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Lime Crime the bold makeup company everyone is talking about!

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Lime Crime is a makeup company with bold pigmented colors like no other on the market. A company that is Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Lime Crime has stores located in Valley Village, California and in the Urban Outfitters Herald Square in NYC. They also have shops in Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Don’t forget an amazing vivid website with all your kick-ass and deadly bold styles to fit into any personality.

Their website is, is a must see,you will be blown away. My favorite, the “Shop the Look” page is a must see. You get to see all of the amazing makeup Lime Crime has to offer on people, and you really get to see the colors and products come to life.

Lets talk a little about lip styles from Lime Crime. Every girl knows never leave the house without lips complete. Let me tell you about some of the products for your lips. Beautiful Velvetines! It is an Original Liquid-To Matte Lipstick. So may colors to choose from. Unicorn Lipsticks, an absolutely divine lipstick with loads of pigment for your most bold days. Carousel Gloss is the gloss beyond glossy. It has unbelievable shine with sparkles. Who doesn’t love sparkle! Oh, did I forget to mention it is pigmented like a lipstick. Really a must try.

Take a good look at a great priced item that has many shinny glittery colors called the Zodiac Glitter for you eyes. You guessed it, inspired by the zodiac. You also need to check out the liquid eyeliners that are hyper-pigmented. Lime Crime also has your bold nail polish fetishes available on come to life.

A great seller, and always talked about, is Venus the grunge palette. The colors are amazing! I cannot say enough about this palette. Lets talk about some of those bold beautiful colors in this palette. Venus the velvet matte, Shell a pink glowing color, Aura the pearlescent ivory, Creation is a nice rust brown, Icon a dark brown, Rebirth is a color just like a over-ripe nectarine, Divine a dusty stone color and finally Muse, not the band, but a deep burgundy red in a matte finish.

Exclusive looks your friends will be talking about. Loaded with every product to complete your look, for a night on the town or your grandmother’s backyard party. The products are not just in your face, they also have a side to them that can be butterfly like and fancy, without the shock. This brand Lime Crime has everything you want to express yourself the way you always wanted too. It is like my favorite 80’s and 90’s music artist come to life. Really true amazing colors in all of their products. Bold, bright and so now!