is exactly the public relations challenge that drives Status Labs, the reputation management firm that Click has hired to help her get her side of the story out to the public. Status Labs is getting Click interviews with prominent media outlets as part of their crisis management services, which are available to individuals who face negative exposure. However, the team at Status Labs is best known for their online reputation management services, assisting businesses that find their image tarnished because one disgruntled customer, or a competitor, can do a lot of damage if they hold a grudge. Status Labs makes sure that search engines have current, non-biased information to show first in their results when someone searches for a company.

Status Labs continues to grow each year because while other public relations firms concentrate on improving their client’s reputation in traditional media outlets, Status Labs makes improving their client’s online reputation their goal. The Texas-based company has opened offices in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil to serve clients worldwide. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has said his company’s success is based on their innovative approach. When individuals record events on their smartphone, as Melissa Click well knows, and then post the video online, millions of people see the video within a few hours if it goes viral. This, and the popularity of online review sites like Yelp, has made Status Labs’ online reputation management services vital.