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The Charitable Works of Dick DeVos

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It is inspirational when an individual or a family make the conscious decision to give back in gratitude for the blessings they have received in their lives. That is the case with Dick DeVos, an individual who worked his way to great wealth and along with his wife, Betsy, created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.  DeVos uses this foundation as a vehicle to manage the many charitable interests his family supports throughout the country and the world.

It was estimated that in 2013, their foundation donated $7 million through their foundation to charitable causes. The IRS reported that they gave 121 donations ranging in value from $1 million to $250. These  donations by the DeVos family have managed to lead to a real improvement in both their home state of Michigan and all across the world.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It has been a productive 30 years that Dick and Betsy DeVos have been married and giving back has been a large part of their lives. Dick graduated from a public high school in Michigan and went to Northwood University. He began his career by going to work for the Amway Corporation, working his way up to vice president of Amway International in 1984.  He was very successful in building their expansion into 18 countries and in 1991 DeVos became President of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball franchise. It was in 1993 that he returned to Amway as President and again had the magic touch that led to unprecedented sales and profitability.

Giving back has been important from the beginning for the DeVos family. They have put their personal interests and charitable donations into many worthy projects including, Willow Creek Association, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Spectrum Health System, RDV Corporation, Revitalizing downtown Grand Rapids and Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. With each donation, Dick is a living example of the value of giving back to the community and the power that gift can have to make the world a better place.

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Jaime Garcia Dias: The New Face of Brazilian Literature

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Brazilian literature has always played a prominent role in Latin America’s cultural development. However, the recent past has experienced what many Latin American literature observers have called a dearth of great authors from Brazil. In response, a number of Brazilian authors have come out strongly to try and revive the glory and grandeur of Brazilian literature and reclaim its preeminent role in South America. One such author and blogger is Rio de Janeiro’s Jaime Garcia Dias.

Born in 1970 to author and journalist, Arnaldo Dias and his architect wife, Jaime Garcia Dias was inducted into literature at a very young age. As the idiom goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Encouraged early by his father who too had great love for literature, he began writing and reading some of Brazil’s finest literary works at an early age. Soon he had his first book published, largely inspired by The Devil to Pay in the Blacklands by Joao Guimaraes Rosa. He would go on to author ten books by the time he hit 30 in 2000. In addition, it brought him to the attention of other literary greats in South America like Josue Gomez of Argentina who began to actively promote his works throughout Latin America and beyond.

Garcia’s success at a young age and contribution to Brazilian literature was not limited to authorship of wonderful books alone. At a tender age of 25, he started working at Carioca Literature Academy as a professor. Tasked with guiding would-be authors, he was so effective in his job that by age 27 he had been made the academy’s vice president. 10 years later when the academy was celebrating its 100th anniversary, he was made its president. By then he was only 37. As president of this prestigious academy, he has vastly expanded its support for up-coming authors in Brazil thus ensuring that Brazil will always have a fresh supply of authors to maintain its glorious literary heritage.

In 2013 Garcia Dias followed the footsteps of his father by beginning a weekly column for Jornal do Brasil, one of the most popular newspapers in Brazil. A collection of these articles formed the basis of his most recent work, and when used in video production >are included on his Vimeo. In this novel, he discusses his childhood as well as his father’s memory.

At only 45, it is not an exaggeration to say that Garcia Dias has done an extraordinary job in advancing Brazilian literature. Many authors rarely publish 20 books in the course of their lives. Yet, that is what Dias has achieved at only 45. More importantly he has ensured that Brazil will in the foreseeable future remain a prominent player in the literary world thanks to his excellent job as president of Carioca Literature Academy.