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Talk Fusion Continues Its Innovative Trends

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When Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, introduced Live Meetings to his repertoire, he further revolutionized the way companies communicate amongst each other, but with the latest edition of Live Meetings being recently announced by Mr. Reina, it promises to make communication more seamless. The new version of Live Meetings is equipped with an improved interface and takes advantage of the WebRTC system, which has already proved to be immensely popular. Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings allows the transmission of one-way videos, which offers a useful and convenient way to create video presentations, as well as to organize conferences and meetings.

With the newest software, Live Meetings is more convenient than ever, as Adobe Flash Player is no longer required, and the recording technology doesn’t require a separate download, instead of providing full functionality through the web browser. As Talk Fusion is already ahead of the curve, it continues to make advancements that further push it past its competition, because of Bob Reina’s willingness to fully embrace modern tech. This willingness to change with the times, particularly the adoption of cutting-edge promotional methods, continues to be one of the major attractors for Live Meetings and Video Suite participants. According to Mr. Reina, the new additions to Live Meetings offers significant upside for the average user, as well as to veterans of online marketing. In the latest version of this flagship program, audio and video have been significantly tweaked for clarity, offering an unparalleled experience when compared to Talk Fusion’s main competitors.

Bob Reina discovered the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004, many years after completing a successful career as a police officer, during a period when he became interested in network marketing. In a collaboration with Jonathan Chen, Mr. Reina created video email, which would go on to profoundly affect the way companies communicate with their audiences forever. Over the years, Mr. Reina has continued to build upon his initial concept, blazing a trail for the way that people around the world communicate with each other. Learn more: