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Becoming a Celebrity YouTuber

Published / by wincare

When YouTube was first developed, it seemed as if there was unlimited potential for anyone to become famous. There are now many famous YouTubers today that have made a career from YouTube by doing something original, inventive, and innovating. Some of the more popular names include Taylor Swift, who started her musical career on YouTube and was discovered through YouTube. Justin Bieber is also another individual who started on YouTube and became famous. There are many more individuals since the creation of YouTube that have become widely known for their videos.

One of the famous Australian YouTubers, Wengie, who started video marketing on YouTube is an example of someone who has made a career from YouTube. Beginning in 2011, Wengie would begin her popular YouTube site “The Wonderful World of Wengie.” She now has her a website devoted to Asian beauty in Australia. When she originally started on YouTube, she started blogging and marketing different beauty products, sharing her reviews as well as favorite trends. Her focus and purpose on YouTube is for her to express Asian and Korean beauty products, which she has successfully accomplished.

Along with Wengie’s success on YouTube, she has also successfully gathered a following from her Tumblr website as well as other websites. In some of her YouTube videos she discusses topics such as the difference between American and Japanese makeup. She also covers topics like ten essential makeup tips, her childhood story, her travel blog, her engagement story, amongst her many other stories. She has become a YouTube sensation because of her ability to effectively market different brands of makeup as well as captivate her fans with her stories. In an interview she describes her challenges in forming her blog as well as what made her interested in beauty products. With all that she has accomplished as a famous YouTuber, it demonstrates that she is one of the many famous individuals who has made it famous through YouTube.

Others have also become successful through YouTube. PewDewPie achieved success in his commentary of playing video games, currently the most popular YouTuber. There is also Smosh, a comedy duo, who perform parodies of pop culture or video games. They have gained billions of followers. DisneyCollectorBR is also famous for Brazilian woman playing with toys. These famous YouTubers demonstrate the the success of YouTube and how anyone can become a famous YouTuber.