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The Story of Yeonmi Park’s Defection

Published / by wincare

If anyone has ever wondered what life can be like living in North Korea, then looking towards author Yeonmi Park is a very good example. Park, or “Park Yeon-mi” has come into the spotlight as a huge human rights activist and her recent autobiography on Amazon called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is proof of this. In the book, Park goes into full detail about her life experiences, including how well she viewed the world that she knew at a young age to learning about the true terrors of the Kim Jong-Il regime to finally what life was like outside of North Korea. In her book she also discusses how strange the concept of freedom was to her, even as she went into neighboring countries like China and Mongolia before heading to South Korea, and also talks about not being fooled by the new rule of Kim Jong-un right now. Of course, much of this tale isn’t possible to hear if Park never escaped from North Korea in the first place. She was originally born in Hyesan, a North Korean city. Park’s mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father worked as a civil servant for the Worker’s Party at the Hyesan town hall. Her family was considered to be wealthy for her youth, but sadly they began seeing struggles as time went on. These struggles started when her fathered was arrested and sent to a concentration labor camp, after being accused of smuggling and insider trading. Park finally realized the truth about Kim Jong-Il and the oppressiveness of his regime after watching a pirated movie, thus began her need to seek out real freedom. So her and her family made the daring movie to try and escape North Korea, with her father’s help. They enlisted the help of human traffickers when it came time for them to make it into China and then Mongolia. Eventually the family made it to South Korea, but in the process she had learned her father died of colon cancer after opting to stay behind.