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Sergio Cortes Works With Xerém

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Disease is one of the things that many people do not think about after a flood. Most people are worried about cleaning up their homes and finding their loved ones, but they do not focus on the fact that they could get deathly ill if they continue to drink tap water and do not take measures to sanitize it. The diseases that can come from flood waters include hepatitis A, dengue and any other type of communicable diseases. People who drink water after the flood may feel fine immediately following, but the situation can quickly deteriorate for them.

Hypochlorite can be used for people who want to drink something other than bottled water and who may want to bathe in the water from their home. They can use the chemical to take any germs out of the water. They can also use it in their water tanks at home to ensure that the water that is coming into the home to be sanitized. After flooding has occurred, most emergency services will be able to pass out hypochlorite to people who need it. It is a small step that is able to save many lives from diseases and illness as a result of flooding.

Sergio Cortes, the secretary of health, has been working endlessly to help people after the flood. According to this Extra article, he has now begun focusing his efforts on making sure that nobody gets sick after the flooding. Now that many of the people have been accounted for and injured people are being properly taken care of, Sergio Cortes fo sergiocortesofficial wants to make sure that people know that they cannot drink the water after the flooding. He has also set up hydration centers for people to come and get the clean water that they need after the flood.

Flooding is detrimental not only because it can cause loss of home, business and even life, but it can also take months to clean up after it has occurred. People who have gone through floods can recognize that there are many issues that come after the flooding. A lack of food, looting and contaminated waters are just a few. Contaminated waters are, perhaps, one of the most dangerous side effects of flooding. Many people do not even know that their water is contaminated and will accidentally get sick from drinking it after the flooding has occurred and it has become contaminated.