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Doe Deere on How Lime Crime Came About

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There are many beauty products in the market but only a few maintain their reputation over the years. One such beauty line is Doe Deere’s Lime Crime. There are many women who use Lime Crime products because of the many benefits that come with it.

Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is a creative who has found her space in the beauty industry. She is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Doe was born in Russia but she moved to the United States with her parents while she was still young. She was raised in New York where her passion for beauty and fashion was sparked.

Lime Crime: How it all began

Doe’s product line, Lime Crime, was created and launched back in 2008. The reason why she came up with the line was because she wanted ready accessories and products for her clothes. At the time, back in 2004, she was selling clothes on eBay and she could not find the right makeup to go with them. This is how the idea to create products of her own was finally launched.

With her makeup and beauty products, she could model her clothes using colours that matched. Her line is characterized by colorful makeup which matches bright-colored clothes. Through her Lime Crime products, Doe is looking to provide products which can be used by people of all complexions and skin types. Apart from creating products which are geared towards helping women hide their imperfections, Doe is on the journey towards creating cosmetic products that also enhance self expression and confidence.

Lime Crime Range of Products

Lime Crime manufactures a wide range of products. They are well-known for their matte lipsticks. They are also known for bringing bright color options for lipstick wearers.

When asked about where she derives her inspiration to create her beauty products, Doe attributes it to her fan base. She is a role model for women who would like to express themselves through color. She is all about confidence and living loud. She calls her fans unicorns and she has always created cosmetic products which are intended for them.

Apart from being the President of Lime Crime, Doe is also an acclaimed entrepreneur. She is also known for her leadership skills and for being a role model for many ladies.

Helane Morrison regulating the Industry

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Helane Morrison, as the Chief Compliance officer at the San Francisco advisory firm Hall Capital Partners LLC works to fix and regulate the major investment firms that she and her clients use. Hall Capital is one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco, and it is one that Helane Morrison herself sits as a member of the company’s Executive Committee.

Helane Morrison, when asked, has an intimate relationship with the process of how people began losing faith in the financial industry since the crash of the economy in 2008. She describes the process of people taking the money from the industry and placing it back in their own hands because they began to fear the power of the major firms on Wall St. Morrison, however, has made it her personal goal to save the public by enforcing accountability, integrity, and regulatory compliance in all the major firms of the financial industry.

Morrison herself is sharp, firm, and assertive. She will work harder than anyone for her clients to ensure their safety and as a result, has created a lasting impression on the compliance field. She works to ensure that every investment she and her company advise her clients take is ethical and productive for the clients portfolio.

Every brokerage firm, financial adviser, and mutual fund advisers that are connected to her company are rigorously examined and investigated to ensure that they are indeed trustworthy. She only chooses the best of the best when it comes to who handles her clients money. If there is any suspicion of misconduct, Helane Morrison and her team swiftly go through the proper procedures and carefully ensure disciplinary action and potentially press criminal charges.

This has been a career that Helane Morrison has been in for what seems like a lifetime. From 1999-2007, Morrison was heading the San Francisco Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In that position, she enforced securities, litigation matters, and regulatory compliance throughout as many as five Northwest States in the US. She held this position before she moved to Hall Capital in 2007. Based on this, you can be sure that Helane Morrison is indeed passionate and scrupulous about her work.

Before her position at the SEC, Helane Morrison practices law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Helane Morrison has dedicated her life to the practice of regulating the industry and will work for you.

Malini Saba Does An Interview

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Malini Saba is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is one of the founders of the investment firm Saban. This company holds stakes in many different industries around the world. Among its holdings are tech firms and startups in Silicon Valley in the USA and oil and gas producers in China. The firm also has extensive real estate developments and holdings in Australia and India, thanks to Malini Saban’s keen eye.

Saban is Malini Saban’s first venture that she started. When asked by Ideamensch where she got the inspiration to start her own investment firm, Malini Saban replied that when she was starting out in business, she wanted to invest in companies. However, she was rejected by the venture capital groups that she applied too. Dismayed, but not disheartened Malini Saba choose an alternative route. She founded her own investment firm and called it Saban after herself.

The investment firm proved to be a huge success. The company invested in such major firms as Paypal, Sycamore Networks and Netscreen Technologies. All of these companies are now worth well over a billion dollars in valuation.

When asked what her daily schedule is, Malini Saban replied that she wakes up very early and gets to work as early as 5 AM, making conference calls to offices in Asia. Then she says she takes her daughter to school, where they often walk together. The walking she says is also a time where she can bond with her daughter. Then Malini says she gets back to her office and calls her offices in Europe and the United States. When school is over, Malini says she picks her daughter up and they go home.

Malini Saban says that she does not believe in nannys. She believes that parents should actively raise their kids and be there for them. This is what she does herself. She does not just say it, she does it.

When asked what inspires her ideas by Ideamensch, Malini Saban says that she looks towards the future. She asks herself, what will happen or change in 3-5 years? Then she asks herself how can I profit off this? Or she ponders, what can I do that will help me make a profit or take advantage of a situation that will appear into the future?

Asked about what advice she offers for fellow entrepreneurs, Malini Saban says to trust your gut and not be afraid to take risks. An entrepreneur must take risks and your instinct is often the best guide to how a venture will turn out.