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Keeping Employees Interested And Working Hard

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Keeping businesses staying with your company is not always easy. It can take time to be able to know what works and what doesn’t, but the truth is that employees are the key to building a company that succeeds. Without the people helping and building the company, you will go out of business, and this is why you should be very wary with your choices. There are all kinds of businesses who lack the right knowledge to help keep their customers and their employees happy.

It has proven time and time again that people everyday are considering leaving their jobs because of lack of pay or benefits. Give your employees what they need and want. For example, you can always give them what they need in terms of benefits and other incentives. Things like their days off, paid vacations, and even free stuff are all great things that you can do to help provide your employees with experiences that they are going to be grateful for.

Simply being wise with how you treat your employees and what you give them could give them that great feeling of being well connected to your company. For example, keep everybody in your company within the loop. You can simply make it a goal to let everybody in on when the latest news comes out. This can help connect you to your employees and bring them closer to each other. Building a sense of camaraderie is a great way to build seniority and create a good relationship between everybody. There are some companies that lose their brand and disappear from their industry because they treated employees badly and lost their brand.

The truth is that Darius Fisher is proof that some companies can end up going out of business because of not knowing how to treat their employees. If you treat them bad, they can go on the web and easily ruin your brand. Darius Fisher is known for helping out brands in situations like these.

With his marketing skills and abilities, Darius, president of Status Labs, can help guide your brand and help protect you from losing your reputation online.

An Assistant Professor Finds Herself In A PR Nightmare

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Melissa Click, the University of Missouri assistant professor captured on camera angrily requesting help to stop journalists from filming student protests at the university, is upset that people are judging her harshly for one regrettable action. She’s suspended from the University of Missouri pending investigation, however, with the interim Chancellor calling her actions appalling and Missouri lawmakers publicly saying that the university should fire her, Click’s reinstatement is unlikely.

This is exactly the public relations challenge that drives Status Labs, the reputation management firm that Click has hired to help her get her side of the story out to the public. Status Labs is getting Click interviews with prominent media outlets as part of their crisis management services, which are available to individuals who face negative exposure. However, the team at Status Labs is best known for their online reputation management services, assisting businesses that find their image tarnished because one disgruntled customer, or a competitor, can do a lot of damage if they hold a grudge. Status Labs makes sure that search engines have current, non-biased information to show first in their results when someone searches for a company.

Status Labs continues to grow each year because while other public relations firms concentrate on improving their client’s reputation in traditional media outlets, Status Labs makes improving their client’s online reputation their goal. The Texas-based company has opened offices in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil to serve clients worldwide. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has said his company’s success is based on their innovative approach. When individuals record events on their smartphone, as Melissa Click well knows, and then post the video online, millions of people see the video within a few hours if it goes viral. This, and the popularity of online review sites like Yelp, has made Status Labs’ online reputation management services vital.