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JMH’s Jason Halpern Ready to Take on the Family Company’s Legacy

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Jason Halpern has been working hard to take the family name forward as he carries on the title of Managing Partner of JMH Development. The company is one which has been in the Halpern family for over fifty years. The company is known for the development of various iconic properties across the Westchester County in New York. The company has developed numerous residential and corporate spaces, some of which are known as incredibly iconic buildings in New York. The company has constructed over a million square feet of commercial spaces in New York. The company is primarily known for their luxury projects which they have undertaken.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur


Jason is the third generation of the Halpern family and has been working hard to take the company forward, and make it one the top real estate companies in America. Jason has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the field of real estate. This incredible grasp over the field is what has helped Jason led his company in a direction that is favourable to its growth and development. Under his leadership, the company has taken on numerous iconic projects which have evolved into some of the most prominent buildings in the areas where they are constructed.

Jason has a soft spot for spaces that have a particular historical value, and always looks to develop his projects in those areas. The company has undertaken numerous projects where they have revamped and rebuilt buildings which have a rich heritage and historical background. One such project which Jason has made the company conduct was the renovation to the historic Hotel Ankara. The project entailed renovating the building and turning it into an eight-story luxury hotel with over two hundred rooms. The hotel is located at a prime location in Miami’s South Beach.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Jason believes in contributing to the company where he constructs his properties. He is actively involved in programs that help the community and the people living nearby. Jason has funded numerous projects for the development of the community. Jason always ensures that local artists have a chance to showcase their talents at the hotels he constructs. That is just one of the ways he aims to help the community. Also, he has contributed to numerous health centres to ensure that the residents of his properties always have access to the best medical care facilities. Jason has also roped JMH into his philanthropic efforts and has involved the company in numerous charitable endeavours.

Jason’s Family

Jason’s enormous experience in the field has helped him led JMH to be one of the top real estate developers in various high profile residence areas like Miami and New York City. JMH has always set the standard for luxury apartments and has time and again given residents absolute luxury in all their properties.

The Real Estate Comfort Clients Get From Tammy Mazzocco

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Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate specialist in Pickerington, Ohio with RE/MAX. She got her start in the real estate business working as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. She continued in supportive positions for the next ten years or so, and then in 1999, she decided to venture into the sales part of the business. That has been a very good decision, and she has never regretted it.

Tammy shows homes in the city of Pickerington and the four counties surrounding the town, so she keeps busy covering the area. She receives great gratification in helping families find the right home and especially enjoys their sense of wonderment when they find what they are looking for. After all, this is a home where they are going to spend many meaningful years, and Tammy Mazzocco is proud to be a part of that.

Tammy likes to treat prospective customers just like she would like to be treated herself. She realizes that buying a new home in a strange area can be somewhat intimidating and stressful, so she strives to lighten their load. She is very respectful of their time and investment and puts their needs ahead of her own.

Tammy likes to stay organized and productive and to do that she set goals. Goals are achieved by breaking them down into smaller action steps which are easier to complete than the entire goal. That keeps her on track and keeps her moving. She also uses a piece of software called “Follow Up Boss” which keeps her organized with all of the myriads of moving parts that occur in a busy real estate practice.

Tammy knows that real estate is a people business and that is where she directs most of her time. If she is showing homes to people, she knows that a certain percentage will become buyers so she makes that activity her primary goal. You can visit her page.

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