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Global Economic Crisis Predicted By George Soros

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The state of the global economy seems to be weighing heavily on the mind of hedge fund expert George Soros if we examine a report by Bloomberg detailing an interview with the Hungarian born financial legend. Over recent months George Soros has revealed his concerns over the state of the global economy and political situation evolvoing throughout the world; Soros is pointing to the disintegrating siuations found in the Chinese economy and Europe as the keys to a repeat of the 2008 economic slowdown lurking in the background.

George Soros is well known around the world for his skills as a hedge fund manager, which has afforded him a personal fortune estaimated at over $25 billion; the hedge fund expert broke records during his time as an active member of the financial markets with his fund growing at an average of around 20 percent each year. Despite his success, George Soros has never lost sight of the problems he faced as a refugee following the end of the Second World War. George Soros traveled across Europe after surviving the Holocaust and eventually made his way to London to study economics before arriving in New York to establish his hedge fund. The legendary financial expert continues to fight for the rights of refugees through his chartitable works and donations made to many good causes. Know more:

The issues detailed by George Soros for the movement towards a global meltdown rivaling that of 2008 include the rise of problems in the Chinese economy, which has been a driving force behind global trade over recent decades. China is facing a changing economy that has seen a shift from investment and manufacturing towards a more consumption based model. Soros believes Chinese officials are struggling to cope with the changing markets and must adapt quickly to avoid the problems facing the economy worsening. Coupling this with a continuing crisis in Europe unfolding as refugees flood into the continent to escape the Syrian war with ISIS, and the world looks set for a gloomy future in the eyes of George Soros.