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Improve Your Health With Organo Organic Coffee

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Organo, formerly known as Organo Gold, is a business that manufactures organic coffee. If you drink coffee, switching to organic can help you live a longer, healthier life. Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent cancer and other serious diseases. Health oriented coffee is becoming more popular and sought after thanks to these studies. In order for coffee to be certified organic, it must be roasted on one that roasts organic green beans only. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo coffee is a brand of organic products that you can trust. The ingredients in the products are: ganoderma spore seed powder, grape seed oil, organic green tea, organic ganoderma lucidum and arabica coffee. Organo Gold are filled with antioxidants to help boost your immune system and prevent free radicals. The company founded in 2008, has their entire line of products available online through their official website. Many consumers are thrilled with Organo coffee, stating that it is much more smooth and aromatic compared to popular store brands.

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Organo sells cafe latte’s, cafe mocha’s, gourmet black coffee, green tea, red tea, hot cocoa and Black Ice. They also sell a variety of body care products such as: protein powders, supplements and grape seed oil capsules for optimal health. The main ingredient in their products is ganoderma. Ganoderma is used to treat cardiac arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Ganoderma helps prevent stroke, calms your nerves, increases focus and reduces stress. Many doctors have prescribed this ingredient to reduce skin inflammation, treat allergies and bronchial asthma.

Organo is a highly reputable company that is continuing to grow. They currently operate in over 50 countries. Organo provides regional leadership, a fully staffed support team and individual country management. You can even earn an income by becoming a distributor for the Organo company. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

A Glimpse into What Nathaniel Ru is investing in to Re-define the Food Industry

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It is the desire of most legacy restaurant companies to look exactly like the much emulated Sweetgreen. If they would be given an opportunity to start from scratch, that is what they would do to achieve the coveted status. Sweetgreen being a high-end salad chain has received the backing of big names and investors like Danny Meyer, Daniel Bouloud, and Steve Case. It is well-known in the food industry for its fresh, healthy, organic dishes. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru is the co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru states that all they are interested in is to serve people with delicious and quality food. Georgetown University has been a top partner, through its class mate, who have created an App, a technology Ru states has become part of the DNA of the Sweetgreen. The same good recipe is served in more than 40 locations of Sweetgreen’s outlets.


Getting to understand Nathaniel Ru better

The trio has retreated to redraw their management strategies going forward, and one of them is to completely shut down the corporate offices five times per year to come close to their customers. An example is a recent office in Los Angeles, which operates without any headquarters. Nathaniel Ru notes that all this is a plan to decentralize the headcount. Learn more:


In a short interview with Nathaniel Ru, he advises young people, especially those below the age of 20 years to read more books. Nathaniel Ru says that it is where the secret of success lies. Ru looks up to Kevin Plank, who’s worked with Under Armour, a company Ru identifies as standing for something bigger and worthy of emulation.


Background information and the passion in the food sector

Nathaniel Ru attended the Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business in the year 2007, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He and his two other classmates founded the Sweetgreen, a seasonal kitchen specializing in fast foods. It focuses on local sourcing and environmental sustainability. Learn more:


Nathaniel broadened his ideas in 2010 when he and his partners launched Sweetlife, which has become the region’s largest food and music festival. It attracts more than 200,000 attendees, with the assemblage of top chefs, food trucks and farmers. They source food products from these farmers as well as local purveyors. Nathaniel Ru has made sure that Sweetlife embraces healthy, good living, community sustainability and the overall well-being of the citizens. Learn more: