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Clay Hutson Reveals Secrets in the Music Industry

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Before starting his own live performance production firm, Clay Hutson used to work for production form as a sound engineer. However, due to his passion for music, he decided to follow his dream. He states that it involved certain risks to start his operation. Nevertheless, he believed in his talent and decided to proceed with his dreams.

His experiences in the live performance production industry have contributed to the success of his career significantly. His marketing skills have enabled Clay Hutson to remain relevant in the music industry. Clay Hutson was determined to start his own company at the right time. His previous experiences enabled him to manage his crew and attract new customers.

Clay Hutson states that his dedication, hard work and long working hours impresses most of his clients. As a result, he can gain their loyalty and attract new ones. Once a client is confident with the work of Clay, he recommends his fellow performers to Clay Hutson’s company. Through the quality production of services, clay Hutson has managed to remain marketable.

Clay Hutson is belated with the new trends in the music industry. He states that the further advancement in technology has made the music industry more creatives. He is more concerned with the trend in phone lighting and use of massive video walls to boast a performance of a show. Additionally, he also recommends the creative measures in which musicians are using art to make their performance memorable.

Clay Hutson states that planning and evaluating possible mistakes have enhanced quality in his career. He notices that a grave mistake could harm his reputation which can destroy his entire career. According to clay, planning makes him manage his crew and equipment in the right way. He highlights all the tasks to be performed before traveling to a show.

Clay Hutson recalls a time when he worked with a production company as a subcontractor. He violated the rules of the firm which led him to serious litigation. He used a lot of resources and time cover for the litigation. Nevertheless, he states that the experience taught him a lot and had strengthened his firm.

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an event organizer who mostly works with the musicians. He has worked with prominent artists such as Pink and Kid Rock and has traveled to many countries due to his skills. He is considered as among the few individuals who have excelled in the field. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad and His Medical Missionary Work

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Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he obtained his medical degree more than 45 years ago. After attending his internship program in the United Kingdom, Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United States where he began his practice as a pediatric surgeon. He comes from a family of eight children and has been married for over 42 years. He has a wife and four children. Two of his children as trained surgeons; one is a lawyer and the other one an ICU nurse.


Dr. Saad Saad has extensive experience in pediatric surgery and is currently based in Eatontown, New Jersey. Throughout his career, Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of successful surgeries and gained enormous experience in the field. He has come up with various innovations including two patents under his name. His pediatric surgery work became popular and attracted the attention of people from all over the world including the Saudi royal family and several humanitarian groups. Dr. Saad Saad has also received numerous awards as a result of his exemplary work in the field of pediatric surgery.


Dr. Saad Saad medical missions in Palestine


Dr. Saad Saad has conducted several complex surgeries in Palestine. To start with, in the year 2002 he was approached by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). PCRF was started in 1991 to help take care of the medical needs of Arab children in the Middle East. The organization was looking for a doctor who could perform an operation on a 15-year old who had been suffered gunshot wounds. Doctors in Israel had tried to rescue his life but to no avail. That is when PCRF contacted Dr. Saad Saad and the boy was sent to the United States. Dr. Saad Saad was able to perform the surgery in 2003 and successfully delivered the child out of danger. Learn more:


There are other several surgeries that Dr. Saad Saad undertook in Palestine. For instance 2010 he operated performed another complex surgery of a child who had her intestines exposed. Doctors in Palestine and Israel had tried to find a solution to the problem for 18 months but were not successful. It was at that point that PCRF decided to send the child to the United States to be operated by Dr. Saad Saad. Upon arrival to the U.S, Dr. Saad was able to operate the child and helped her regain her normal life.




As a result of his great work in the field of pediatric surgery in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad has received two awards. In 2010 he was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the PCRF. In addition, in 2015 during one of his medical missions in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad was awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine by the Palestinian president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.

GoBuyside has Competitive Advantage with Upcoming GDPR

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The increased importance for personal data protection helped lead to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented to both European Union member state and non-European entities. May 25, 2018 marks the compliance completion date in regards to updates and improvements required to companies’ personal data protection processes. The changes will now include non-European entities that offer goods and services to those in Euro Zone. The new legislation will encompass all investment type firms and fund management type companies on aspects of all clients’, officers’, and other employees’ personal data.

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, specializes in the financial sector as a global recruitment platform for “private equity firms, hedge funds, alternative investment managers, advisory platforms, and Fortune 500 companies around the world to meet their staffing needs.” GoBuyside’s financial expert emphasized the importance of personal data flow arrangements between entities to ensure fundamental rights and freedoms of the person as stated within GDPR. All necessary paperwork will need to be in order for any data notifications, agreements, transfers or arrangements. Another important factor among the GDPR legislation is creating transparency and accountability as a fundamental building block for companies, as both controllers and processors of information will be held to the same compliance expectations. The GoBuyside process of obtaining and screening applicants has given them a competitive advantage with their use of breakthrough technology and their meticulous approach.
Even with investment firm performances down 1-9%, larger private equity firms are calculating an increase in average bonuses for 2018 by using the performance metric system. Overall satisfaction reflects low for workers as compensation is unsatisfactory. Yet on the other hand, the situation creates a high demand for quality investment talent which is GoBuyside’s specialty. GoBuyside encompasses a broad range of geographies and directives while holding a deep connection within the markets they serve. Team members of GoBuyside hold professional backgrounds and educational credentials that sets their accomplishments and skills apart from the rest. Worldwide as of today, GoBuyside’s talent expands within 16 countries and 52 cities with a talent network of 100,000 plus. As a global recruitment leader in investment talents, new regulations will be easily handled within the GoBuyside’s team.


TMS Health Solutions Providing Therapy for Mental Health

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TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes who decided to form a productive practice that would provide innovative mental health care and educate others on effective patient treatment methods.


TMS Health Solutions is known as the top treatment provider in northern California of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is a highly recommend treatment for patients who are struggling with treatment-resistant depression (TRD).


TMS Specialty Treatments

Mental health care therapies and procedures vary based on the patient’s need. Listed below are some of the areas in which TMS Health Solutions specializes.

  • Psychiatry
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Mental Health


TMS Patients with Clinical Depression

The majority of TMS Health Solutions’ patients struggle with clinical depression, also known as a major depressive disorder, which is a mood disorder that causes one to feel their life is worthless and gives them unexplainable anxiety attacks.


Patients that are treated at TMS Health Solutions have often not responded to traditional treatments of medication and therapy.


TMS Health Solutions provides a drug-free therapy treatment that is performed at the physician’s office in one of TMS Health Solutions’ outpatient facilities. TMS therapy works by stimulating the front part of the patient’s brain. TMS has little to no side effects allowing patients to go on about their day after receiving treatment.


TMS Health Education

Depression is a serious illness and millions of people across the United States struggle with. TMS Health Solutions provides educational courses for those who want to learn more about transcranial magnetic stimulation. You can visit TMS Health Solutions website for class registration details.


Physicians and Mental Health Treatments

It is important that physicians who treat mental health patients fully understand the entire concept of treatment-resistant depression. Physicians should not use TMS as the primary way of solving their patient’s mental illness, but rather only send their patients to TMS Health after other solutions have not worked.


TMS Health Solutions provide highly trained professionals in this field and can provide the services of one’s medical needs. If one resides in the Sacramento, CA area there is a convenient TMS Health Solutions Facility in the area that can provide answers to questions of concerns and possible solutions for one’s mental health care needs.


TMS Health Solutions Sacramento Location

Campus Commons

350 University Ave Suite #101

Sacramento, CA 95825

TMS Thearpy Sacramento

(844) 867-8444

Flying From Gerald Ford International to Federal Aviation Administration with Dick Devos

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For a long time, man could simply look up into the sky and dream of being like the birds. It took the Wright Brothers to invent the means for man to fly. Now, avid Pilot Dick Devos continues his journey to help as many fly as possible.


Flying Like a Bird


Inventor Leonardo da Vinci loved to make diagrams of flying objects. He may or may not have been able to construct some of these machines, but none of them could fly like an airplane. The airplane made the entire world a little smaller.


No longer would it take months for people to travel around the world. Golfers could enjoy 18 holes on all continents within the same day. Airline travel made it easier for the world to think as one.


Helping Train New Pilots


Pilot Dick Devos thought it would be valuable to train new pilots at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. So, he helped start this academy, located out of Gerald Ford International Airport at Grand Rapids, Michigan. This enabled anyone with the urge to fly, to learn how to do so.


Continuing to expand the opportunities to enjoy the air, allows everyone to dream. This creates another dimension of human achievement. Philanthropist Dick Devos does not want people to be restricted by income.


He encouraged charter school vouchers to enable all children in the State of Michigan to enjoy the same educational opportunities. Now, isn’t that what America is supposed to be about?


Has America forgotten what is written on its Statue of Liberty? “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” The freedom to fly high is one of the freedoms that Philanthropist Dick Devos has encouraged.


Federal Airline Service


Wisely, the nation has realized that Dick Devos might have a knack for accomplishing great things. He helped expand the operations of his local Grand Rapids Airport. He helped create the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Learn more:


What could Pilot Dick Devos do for the country?


The country seems to be hopelessly divided and uncertain of its future. America continues to be mired with airports that are stuck in mud. Instead, of new inventions, there seems to be a growing malaise setting in.


That is one of the reasons why Pilot Dick Devos was added to the Federal Aviation AdministrationCivilian Board. He has fresh insight on how to fly. Now, many Americans hope that Mr. Devos can help the nation to soar again.


Education, inventions and freedom are the stated goals of America. Philanthropist Dick Devos knows something about each of these. He has flown from Gerald Ford International Airport to the Federal Aviation Administration in order to rekindle “America’s yearning to fly high again.”

The Growing Hope of Cancer Patients With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Cancer is one of the most devastating epidemics. People who come down with it often find out that they are faced with a life threatening condition. In many cases, it has advanced to where it is not treatable. Therefore, a lot of people are left with despair as they have to resign to what they have coming as a result of the condition. Fortunately, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving people hope when it comes to getting treated with cancer. One thing that CTCA has is advanced technology for cancer detection. This makes it easier for people to treat the condition.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is also looking to bring this type of approach to other types of diseases that may be afflicting an individual long before he knows it. A lot of the more threatening diseases tend to dwell long within an individual before he begins to experience symptoms. By the time the person starts to experience symptoms, it may be too late. This is one of the reasons that it is important to get testing. At the same time, there also has to be advanced equipment in that some diseases are able to go undetected for a long time with certain equipment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America hopes to not only improve detection of cancer, but other diseases as well with the partnership of other companies such as NantHealth and AllScripts. After all, the effectiveness of treatment and the type of treatment that is needed to take care of the condition and improve the health of the individual. This is one of the reasons that many people who visit CTCA tend to walk away with a lot of hope even with the detection of cancer. This increases the possibility of chemotherapy being effective in the treatment of the cancerous condition and other potentially deadly diseases.

The Clinical Pathways of Cancer Treatments Centers of America

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All about Cancer Treatment of America
The Cancer Treatments of America is a national commercial network based in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a corporation comprised of five hospitals that treat cancer patients in the United States. It was established by Richard J. Stephenson whose mother succumbed to cancer. Richard was dissatisfied by the treatment procedures used to treat his mother at the time. He opened his first hospital in 1988 at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois. The other four hospitals were established between 2005 and 2012. They are located in Tulsa, Philadelphia, Goodyear, and Newman.

Cancer Treatment of America uses the criteria of infusing the patient’s personality and needs that adopts usual procedures such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy to cure cancer. The hospitals have been accredited for having acquired full standards compliance from the Joint Commission. They are known for producing the highest number of patient satisfaction scores.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America together with Nanthealth and Allscripts is actualizing a technical solution mode that will have eviti, a nanthealth clinical resolution support solution, have passage to clinical roadmaps in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The clinical pathways programs are helpful in educating the cancer treatment procedure without hindering the physician’s workflow. Oncologists nationwide are behind the creation of the unswerving interface of the clinical operating system, which has details of the rising cancer care information.

Clinical pathways create a clear view of care to be given and enable patients and their doctors to talk and evaluate the treatment administration procedures, building confidence in patients since they know the treatment will be the most effective for their exact diagnosis. Clinical pathways also speed up the process of consenting insurance for the various treatment strategies by presenting the relevant clinical information to the insurance providers.

The Contributions of Dr. Chris Villanueva in Skirmishing Dentistry

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His work is allied to the many years as an associate dentist, a mentor and trainer focused on matters concerning dentistry. He is the founder, director and now the chief executive officer in charge of MB2 Dental situated in Texas but is affiliated to several locations. Dr. Chris Villanueva is a dynamic practitioner possessing a vision of enhancing the best corporate dentistry in the entire industry. This guy has been fully committed to the world of solving complex business matrix and started his firm with the skills and qualifications that help him in supporting his profession with integrity. His organization is one of the largest, doctor managed support firm in the States. He thrives from Ohio, but studied in Asia and South America where he attended a high school in Caracas, Venezuela later he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.

He is passionate in maintaining a lot of expertise and positive values in the dental profession domain. He carefully understands that his staff needs attention on specialized assistance hence creating a dedicated employee force. His informed leadership skills and style as adversely brought about continued excellence and working towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives. His entrepreneurial endurance has helped him combine both sides of management and optimizing services in dentistry. He is focused on individual growth, maintenance, and anatomy as well as a good sense of humor. The innovations at MB2 Dental are well coordinated, improving the operating conditions hence facilitating a healthy company escalation.

He explains that the investment was based solely thought of practicing areas of economies and diseconomies of scale, technology trends, engaged group practices and on the other hand ownership, autonomy and an organization with fewer levels of bureaucracy. He has created a model one that suits paying much attention to his employees’ welfare and customer satisfaction. He has achieved a lot in his effort of bringing doctors together organizing symposiums and helping to lift each other in their daily lives.

Dr. Chris has decisively entrenched himself in a young at heart background backed with familiarity and lots of success. The company efforts have born fruits as its well established in core departments such as the payroll, compliance, marketing, human resource, legal and accounting. Team-building activities help maintain the cohesion of the firm. Rafting adventures, as well as trips to unusual places, have facilitated the growth and development of each staff member hence the success.

Highland Capital Management is Generating Big Returns for Investors

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Highland Capital Management, L.P., an SEC-registered investment advisor, has assets worth approximately $15.4 billion together with its associates. Jim Dondero and Mark Okada established the firm in 1993. It is situated in Dallas, Texas and has offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. The organization specializes in credit strategies such as credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligation (CLO), distressed investment funds, and structured investment.

Highland also deals with alternative investment, for example, emerging markets, natural resources, and both long and short equities.  The clientele is much diversified and comprises of corporations, endowments, foundations, financial institutions, government, public pension plans, and high net-worth people.

The community matters to Highland Capital Management. Thus, the company invests in the society where its employees live and work. Highland Capital is devoted to impact the community through volunteerism, financial donations, as well as advisory board involvement to the local and national non-profit organizations. The company together with its partners has donated over $10 million to charities around the world since 2005.

Michael Gregory serves at Highland Alternative Investors, a division of Highland Capital Management as the Chief Investment Officer. Michael’s role is to manage small-cap stock fund along with the President and co-founder of the company, James Dondero. The fund is quite small with approximately $55 million in assets. In 2016, Gregory’s energy stock picks of the S&P 500 Index did very well and almost tripled the returns of Highland Small Cap Equity fund.

When the oil prices bottomed in early 2016, the company’s credit competency enabled it to make profitable investments in pipeline partnerships. The investments contributed to almost half of the fund’s total returns that year. According to Gregory, none of the selected partnerships slashes dividends after the company has purchased shares. In 2016, the company did a great job in capturing their profits and harvesting their gains as well as sizing down the company to a position they think is appropriate.

Highland Alternative Investors purchased the Small Cap Equity Fund in 2010. The fund was managed by several sub-advisers until July 2015 when Dondero and Gregory took over. Currently, the Small Cap Equity Fund has three classes of shares.

Find more information on Highland Financial on Twitter

Richard Mishaan Design Firm and Mr. Richard Mishaan

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Richard Mishaan Design is one of the world leading interior design firms in the United States of America. The company has been designing artistic and timeless interiors for commercial, residential, and hospitable clients for 25 years. It operates in three departments, which are landscape, interior design, and architecture. Richard Mishaan Design has consistently appeared in the Elle Décor A as well as AD list. Richard Mishaan Design has managed to produce innovative and discerning retail, hotel, and residential projects for many clients. The firm is celebrated by its clients and has comprehensive marketing and branding initiatives.

Richard Mishaan Design was founded by Mr. Richard Mishaan. He started working at Mr. Philip Johnson as an apprentice. This was after Mr. Richard completed his Bachelor of Architecture from New York University and Columbia University. Currently, the firm has three projects, which are Upper West Side Townhouse, Hamptons Summer Home, and 93rd Street Sales Center. All of these projects are in New York.

Mr. Richard Mishaan believes that the company is driven by customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, Richard Mishaan Design offers professional opinions in most occasions and not impose preferences to its clients. It adopted this particular approach with the objective of enhancing the comfort of customers. However, the preferences of the firm are based on deep understanding of colors and their compositions.

Additionally, Mr. Richard Mashaan who is the principal of the company has written two books about interior design. These books include Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Mr. Richard authored the books specifically to enlighten the people about modern ways of interior designs.