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Barbara Stokes and her Innovation Efforts that Shaped GSH of Alabama

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The current CEO of GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes is known for her proven leadership and greater vision that helped the firm to show excellent growth in the recent years. The Alabama-based manufacturing company has set an example in the industry with its innovative housing models that are environment-friendly, low cost, and energy-efficient homes. Since she became the CEO of the firm in 2011, GSH diversified its services and brought the latest technology into its plants. Her efforts, stringent quality measures, and thoughts for innovation have helped the firm to win multiple FEMA contracts worth many million dollars in the recent years. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


As a disaster relief construction servicer and contractor, the firm, under the leadership of Stokes, entered three major contracts with FEMA in the last two years. In September 2016, FEMA together with Department of Homeland Security awarded a contract to include a fully automatic fire suppression system in all the new homes manufactured by GSH for the Federal government. It was a technology designed and developed by GSH in 2015 under the technology innovation mission of Barbara Stokes. Interestingly, the value of the contract was $7.8 million with a completion date set in April 2017.


A month later, FEMA along with the Department of Homeland Security offered another contract to build modern modular homes as part of the relief efforts after the Baton Rouge flood in Louisiana. The contract worth $12.7 million had a completion date of March 2017. In September 2017, GSH got one more contract from FEMA to construct modular homes in the Hurricane Harvey hit areas as part of the relief efforts. The contract awarded to the company for $28.5 million with a completion deadline of March 2018. The successive government contracts proved that the innovation mission and diversity efforts of Stokes helped the firm to grab the reputation of a premier provider in the sector.



Interestingly, Stokes was coming to GSH with the experience from Boeing – the leading aircraft maker – and Pisces Corporation – an agricultural products firm. She has the deep understanding of government contracts, and it helped GSH to get significant contracts from both the Federal government and FEMA. Under her leadership, the firm began a hiring spree in October 2017 in six states to meet the growing needs of manufacturing professionals. Stokes confirmed that the firm would add these jobs in North Carolina, Minnesota, Alabama, Virginia, Texas, and Pennsylvania.


Barbara Stokes added that the job creation is to support the relief efforts of the government in the Hurricane-hit communities. She completed her graduation in Biomedical Engineering from the renowned Mercer University before starting her career. Stokes has deep expertise in Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Manufacturing Management, Properties of Materials and Structures. She also takes part in the philanthropic and community support services in her locality. Read more at Business Insider.