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Southridge Capital CEO Steven Hicks Begins Daystar Foundation

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Southridge Capital CEO Steven Hicks begins the Daystar Foundation as an organization that carries out strategic charitable functions within society to help the lives of those less fortunate and is in the need of a little help. Southridge is a global financial institution that provides financing as a private equity fund to corporations around the globe that total more than 250 in number. The company has landed more than $1.8 billion throughout the existence of the fund that has provided needed resources for public companies. Southridge Capital provides not only financing resources for companies but they also provide valuable information and perspective for acquisitions and mergers, debt and equity analysis, bankruptcy negotiation, and settlement services as well as various other business-related strategy functions. The Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital Steven Hicks has dedicated himself and his company’s resources to the benefit of various community charitable endeavors from various charities and faith-based organizations around the nation. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.


Southridge Capital provides not only monetary funds but also time investment in the organization’s and in the lives of the individuals that need the direct impact of the resources. With the establishment of the Daystar Foundation Scott Hicks and Southridge Capital has provided needed resources and help for multiple charitable organizations including Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation/Danbury Hospital, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, Ridgefield Community Center, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Walnut Community Hill Church, Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage, Lounsbury House, and Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association to name a few. These various organizations and charities provide very systematic and strategic benefits and resources to the community that add value and provide the needed help and hands-on efforts to eradicate some of the society‚Äôs charitable needs. In fact, Southridge Capital continues to provide volunteer team efforts to provide community leadership for the improvement of the community and to create opportunities for the Daystar Foundation to accomplish the charity efforts. Southridge Capital Chief Executive Officer Steven Hicks has provided the passion and resources to help eradicate some of the ill effects of some of the various plagues of society by providing necessary resources and volunteer help. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Paul Mampilly Greatest Idea In Facilitating Main Street Americans Make Income Through Providing Information

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Paul Mampilly has been one those few men who have achieved great deals in the financial sector. Direct from school, he debuted his career on Wall Street in the year 1991 where he made the countless impression due to his ability in handling financial matters and managing massive multibillion accounts for many investors. This achievement lead him to be appointed as a portfolio manager at the Deutsche Bank and sometime later at the ING. He also served as the manager at the Kinetics Asset Management and spearheaded the firm to reach an asset worth $25 billion named as one of the most successful up to date with an average of 26% in annual returns.

Sometime later, Paul Mampilly participated in a prestigious competition and was able to spur 50$ million investment funds for a start to return $88 million within 12 months. Who could have achieved this considering it was during the recession in the year 2009 and 2009. It was remarkable without a doubt. The pace at the Wall street was unfair as it was only producing huge profits to the rich one percent and he felt he could not continue and decided to shift his efforts elsewhere in the financial industry. It was this idea that triggered his mind to help the main street Americans learn how to make wealth for themselves through educating them about investment in technology, stock markets and any other viable business idea that would generate income.

Paul Mampilly reveals that he spends most of the time doing research about finance for his business and his crew. He conducts the research extensively and writes the write-ups which he goes through them again to ensure that they become winning portfolios for anyone who implements the recommendations he suggests. He delivers comprehensive details including data and charts to help his readers understand everything so that they can fully exploit the information while investing in stocks and this is how he manages to implement the ideas into successful businesses, and his Linkedin.

Who can compete Paul Mampilly in his perception of financial matters? He likes associating his ambitions with the current trends, and he has a comprehensive detail of Internet of Things megatrend and the millennial mega-trend which he usually takes as the pillar and peers to thrive his recommendations on all his services to the entrepreneurs’ fraternity. Paul Mampilly believes that internet of things will have the greatest impact in the production of products and delivery of services to every sector and that it is something that cannot be ignored or left out by any prospective investor. He says millennial trend comes into place in a way to help companies make mega profits when the high population of this millennium pours to the market to buy their products, and read full article.

Highland Capital: Number One Financial Solution

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Highlands Capital is a company that ensures that they stay on top of their competition when it comes to the financial field. Since its commencement, the company has continued to become one of the top financial business firms in Texas. Through their years active in the enterprise, they have managed to provide their clients with a variety of services, which help significantly regarding financial aid. The success of the company can be credited to the continuous efforts of their managerial staff, and of course, their employees who work extremely hard at providing customers with high-quality customer service, as well as lift the company’s position to where it is to this day.



The Highlands Capital founder, James Dondero, first started the company in the year 1993. Since he came up with the concept, James Dondero has consistently tried to alter and fine-tune his business in such a way that it fits the current market trends and situations. Through repetitively adjusting and industrializing the way they position their operations and performance when it comes to accommodating clients, they have managed to keep their stagnant position as the number one financial business firm in the industry. The Highland Capital Company also holds office outside of its main office in Dallas, but aside from this location, they have also managed to expand all over the world.



As far as the services they provide, Highland Capital Management makes sure that all areas of finance are taken cared of and covered. Their services will often start by informing their customers of the latest market trends and assist in their investment undertakings which they can initiate to significantly and more efficiently grow their wealth. The company has also given solutions to those individuals as well as large corporations who are in need of financial care. Since the company is very interested and dedicated to providing excellent service to their customers, they ensure that all clients and potential business partners receive high-end customer care. For some clients that do not know how to flourish their wealth in such a way that they don’t lose anything, they can sometimes have a hard time deciding on things to do, which is why Highlands Capital has been one of the companies that can provide solutions and better decisions when it comes to money.