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Rick Smith’s Journey of Innovation to Make Securus Technologies Successful

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In July 2015, Securus Technologies announced that it had signed a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement allowing it to acquire JPay Inc., a technology company responsible for introducing electronic payments, email and other educational and entertainment apps to the corrections facility space. At the time of acquisition, JPay operated in over 33 state prison systems.

Speaking about the acquisition, Rick Smith, its chief executive officer, said that the transaction thrust Securus into the fastest growing segments in corrections, which include inmate tablets, emails, and payments. He noted that after announcing the intended purchase in April 2015, the company had gone ahead and secured the debt and equity funding and the necessary approvals from the relevant bodies before closing the deal.

The transaction propelled Securus Technologies into a position that enables it to offer high technology and software-based services needed by correctional agencies to operate a modern jail or prison efficiently. The transaction came at the most opportune time allowing the two companies to combine their products. Smith notes that the realization that JPay was an innovative force in the industry, which had exhibited a continued success, made the acquisition necessary.

In addition to serving over 1.2 million inmates across North America, Securus currently serves more than 2, 450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies. In October 2016, the facility published some selected comments commending them on the use of technology to prevent and solve crimes.

While talking about the same, Rick Smith noted that on average, they develop a new product or service every week to help law enforcement and correction officials solve and prevent crimes. This has seen them receive thousands of emails and letters regarding what they build and how what they do helps in keeping society, inmates, their families and parolees safe.

Finding Fugitives on the Run with Securus Technologies

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Once I get the call a fugitive is loose in the city, I make use of any possible resource in order to bring a close to the case. When I was told to get my team together because a dangerous couple were robbing stores, homes, and banks in the area, I had to step up my efforts. The first thing we did was plaster their pictures on every news station that would run the story.


We rely heavily on help from the public, and many times a tip from an informant breaks these cases wide open. The reason this was such a concern today was because this couple was carrying weapons and they were not afraid to use them. Three people were hurt already, and we feared they may kill the next one. With so much heat on them, these fugitives can become unpredictable fast.


One resource that I use often involves heading to the local prison. If the facility has a call monitoring system for the inmates installed by Securus Technologies, we take advantage. The system is in 2,600 jails around the country, and it helps us to collect key information from those people who know crime better than anyone, the inmates. My plan was to first make my presence known in the jail, then see if anyone used the phones to talk about why I was there.


Didn’t take but a few hours because these younger punks began running their mouths on the phone about how our suspects were moving in on their turf and that they would pay if he was out. He mentioned his crew was hunting them because they owed him money, and they knew a few places they hid. We decided to use his information and set up a sting. The next day our fugitives walked right into the trap thanks to the information from the Securus Technologies inmate call system.


Securus Technologies Is Providing Investigative Solutions

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There is a lot that Securus Technologies is doing for its clients. This is the reason why the name of Securus Technologies is at the top of mind for everyone who wants technological help during investigations.

Securus Technologies provides Investigative Solutions. These are meant to identify the data that will be required during investigations. Now, this data is to be stored so that it can be used later. This is where Securus Technologies will play a role as they need to identify the means to store this data so that it remains safe, secure and useable even after years of storage.

Next step will be to analyze this important data. This would help to pinpoint what exactly is required in the investigations. This way only that data can be kept that will help the authorities in their investigations.

The investigative tools here would include advanced data analytics. This is because a large amount of data may have to be processed in order to filter what is required and what can be destroyed. Besides, too much data can also lead to time wastage besides higher frequency of errors.

Next is voice biometric identification as well as verification solutions. This is a great help for authorities at the correction facilities. Besides, they can help in making the Facilities safe for the inmates once all have been identified as well as verified. It helps to reduce the inmates-on-inmates crimes too.

There are several cases that have been solved by these investigative tools from Securus Technologies. Besides, they are innovating these tools all the time in order to keep pace with the changing requirements. Hence they are always asking for feedback from the jail authorities so that they can improvise the products and present the latest and updated products and services to their clients.

Securus Technologies Wins the Prestigious Gold Stevie® Award

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A leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions of different types, Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has a primary emphasis on developing and implementing technology solutions that achieve a number of important objectives. These include public safety, criminal investigation, corrections, and offender monitoring.


Securus Technologies announced that it was awarded a prestigious Gold Stevie® Award in 2017. Securus Technologies won the designated in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. This is the 11th year the awards have been given to companies like Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is gratified with obtaining this significant distinction. Many businesses across the globe consider this to be a major honor.


The 2017 awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. in Las Vegas. Well over 600 executives from companies based around the world were in attendance for the ceremony.


Securus Technologies was one of 2,300 nominations submitted in 2017. 77 judges vetted the nominees.


One of the significant considerations of the judges is an analysis of the impact a nominee like Securus Technologies makes on the community. One of the prime objectives of Securus Technologies in regard to its services and products is enhancing community safety.


In considering a nomination, the judges also focus on issues relating to customer service. This is an area in which Securus Technologies scores well.


When it comes to customer service, the judges looked at a variety of factors, including how a company like Securus Technologies resolved problematic situations. The judges also consider whether a company demonstrates an overall improvement in customer service from one year to the next.


Securus Technologies provides comprehensive services, products and solutions to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. These are agencies located across North America. The company serves various needs of over 1.2 million inmates located in facilities in North America.



Telephone Calling Services Challenge between Securus Technologies and GTL to Be Determined By Independent Technology Judge

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It is evident that the competition battle between the giant providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to correctional facilities is on. Securus believes it has the best telephone calling services in Texas. However, Global Tel Link (GTL) is opposed to that opinion and believe that their solutions are far much better that those provided by Securus.


Apart from the telephone calling platforms, the dilemma is also on who has the best customer care services as well as the cost-effective solutions.


Securus Technology CEO welcomed the challenge after confirming that GTL Company claimed to be the leaders in the market. Richard, felt like this is an insult considering the amount of the amount of investment Securus have invested since 2013. Besides, the Securus CEO feels that GTL has invested a relatively lower amount compared to their $700million investment in their business. Securus bears this feeling due to the number of firms they have acquired, the improvement they have done to their Technology and Customer Care Centers.


Securus welcomes the challenge since they provide bigger and important set of products and services to the correctional facilities. Securus uses trained field technicians as compared to the GTL outsourced staffs who are not committed to effective customer services. Besides, Securus Technologies is the best as it offers the latest calling platforms. GTL has not yet upgraded the calling platforms to VOIP. Furthermore, the majority of the customers who have used solutions and experienced their customer services from both firms, say that Securus is the best.


Securus has the incomparable technological capabilities that will continue to maintain them ahead of GTL and other competitors. Some of the technologies abilities already in place include DirectHit, CellBlox, Primonics, Voice Biometrics, and Text to Connect as Well as Securus Calling Platforms among others.


Therefore, with these technologies and dedicated customer care services, there is no doubt that Securus Technologies will win the challenge.

Securus Overcomes Obstacles Of The Industry To Achieve A+ Rating

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According to the ACLU, over 2.7 million children have at least one parent in prison. And it is well-known that America imprisons more of its citizens per capita than any other country around the world. This can have a deleterious effect on our youth as losing a parent to prison has shown to have the same effect on a child as the death of that parent.


But there is one company making it easier on families that have a loved one in prison. Securus is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services to prisons around the country. They service over 1.2 million inmates and they should all count themselves lucky to have such an ethical company servicing them.


Securus not only offers telephone services but also provides audio chat services. This can have a beneficial effect on children because they can virtually visit with their parent through the use of technology. They can bring their parent into their home to help them with homework, to join them at a birthday party, or to just get some advice. And the prices of the services are incredibly reasonable which has caught the eye of the Better Business Bureau.


The Better Business Bureau recently taxed an A+ rating onto Securus. This is saying a lot, considering its customer base. Calling a prison cannot be fun for anybody but Securus makes it as painless as possible to achieve this rating. They employ a 220 Seat Call Ctr. to resolve any issues, pick up calls within an average of 11 seconds and resolve 99% of issues on the first call. Their exemplary business model has inspired them to voluntarily get accredited by the business bureau as well. The BBB has accredited Securus after finding the company to be rife with integrity, transparency, honesty and a commitment to privacy.


Investigator Pro 4.0 Makes Monitor Inmate Phone Calls More Effective

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There is a newer version of the software that law enforcement and investigators use to monitor phone calls in jails and prisons. Called Securus Investigator Pro 4.0, this newest version of the program provides more robust features that make the jobs of investigators simpler and more effective. With the newly added features allowing for the sampling of individual voices as well as tagging them into groups and categories, Investigator Pro 4.0 makes it possible for investigators to match selected vocal sequences to other samples within their database. With a confidence rating that alerts investigators to the potential accuracy of a match between two samples, it is easier for police detectives to monitor the phone activity of inmates and those whom they are calling. It also allows them to gather much more information from each phone call. Law enforcement investigators now have a more effective means of monitoring who is being associated with both inside and outside of jail.

This helps detectives keep us safe within the community. The upgraded software provides a means of monitoring phone use of inmates known for gang activity, drug manufacturing and sales, and more.

The software allows police to scan a database for potential matches to a selected voice sample, letting them know the identity of the inmate speaking on the call, as well as providing the ability to associate inmates with certain phone numbers. It also gives them the opportunity to know if the person that they have called has ever been incarcerated there before. Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 also solves a problem that has been plaguing the jail and prison phone systems for a long time. Due to the exceptionally high phone rates inside these facilities, which often exceed 7 times the rates paid by civilians, many inmates are unable to use the phones to make calls of their own. The previous system relied on inmate PIN numbers. If an inmate let someone place a call on their PIN, detectives may mistakenly associate the person called with the wrong inmate. With this new vocal sampling feature and the ability to scan and match voices across the database, this problem is effectively eliminated.

To learn more about Securus and Investigator Pro 4.0, click here.


Securus Technologies Gives Inmate Communication a Facelift with Their New Technology

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Receive Inmate Phone Calls or Visit Incarcerated loved ones from Home with the Best Criminal Solution Provider 

Dallas, Jan 13, 2016: Today, Securus Technologies, a technology solution provider against criminal and civil justice, announced that it has introduced the new services: at-home or video visitation and AdvancedConnect. 

Securus Technologies, through at-home or video visitation service, offers an online meet up with incarcerated loved ones. The meet up would solely require a web camera, a computer, and the internet connection. On the other hand, an AdvancedConnect service is a prepaid calling service that allows its users to receive calls from offenders. The service charges will automatically deduct from the prepaid account. 

To avail both services, users need to create an online account with Securus Technologies. Through that online account, the users can schedule a meeting or start receiving incoming calls within no time. Both services will be accessible to its users through 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Moreover, both service accounts will need to be charged with some funds. As long as the service accounts are charged, people will be able to have inmate communication with their friends, colleagues and family. 

“Over the past three years, we have, to acquire and to develop numerous safety, protection, and efficacy associated products, spent $600 million”, said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Securus Technologies Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith. “For this sake, we required supplementing sales resource to increase product set. Therefore, we can efficiently provide our services to people or society”.

The purpose of these services is to facilitate people by saving their time, money, and energy. As users, according to their availability, can suitably schedule meetings with their imprisoned friends and family. Besides, this service aims to help people by saving them from the hassle of jail visits where they need to wait long hours to meet their loved ones. 

More About Securus Technologies

Its head office is located in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections, public safety, criminal handling, and law implementing organizations. Alongside, it serves more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Furthermore, it provides technology solution services including instance management, communication data service, prisoner self-service, investigation information service, biometric analysis service, and public information service. Overall, the company’s purpose is to make our world a peaceful as well as a good place to live. To know more about our services, please visit our website. 

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