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Sometimes a Parent’s Love Is the Best Medicine

Published / by wincare

A new Go Fund Me campaign is working to raise funds for autism research. This is, in itself, a very important cause. But what makes it even more significant is the nature of the campaign. It’s essentially bolstering an already viable means of raising money, attention, and donations for research into the nature of autism. And it’s doing so in a fun and exciting way. The cause, Autism Rocks, seeks to help autism research by hosting rock concerts by famous performers with especially big hearts.

But while those stars might be in the spotlight, it’s organizer Sanjay Shah who might well have the biggest heart of all. Sanjay had the inspiration when his primary focus was still working with hedge funds. He had a chance meeting with Snoop Dogg, and that prompted him to consider just how celebrity can impact people’s lives. He’d already had solid connections within the music industry which he knew he might be able to leverage to do some good in the world.

And the exact nature of the cause was always apparent to Sanjay. One of his children is autistic, and that’s long been a central part of Sanjay’s life. Parents of autistic children always find themselves wishing that they could better understand what was going on in the mind of their child. But past a certain point the only way to know is through scientific investigation of the condition. Though Sanjay Shah is adamant that he’s in no way searching for a cure. His love is unconditional, and the only thing he wants is to better understand his child. He wouldn’t want to change a single thing about him.

This view of autism might be surprising to someone looking at it from the outside. But many, or even most, parents of autistic children would agree. A parent loves his or her child for who they are, not who they might be had circumstances been different. For those parents autism research isn’t hope for a cure. It’s hope that they might be better able to build a bridge of communication with their children. And there’s something really wonderful about the idea that music might be able to help do so.