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Rick Smith CEO of Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith was immensely happy when Securus Technologies came in search of him when they had decided to appoint him to become their CEO. This was well back in the year 2008 when the company was seeking to re-energize its spirits to continue to be one of the leading businesses in the United States of America that provide cutting edge technology to civil and criminal justice departments. The company was itself established in the year 1986 and has since the experience great years of gradual rise in its expansion and profitability. Hiring Mr. Rick Smith was seen as a way of enabling the company to continue its years of success and also to help allow the company to grow more and attain great fits in the new technological age.

For more than thirty years now Securus Technologies has been diligently upholding its mandated contract to the United States Government in providing its cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions to its prisons systems. This cutting edge technology has ensured that the American public has been kept safe for years by modernizing the type of technological systems on use by the correctional facilities. For this reason, the company has provided many things used in the prisons which include the communication technologies used y the prison warders and the telephones utilized by the prisoners. The company is based in the State of Texas and has other regional offices in places such as Carrollton, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta.The soft spoken CEO Rick Smith came on board as a very qualified person to occupy the top seat at Securus, and this was all due to his exemplary performance and success story.

His career portfolio is marred with numerous work experiences that have seen him work in many other companies in various leadership roles. His telecommunications career saw him occupy many positions while working as Technologies President for Frontier Corporation and while working for Midwest Telephone Company he was its Vice President of Operations; then as its Network Plant Operations Director; again as the company’s Director of Business Development and finished as its Financial Manager. Another job opportunity had presented itself to Rick Smith as he went to work for Global Crossing North America Inc. While working here, he was also able to work in many different capacities in IT, Operations, Finance and Business Development.All these numerous leadership roles that he held enabled him to gain much work experience and skills that made him the ideal candidate to help push Securus into the new age. Coupled with that Rick Smith has a solid educational background with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. Rick Smith also has an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon School as well a warded associates degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.