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Chicago’s Top Marketing Experts

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Chicago has a thriving and vibrant business community. In the area of high end marketing there are a few individuals that stand out above the rest. Following are profiles of some of these marketing leaders.
Jeanine M. Gaffe is a Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Insink Erator. She is recognized as an expert at repositioning and rebranding in order to take a company to even greater success. She also has a knack for enhancing enterprise value in the area of sales and stock price. Some of her specialties include:
* Using ground up brand strategy to revitalize a business.
* Using the ensemble approach to foster maximum leadership.
* Using digital offerings to modernize marketing methods.
* Being able to build bench strength by developing leading multicultural talent.

Andrew Miller has been employed by AON since 2010. His current position is Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing. One of his main duties includes managing teams in the U.S, UK, and Singapore with a focus in brand strategy, in-house agency operation, and cross business collaboration designed to promote growth and efficiency.

Majeed Ekbal is a senior marketing executive with a specialty in marketing and advertising. He is currently working independently. Ekbal is a marketing and new business development executive with 15 years of experience. He can be equally adept at global marketing campaigns and spearheading new business operations.
Ekbal has demonstrated an ability to work well with direct and digital marketing, branding, partnership development, and budget management. He also has the ability to generate revenue, and put together successful marketing strategies. He has been able to assemble and manage large and diverse teams.

Suzanne Nartin is a CMO and marketing VP. She currently works for Business Marketing Association Chicago. The Business Marketing Association Chicago offers B2B marketing professionals a path to success by using innovative thinking. This has been a staple of Martin’s marketing career. Her specialties include:
* Transforming businesses in order for them to reach their highest performance level.
* Designing brand strategy for maximum value.
* Combining account sales and account management to create positive results.
* For Business Business Marketing Association Chicago she implemented a digital marketing management certification course by partnering with Loyola University.

Ricardo Tosto; Why He Is A Brilliant Brazillian Lawyer

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Lawyers perform very distinct roles within the legal profession. They represent the largest sector in legal employment, and they work in firms ranging from small to large firms that have local and international offices. The roles of a lawyer depend on a variety of factors though generally, they are needed to possess excellent interpersonal, communication as well as organizational skills that play a very big role in problem-solving. In a simple definition, a lawyer can be defined as a professional who defends a person or entity in a court of law.

In the courtroom, the lawyer acts on behalf of the client and puts across opinions and voices of the client in the most appropriate manner before the courtroom. However, it is important to note that different types of lawyers perform different responsibilities and may be needed to represent the client in meetings, in a court of law, in business transactions as well as in any other important functions or proceedings where law is supposed to be among the topics discussed.

Regardless of whether the client is involved in a civil or criminal litigation, they are most likely to attend to some form of legal proceeding where they are needed to make client representation and also advise the client on the best way to proceed with the case.

A lawyer is however not confined to appearing in court only; there are a lot of other background work that they do so as to pursue a legal case. In this light, lawyers need to possess some special character traits and attributes so as to excel in the profession.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer of good repute in Brazil. He is a specialist in areas related to banking contracts, credit recovery, acquisition review, reorganization, business restructuring, election law, administrative law, civil and commercial law as well as power concessions.

He is well endowed with experience and has previously worked with a Brazilian legal management company as the head of the Human Resource department. He is also a former President of the Brazilian Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committee that has played a very integral role in reforming the judicial system in the country.

When it comes to matters related to community service, he is a writer who writes in legal and political issues and gives lectures on the same. His articles have appeared on various magazine and newspaper columns where they have helped readers get a better grasp of legal matters. He has also co-authored a book about the Brazilian legal system.