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Market America On The Different Forms Of Marketing

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Market America is helping to bring the latest form of marketing to the masses. There have been plenty of different phases and trends in marketing. Before the internet, businesses relied on fliers and advertisements in order to bring their products to the attention of the public. Then the internet has come and advertising as well as marketing has become a little more cost effective. With the advent of social media, people have found new ways to market their products and make some sales. Other new methods of marketing have emerged such as email marketing, social media marketing and other methods.

While all of these methods have had their times of effectiveness, there is a new type of marketing that customers are looking for. This form of marketing is called individualized marketing. This type of marketing involves the use of data to market to the individual. Market America believes in this type of marketing because it is the most effective. After all, a customer is ultimately going to buy what he wants no matter how many times an item is marketed to him. However, a little bit of marketing is needed for sake of awareness. The only thing that is not necessary is pushiness.

Market America has the tools and the insights to help marketers thrive in the new trend of individualistic marketing. This also allows marketers to be able to learn about the best ways to use the different platforms. For instance, marketers that know how to engage in social media will use it to their best advantage. Market America is looking for not only skilled and experienced marketers but also newcomers that are willing to learn the ways of internet marketing so that they can succeed. They can choose from among the best products and spread awareness of their chosen products for sales.

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3 Adwords Tips From Top Digital Marketing Agency White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been in business since 2011. Over the last 5 years they have helped thousands of small and medium sized businesses grow their business using Google Adwords.


If you have ever tried to use Google Adwords you know there is a lot to learn. And if you don’t understand the ins and outs of the service you could easily lose thousands of dollars on a single campaign.


To help you avoid some of the mistakes most beginners make, here are 3 tips White Shark Media has for all Google Adwords beginners.


#1 – Don’t Focus On Just One Metric


Most newbies will focus only on the ads that bring them the most clicks. The problem with this strategy is that just because an ad gets a ton of clicks doesn’t mean its making you any money.


So not only do you need to look at clicks, but you also need to look at conversion rates, CTR (click through rates), conversions, average conversion value and cost per conversion.


#2 – Your Ads Must Be Relevant


When someone clicks on your ad it must be relevant to the copy they just read. In other words, If your ad copy says, “click here to learn how to get 6 pack abs in 90 days“, it can’t redirect to a site talking about politics. If your ad is not relevant Google will not approve it.


On the other hand, when your ads are relevant you will notice your cost per click will go down and your click through rates will go up.


#3 – Always Include A Call To Action


A call to action has two main purposes. First it will direct the user to perform a certain task, and secondly it will let the user know exactly what they will be getting if they click through.


According to, A few examples of a call to action include call today, book your trip, order now, get your free estimate and sign up for our list. A good call to action is what will get the user to click your ad and take action.