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The Riposte of Philanthropist and Political Activist George Soros

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George Soros is a Hungarian- American billionaire investor, philanthropist, and political activist. He is popularly known for his exceptional funding in politics. In the ongoing presidential campaigns, he has emerged as the leading funder for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. So far, he has donated over $25 million to boost Clinton and other Democratic candidates. According to his associates, Mr. George Soros is expected to give more as the election nears.

Close associates of Mr. Soros feel that he is more engaged in politics than he has never before. His strong faith in Clinton and their over 25 year’s relationship is the driving force beyond the substantial funding for the Democratic Party on He also feels Clinton will combat terrorism in the world. Besides, he felt that only Clinton can handle the issues that he has worked for and cared for many years such as criminal justice, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. Mr. Michael Vachon who is Soros political advisor says that the funding was even high before Trump became the Republican nominee.

Other Political Activists

Other influential liberals have also donated big chunks of money including Francisco Environmentalist Steyler who gave $31million, New York hedge founder Don Sussman $13.2 million and media moguls Haim Saban and Fred Eychner $11.1 million each but few has the impact of Soros.

The collective impact of the funding from different billionaires has been advantageous to Clinton over her Competitor Mr. trump. The massive funding enabled her to build a whining campaign system that dwarfs the Republican Party.

Further Funding From Mr. Soros

In June 2016, Soros donated $ 7 million to Priorities USA Action, which was meant to support Clinton. He has also committed $ 5 million to immigrant voters win that was aimed at increasing turnouts among Hispanic voters in the primary states.

Mr. Soros further committed $5 million to Voting rights Trust on Twitter, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting the Conservative idea to restrict voting. Since the organization’s tax code does not allow it to disclose its donors, it is believed that the funding from Mr. Soros to this organization might be more than the documented. Besides, it is estimated that Mr. Soros has donated more than $3 million to voter mobilization groups, which do not disclose their donors.

Past Political Activities

Mr. Soros was against Bush election and funded John Kerry in 2004. After Bush had emerged victoriously, Soros focused on charitable attention on international foundations to defend human rights, expand healthcare and education in the US and across the world as well as shaping the democratic process in Europe. On the other hand, Soros-backed Obama over Clinton in 2008, and later a difference emerged between the two due to the lack of aggressiveness in pursuing liberal priorities. Although he later backed Obama in the 2012 re-election, Soros regretted his idea and honored Clinton for her openness in policy discussion.

Why Reports Linking George Soros to Kasich’s Campaign are False

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There have been recent treacheries claiming that George Soros on politifact is sponsoring Republican candidate John Kasich’s presidential bid. Many believe this conspiracy is being fronted by leftists in order to shed the business magnate in bad light. They have even gone ahead to place an ad on the media claiming that millionaires with George Soros’ blessings are busy fundraising and bankrolling the candidate’s super PAC. Screen grabs of Kasich and Soros accompany the ad to show their supposed close association.

The notion that Soros is backing the contender through a network of shady operatives on has also caught the attention of mainstream media and blogs such as, which are circulating it at a very first rate. The ad first appeared in Wisconsin just before the April 5th Republican primaries in the state. It has now been discovered that it was paid for by a super PAC known as Trusted Leadership, which has been vocal in supporting Ted Cruz’s contention. Apparently, it was meant to discredit Kasich and help Cruz win the nominations.

Unraveling the Truth from Falsehoods

The impression that George Soros has been secretly behind Kasich’s presidential bid is nonsensical because the strict campaign financing rules disallows it. These are the sentiments of Tom Sutton, a political scientist based as the Baldwin Wallace University. The rules stipulate that all donations to a super PAC must be made public. In addition, there is no cap on the contributions. He further adds that Soros is free to donate to a super PAC of his choice just like any other American without hiding it.

There has been a two hundred thousand dollar-grant to a Kasich-related PAC known as the New Day for America. The donation was made by Scott Bessent, a key Soros ally, which has raised quite a storm. It should however be noted that since 2015 on, Bessent has supported Jeb Bush’s campaign to the tune of 5,000 dollars. Further to that, he has contributed 39,800 dollars to the Republican National Committee, a key decision making organ of the party. He has also supported Republican contender’s super PAC, Ready for Hillary, by giving it 25,000 dollars.

Another key player in Soro’s inner circle, Stanley Druckenmiler has previously backed the New Day for America giving it a whopping 450,000 dollar donation. Besides this, he has regularly given financial backing to super PACs supporting Republican candidates. What remains unclear is whether this was done with Soros’ knowledge. It is onS record that Soros supports the Democratic Party. Because of this, any attempts to connect him to Kasich’s election campaign ought to be treated as a misrepresentation. This is clearly a conspiracy. Members of the public have demanded that airing of the advert be stopped with immediate effect. So far, three television channels have stopped airing it.