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A Review of CCMP Capital’s Corporate Journey

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To survive in business, it is important to reorganize a firm’s setups and streamline its operations with the needs of its clients. Reinventions are also important in perpetuating a company’s existence. Redundancy is highly discouraged especially in the financial services sector where new trends crop up every day. Investment firm CCMP Capital has survived in business by continuously reinventing itself through the reformation of its operations. In addition it has changed its name severally and diversified into different sectors of the economy.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Since it started making its baby steps in the investment business 32 years ago, the firm has been rechristened severally due to mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs that have been part and parcel of its existence. On formation in 1984, it was known as Chemical Venture Partners. During that time, it was the investment arm of Chemical Bank. The banking institution was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. This heralded a change of name for the institution. Consequently, it was renamed Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, Chase Manhattan was bought out by J.P Morgan & Co. This deal led to the formation of J.P Morgan Chase. The investment firm was again forced to amend its name, this time to JP Morgan Partners.

There was a further name change in 2004 when JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One, which had an investment arm known as One Equity Partners. This equity firm was entitled to be JP Morgan Chase’s venture platform. JP Morgan Partners consequently came up with a spinoff plan, which materialized in 2006 with the formation of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The name is derived from the first letter of the names of its predecessors. Since then, it has amassed an asset portfolio totaling over 12 billion dollars. It holds assets in Amarak, Cabela’s, Guitar Center Inc., ONO and Pinnacle Foods among others. Its success is attributed to its former President, Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen P. Murray in Brief

Was a key figure in the operations of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital since its early days in business. His untimely death dealt a big blow to the financial services industry because many people looked up to him owing to his investment acumen. He headed the firm from 2007 and helped it gain a foothold in the industry after breaking away from JP Morgan Partners. He undertook this task with shrewdness, which ensured an increase in CCMP’s asset portfolio. Before his death reported by Bloomber Business, he sat on the boards of Amarak, Generac Power Systems and AMC Entertainment. Stephen studied at Boston College and Columbia Business School, where he distinguished himself as a keen debater on financial matters. He was also involved in various charitable initiatives. Of particular interest to him was the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and the Stamford Museum.