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A Grain Free Option from Beneful

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Many people don’t realize that dogs are not purely carnivores and eat a variety of foods in the wild. While they evolved with an omnivorous background and lifestyle, they likely weren’t exposed to a significant amount of grains before they became pets and more information click here.

Many dog foods are worried about the quantity of carbs that their dogs eat, just as they are worried about the starch in their own diet. After all, grains are a cheap filler that many dog food brands put into their dog food to lower cost. Luckily, there are affordable alternatives of dog food that are grain free.

One of the best grain free dog foods on the market is Beneful’s grain free dog food. Beneful is a leading dog food maker under the Purina label and produces a wide range of dog foods for all different sized and aged dogs. Their dog foods are nutritious , balanced, and with high quality ingredients that dogs go bonkers for.

The Beneful grain free blend of dog food is no exception to this. It has farm raised meat as ingredients, along with fruits and vegetables that provide a truly balanced diet for these dogs. Examples of these fruits and vegetables are blueberries, carrots and pumpkins (which is great for their coats as well as their overall well being and which dogs love to eat). Best of all the Beneful grain free dog food has no grains which many owners want to watch their consumption of carbs or those who have a sensitivity to them and learn more about Beneful.

Beneful Offers Huge Deals

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Purina Beneful dog food is offered in large varieties at almost all Walmart locations. You can even find them online in many cities. The dog food varies depending on size and quantity as well as type. Dry dog food sells anywhere from $13.98 for a 15.5 pound bag to $33.98 for a 40 pound bag. Almost every flavor costs the same price. As far as wet dog food goes, you can buy individual 10 ounce containers for $1.77 or a 12 pack of three ounce cans for $6.97. The sizes vary depending on what type of dog breed you have.

A smaller dog would most likely be fed out of the smaller can and a bigger dog fed from the 10 ounce can.Beneful offers a few different flavors for both their wet and dry dog food lines. You can get real chicken, real beef, or real salmson with the healthy weight option. All of the flavors mentioned retail for the same price, it’s just the quality of food you buy that will change the cost.Most of the time you can find Beneful coupons online. As a matter of fact, Walmart has three coupons available from their website right now.