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The Brown Modelling Agency With A Rich Past and A Richer Future

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Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, and Naomi Sims got their start in modeling with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Wilhelmina Cooper was a Dutch supermodel who created The Wilhelmina Agency. She knew that she could work with models in a different way than the male dominated industry was managing them. The Wilhelmina Modeling Agency worked with people of all ages and ethnic cultures, as well as individuals in the music and theatrical industries.


The Wilhelmina Modelling Agency became known globally as a premier agency whose reputation was that if you worked for Wilhelmina you automatically got a foot in the door. Another U.S. local Austin, Texas agency also carried a prominent reputation in the industry. The agency was known as the Heyman Talent-South Agency. The name that brought these two preeminent agencies together was Justin Brown.


Justin Brown began his career as a model both with the Wilhelmina Agency and the Heyman Talent Agency. In college Justin studied business management but he knew in his heart that he wanted to work in the modelling agency. After he graduated his first job that he applied to and was accepted was at The Wilhelmina Modelling Agency. Before long, he was managing models himself and years later he decided to create his own agency which he called The JB Models and Talent Agency.


Justin provided employment opportunities for models, actors, and children. With the help of his former contacts at the Wilhelmina National Agency and Heyman Talent, JB Models and Talent Agency became a name that designers asked for in their international runway shows and that advertisers requested from Justin’s portfolio. This propelled Justin Brown and his agency to top tier status.




It wasn’t long before JB Models and Talent Agency merged with the Heyman Talent-South Agency. The Heyman Talent-South Agency was developed by Michael B. Bonnee. The Heyman Agency also featured a division which supported actors in live stage productions. This division would now be a part of the JB Models and Talent Agency. Justin invited Mr. Bonnee to remain as the theatrical expertise. Check out



Justin changed the name of the new company to The Brown Agency. Today, The Brown Agency is one of the world’s most respected agency for young people who wish to work as models or to pursue an acting career. As a full-service entertainment agency, Justin and The Brown Agency is opening doors for his portfolio talent in fashion runways, commercial modeling campaigns, and varied acting jobs.


The Brown Agency has been headquartered in Austin, but with its exponential growth, they have opened offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. The clientele hiring The Brown Agency consists of luxury auto manufacturers, live auto shows, the Silicon Valley names in the IT industry, global cosmetic brand names, and more.

Fabletics: Trust-based Marketing Strategies

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Recently, people’s decision-making process got a boost in honesty. Previously, people used traditional advertising and marketing to determine final purchases. This created an unfair bias that favored companies. In fact, as online shopping began more popular, a lot of companies first viewed it as a chance to get over on their customers.

That abuse of power shifted customer behavior and opened the door for the power of the crowd. Now, people use online reviews to determine final purchases. There are numerous sources that people use during their regular researching of companies, but online reviews hold the most importance.

One study performed by L2 showed that people look up reviews while shopping more than they compare prices. This means that in most cases, people care more about product information than they care about pricing. This huge shift created a rift in the economy. Some companies refuse to acknowledge the power of the crowd, leading customers to seek out other options.

Smarter brands developed review-centric marketing strategies, embracing the power of the crowd. A lot of companies use reviews on the sites and in their promotions. BrightLocal discovered that more than 80 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

A lot of businesses use reviews in offers and promotions. When they place real reviews next to their own advertisements, it increases customer retention and ensures repeat customers. The only downside to crowdsourcing becoming so popular is companies producing their own fake reviews.

For authentic reviews, people look to websites and apps like Yelp and Trustpilot. Since last year, both these companies experience an increase in visitors and app downloads. Trustpilot reports 20,000 new visitors to their site every day. Sites like these are ensuring that the power stays with the crowd.

The crowd can easily affect any market. The activewear market is currently one of the most explosive movements in the country. Last year, U.S. consumers spent over $40 billion on activewear. That number is predicted to double within the next two years. This multibillion-dollar movement is being led by millennials.

Fabletics is one brand cashing in on the millennial craze. Fabletics offers on-trend fashion at affordable prices. The brand also has a culture about it that customers just love. To date, Fabletics generates $250 million in revenue every year.

A New Way to Clean Hair with WEN by Chaz Dean

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The regular shampoo contains harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate that can damage hair, yet many women continue to use them because they haven’t tried a great new way to clean hair. “No poo” shampoos that don’t lather do a much better job of gently cleansing hair without stripping natural oils or damaging color.

Don’t mistake a big lather with the quality of cleaning. Cleansers that foam seems like they do a better job; however, in reality, foaming is the result of a chemical reaction. What if there was a way to clean your hair without the damage? Women everywhere are choosing WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner instead of regular shampoo to replace their shampoo and conditioner product. WEN by Chaz Dean products are so popular because they work.

WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner comes in many formulas. The Mandarin Italian Fig and Sweet Almond Mint are two of the most popular types of cleansing conditioner. What all of these formulas have in common is that they leave hair soft and bouncy. Women who had given up on having a beautiful mane of hair have found that their hair dreams have come true after using WEN by Chaz Dean.Many of those who have seen the commercials featuring celebrities showing their results from using WEN Cleansing Conditioner have taken a chance and tried it themselves. Now, they are loyal users of “no poo” shampoo products like WEN. More information about WEN by Chaz Dean products is available at

Fabletics Uses Online Shopping For Individuals That Want New Workout Gear

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Fabletics is the new trend for people who are looking to purchase workout gear from the comfort of their own homes. Many people enjoy shopping online because it allows them to stay home and purchase the items they need. If you are someone who is interested in online shopping, you might have already looked into Amazon, they are the leading competitor for e-commerce in the fashion active gear world at least. If you have, you most likely have noticed that they are higher priced compared to other outlets who sell this type of gear. If you are interested in something that is a bit more comfortable or that is form fitting to your body type, Fabletics is something you should look into.


Kate Hudson decided to put her love for workout gear to good use and decided to make a company where comfort and active wear meet. For her, she knew what people wanted for comfort while working out or doing yoga and knew she could be of some help for people. She used this knowledge to her benefit and founded Fabletics.


When you see the commercials on tv for Fabletics, you see that you can join for only $25.00 down. You will receive your first outfit for only twenty five dollars and each following month after, the price will depend on what membership level you have decided to purchase. If you go with the VIP membership, you will be billed by credit card for $50 and this will give you the option to purchase a new active gear outfit. The active wear is going to arrive to your home and if you like it, you keep it. If you don’t like it, then you simply return it and wait for another one to arrive or you simply use a credit to obtain a new outfit for the same price that you already paid.


The idea of Fabletics is to allow shoppers to experience the buying world without ever shopping inside of a store. This is what people like about the membership programs. Sure, they could have opted for a standard store inside of a mall or shopping center however going with the current trends, everything is now being done online and Kate Hudson wanted to use this to her own advantage when founding Fabletics. For Fabletics, they do not care what you buy as long as you are buying something and fulfilling your membership deals. As long as you are paying for your membership, you will enjoy all the added perks. Some of those perks are great sales on activewear and gear. You can use those deals as presents to other people since you decide what you want or you can spend all that extra money on yourself and have a good amount of workout gear.