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Keeping Your Name Clean on Google Can be Easier Than You Think

Published / by wincare

We’ve all seen the internet be cruel to people. This week on has an article about keeping name search results on Google clean. Keeping your name clean on Google can be easier than you think. The president of Status Labs spoke to the observer and gave us 5 tips for keeping our embarrassing moments and photos from showing up during a name search.
He says to always log out of your browser before searching for yourself. This way you can view what other people would see when they search your name. Look through the first few pages of results to find anything that you would not want to be seen, such as Facebook pictures or Youtube videos of yourself. Now you cab remove what you don’t want to be seen. After deleting the negative stuff, you should develop new content for Google to replace it with. Look out for data brokers as well. They will scrape up any information about you and create online profiles. And lastly, be proactive. If you see any pictures of you on a website that you did not authorize you should take action immediately by contacting the website.
Although it may sound easy now, it is actually a full time job keeping your name clean on the internet. Luckily there are companies who handle those things for us. One in particular is Status Labs as stated previously. They have an amazing track record. The motto “We’ll fix your online reputation” fits them perfectly.
Status Labs is the firm of choice for fortune 500 companies. The online reputation management company specializes in making you look your best in search results. They have an around the clock staff that handles your needs including public relations, crisis response, search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing. Status Labs is global with clients in over 35 countries. Keep your name clean with these unique services.

Darius Fisher: Virtual PR Matters

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Darius Fisher is the mogul of online reputation management at the moment. Businesses facing a digital reputation crisis call on Fisher’s company Status Labs to help them out. As president and cofounder of the company, Fisher has created a company that offers a variety of services. As an online reputation management company, public relations and digital marketing also come into play as functional halves of a whole enchilada. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Status labs have been successfully protecting clients for four years with just a small staff of 30. Status Labs has locations in São Paulo and New York. The availability of this service for public figures such as politicians and company heads is invaluable as over 1,500 clients in 35 countries are can attest as of 2015.

In the business world today, search results are everything. This is why clients are willing to pay for management that will polish their search results and enable a steady growth of sales thanks positive PR. Fisher’s business thrives despite what some would consider a controversial past. While some might consider this ironic, it could also be seen as a testament of an effective business man. Fisher went on record with tips that would provide some basic clean up on reputation by offering simple tips. Taking advantage of privacy settings and cleaning up google cache can make a difference.

PR management of this sort if going to increase in popularity. While some may contest the honesty of this type of business, Fisher seems to see his company as a offering a service that has only transitioned from the physical to the virtual. Status Labs seemed to have mastered Online Reputation Management for any level of clientele. By encouraging algorithms in Google to only give the searching public positive or neutral information, the general public will not only trust the product and brand of a business, but less likely to search for further dirt on their subject of choice.

Corporations, small businesses, and others use this form of virtual PR to protect against tenacious attacks to character. Public relations has been at the heart of every successful business, whether that of a bank, or rock star, the interface that lies between the business and the public must be effective in providing the type of information eliminates or reduces reputation damage. The need for this is obvious in a digital context. The internet has greatly reduced the traditional barriers of people who aim to harm reputations and brands. This isn’t always the fault of the business. Digruntled employees and others possessing a personal agenda can easily slander a business online.