Freedom Checks: The Largest Investment Opportunity

Freedom Checks could be one of the few advantages to the government’s new tax plan. Statute 26-F is a government bill that allows the formation of Master Limited Partnerships, which allows companies to distribute its revenue to investors as a tax-free entity. The caveat is the company issuing Freedom Checks must invest more than 90% of its revenue from storage and or the production of natural resources. Visit to know more.

Master Limited Partnerships must issue their checks to the public before July 1st. This deadline means many companies are striving to meet the 90% criteria, which will help them with large tax advantages and their investors with large payouts coming as frequently as every month.

These investments are extremely lucrative with this years June total returns coming in at $34 billion. The plan not only encourages domestic businesses to process, store and produce their own natural resources it creates a opportunity out of an otherwise uncertain situation.

Some wealthy and savvy investors are earning over $150000 every month from these checks. However, investors of any class can invest in Freedom Checks as shares in MLP’s can be purchased on the open market for as little as $8 – $10. This provides an incredible tax advantage for every investor, as the investment is exempt from Federal taxes.

Many large financial advisory firms have hinted at Freedom Checks being one of the most lucrative investments in the field. The payout is often 50 -60% more than traditional securities in the same category. Investors can be happy they are making money and reducing their tax burden all while helping the American energy market thrive in this uncertain economic environment. This creates benefits for individuals, organizations, and the nation as a whole.


Matt Badialli suggests investing in only a few of the MLP’s as some with less than $1 billion in oil and natural resource assets may not be as profitable in the future. The future however is looking very bright for the few MLP’s and their investors as the United States begins increasing its production of natural resources and decreasing its investment in the importation of these resources.

Over the last decade MLP’s went mostly unnoticed, but after last years Republican sweeping tax bill the potential for investments and huge tax breaks for MLP’s means the opportunities and potential of Freedom Checks is immense. The increased investment in the domestic production of natural resources and the tax reform bill that was passed in December not only allows MLP’s to hand out even more revenues, but in a way forces them to. This is one of the hidden gems of the investment world that only come up once every decade or so. This is the time to invest in MLP’s and be sure to get advice from Matt Badialli. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

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