Clay Hutson Reveals Secrets in the Music Industry

Before starting his own live performance production firm, Clay Hutson used to work for production form as a sound engineer. However, due to his passion for music, he decided to follow his dream. He states that it involved certain risks to start his operation. Nevertheless, he believed in his talent and decided to proceed with his dreams.

His experiences in the live performance production industry have contributed to the success of his career significantly. His marketing skills have enabled Clay Hutson to remain relevant in the music industry. Clay Hutson was determined to start his own company at the right time. His previous experiences enabled him to manage his crew and attract new customers.

Clay Hutson states that his dedication, hard work and long working hours impresses most of his clients. As a result, he can gain their loyalty and attract new ones. Once a client is confident with the work of Clay, he recommends his fellow performers to Clay Hutson’s company. Through the quality production of services, clay Hutson has managed to remain marketable.

Clay Hutson is belated with the new trends in the music industry. He states that the further advancement in technology has made the music industry more creatives. He is more concerned with the trend in phone lighting and use of massive video walls to boast a performance of a show. Additionally, he also recommends the creative measures in which musicians are using art to make their performance memorable.

Clay Hutson states that planning and evaluating possible mistakes have enhanced quality in his career. He notices that a grave mistake could harm his reputation which can destroy his entire career. According to clay, planning makes him manage his crew and equipment in the right way. He highlights all the tasks to be performed before traveling to a show.

Clay Hutson recalls a time when he worked with a production company as a subcontractor. He violated the rules of the firm which led him to serious litigation. He used a lot of resources and time cover for the litigation. Nevertheless, he states that the experience taught him a lot and had strengthened his firm.

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an event organizer who mostly works with the musicians. He has worked with prominent artists such as Pink and Kid Rock and has traveled to many countries due to his skills. He is considered as among the few individuals who have excelled in the field. Learn more:

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