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A Leading Financial Expert Brian Bonar

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To be a successful financial executive requires more than just good academic credentials. It calls for top-of-the-range skills, a remarkable investment portfolio, versatility and enriched expert experiences. One man has all these five qualities wrapped in a nice package. He is Brian Bonar.

He has worked in the financial sector for over thirty years and in the process amassing both financial wealth and wealth in terms of knowledge. He is well versed with all the corridors and alleys of financial management. He is the current chairman of Trucept Incorporated as well as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Under his excellent stewardship, Dalrada Financial has become a leader regarding financial management and growth.

Bonar’s success is attributed to his background which is rich in technical training whose nature is known for innovation, creativity, administrative nous and the creation of strong business structures which yield astronomical returns. He attended the James Watt Technical College in Glasgow where he graduated top of his class with a bachelor’s in Technical Engineering. He later on went to Stafford University for his masters in Mechanical Engineering and also a Doctorate.

Brian Bonar boasts a decorated resume for having worked at major firms like International Business Machine (IBM) in United Kingdom where he worked for seventeen years before leaving for QMS where he was in charge of the engineering unit. He also worked as a sales manager at a laser printing company, Adaptec and eventually starting his own Bezier Systems.

Later on, he joined Dalrada financial corporation where he is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Before being promoted to CEO, he served in various positions at the firm including Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice president, and Chief Operating Officer.

This firm specializes in financial management, risk management insurance, promotional and business management services and employee benefits. Brian is henceforth tasked with overall supervision of the company’s day to day activities.

To demonstrate his robust portfolio in financial management, Bonar also doubles up as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC), a firm which specializes in color management software and digital imaging. Since taking over ITEC, Bonar has transformed the company from a developer to a market leader as well as expanding its clientele.

Before Bonar joined ITEC, he served at various positions at Trucept Incorporated. The positions include; Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.

Brian Bonar’s success as a leading financial executive is attributed to his exemplary leadership skills, attention to detail and good interpersonal skills. He is also known for his keen eye which identifies problems in businesses and set out a plan to fix them. His main objective is to help medium-sized firms reach their projected goals and hence attaining their full potential.

The high achiever was named a 2016 Cambridge Who’s Who Honoree.